Two Villains Plot Together on THE BACHELOR Season 26 Week 2 Recap!

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January 5, 2022
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Two Villains Plot Together on THE BACHELOR Season 26 Week 2 Recap!

Pictured: CLAYTON ECHARD, CASSIDY / Photo: ABC/John Fleenor

The second week of “The Bachelor” with Clayton Echard starring as the bachelor,  a group of women were put to the test to see which ones were great with kids in the first group date.  One of the women had different priorities.  But, did Clayton take notice of it?  Next, one lucky lady got a special view of the city (not the woman you’d think) in her one-on-one date with Clayton.  In the second group date, some of the women had an obstacle course of “Relationship Red Flags” and this challenge was missing the host!  It wouldn’t be “The Bachelor” without a bit of drama which viewers got plenty of this week!

Things started to unravel between the women as one of them (as always) showed her villainous ways.  But, wait, another villain came out during the second group date.  And, these two villains were plotting together!  Ultimately, Clayton was clued-in on one of them, and that’s where viewers got the dreaded cliffhanger which we all have to wait for another TWO WEEKS for the continuation of this episode!  AGH!!



This group of women are the first to move back into “The Bachelor” mansion.  Viewers also got to see them experience their first day at the mansion.

Clayton said he’s there to step out of there with a wife, and he’s ready to find his soulmate.  Next, back at the mansion, Jesse Palmer introduced himself as the new host, and followed-up by saying he himself was a ‘Bachelor and is now a happily married man.  With that, he placed the first date card on the table.

The first Group Date Card read:  “Teddi, Ency, Melina, Gabby, Kira, Mara, Sierra, Genevieve, Serene, Cassidy. ‘This is what dreams are made of.”



Pictured: CLAYTON ECHARD on first Group Date. / Photo: ABC/John Fleenor

The women and Clayton arrived at a Beverly Hills mansion.  In the backyard were kids playing in a bounce house.  Not all the women were excited to see the kids, noticeably, Cassidy!  Then, Hilary Duff arrived, and the women screamed!  Cassidy called Hilary her “childhood idol.”  In her confessional, Cassidy said “screw the kids” and couldn’t wait to “bump shoulders” with Hilary and Clayton.

Hilary explained that with kids, you want the right partner by your side.  It was Maya’s birthday.  The girls had to help setup for the birthday party.

Cassidy talked to Clayton alone and told him that she feels chemistry and feels that she’s not going anywhere if it’s in her control.  The other women were busy setting-up and were super annoyed that Cassidy wasn’t there helping.  In Particular, Cassidy was assigned to help Gabby set up a play house.  Cassidy straight-out left Gabby alone to do the task by herself.  “Who knows what’s going on with Cassidy and Clayton” Gabby said.  She thought Cassidy was “acting a fool” because it’s not a one-on-one date.

Hilary stated that she wanted the girls to get a glimpse at how chaotic it can be with kids.  Clayton took notice of which women were good with the kids.  Some of them were:  Serene, Melina, Sierra.  Then, Cassidy told the table of kids where she was seated at that she wasn’t really into kids.

Cassidy had some alone time with Hilary.  Her reaction was that “she has her eye on the prize” and doesn’t care to be there to make friends.   As Cassidy brought the cake out that Genevieve made, she dropped it on the ground.  Genevieve was hurt and annoyed.  She said “that was disrespectful.”  Then Cassidy pulled Clayton again to go to the pool alone where she made out with him.  The other women said they felt that it was a one-on-one date between Cassidy and Clayton.

Pictured: CLAYTON ECHARD, CASSIDY / Photo: ABC/John Fleenor


Clayton told the women that he appreciates the effort” from all of them.  Serene, who’s a third grade teacher, got alone time with Clayton first.  She said it was really fun to see Clayton having fun with the kids too.  Serene wanted to do something “meaningful.” She told him that she learned how to work with kids so fast and it wasn’t what she went to school for.  “They’re making a difference in my life as well.”  Clayton told her that they definitely have something special, then gave her a long kiss.  It was the first time that they kissed.  Serene said it blew her mind of how “natural” things feel with Clayton.

The women were angry at Cassidy for not pulling her weight in the setting-up of the party, which started an argument.  When Melina pointed-out the group date rose lying on the table, Cassidy told the women that she thought that she was going to get the rose.  In her confessional she complained about the women coming at her for not helping with decorating the birthday party.  Cassidy said “game on bitches.”

During their alone time, Teddi told Clayton that seeing him with other girls made her feel emotional.  Clayton told her to focus on how they’re growing.  He assured her that if she just keeps being her, then “that’s more than enough.”  In his confessional, Clayton said Teddi is someone who he has strong feelings for.
More women got one-on-one time with Clayton.  Clayton liked how bubbly Sierra is and that she’s a light in the house.  He said he  really likes Gabby.  Genevieve and Clayton decorated a new mini cake together.

Back at the mansion:  The next date card arrived which read:   “Susie, let’s take our love to new heights.  Love Clayton.”  She got the very first one-on-one date.  She was worried if he would enjoy her humor or just think she’s “weird.”

Back to the After Party:  The women were giving Cassidy the silent treatment.  The women on the date sensed that Cassidy wasn’t there for the right reasons.  During their alone time, Clayton told Cassidy that he loved that she went out of her way on the group date to talk to him.

Clayton gave the Group Date Rose to Cassidy.  The women were really upset.   Mara said she felt like she was back in college with all the drama and the fighting…”you can’t escape it.”   Cassidy thought that the rose “solidified” where she and Clayton were at.

The next morning, Shanae and Cassidy were celebrating that Cassidy got the group date rose.  Shanae, who said she hasn’t even talked to Clayton yet, Cassidy told her she would help her.  Then Shanae and Cassidy gossiped about Susie getting the one-on-one date.  Cassidy felt over-confident that she was going to be staying and didn’t see anyone there as “serious competition.”  She was jealous that Susie got the one-on-one.  Cassidy was talking about how unsure Susie was of herself and said “people like that don’t last long.”



Clayton and Susie arrived at a helicopter where they got a private view of the city in that helicopter.  When they flew over the mansion,  the women who were seated outside got really jealous.  Rachel was one of them.   The irony of it all wasn’t lost on her in the fact that she’s the one there who’s a pilot!  The helicopter landed them onto a yacht.  Clayton loved how “genuine and humble” Susie seemed.

At dinner, Susie told Clayton that it was the coolest date.  She said her parents, who’ve been married for 35 years, are her best friends and wished she could call them to tell them about it.  Susie told Clayton about when her dad got really sick and went into organ failure which caused a lot of damage. He pulled through, and one reason why was because he knew he had a grandson waiting for him.  Fortunately, he was able to hold his grandson.  She said that her dad spent so much time in the ICU and seeing her mom sleep beside him in the chair was “really powerful.”  Susie said she wants the same thing and her parents were a really good example.   Clayton said another thing that draws him to her is that she can see the good through the bad, and that’s not so easy for him.  He wants someone like that in a partner.  Susie said “growth never stops.”

After dinner, Clayton and Susie got a private concert from Amanda Jordan who sang “I Choose You.”  Clayton gave Susie the one-on-one date rose.  In her confessional, Susie said she could definitely see herself falling in love with Clayton.

Back at the mansion: Shanae and Cassidy were plotting their next moves on how to compete with the other girls.  The next date card arrived which read:  “Marlena, Elizabeth, Kate, Sarah, Lindsay, Rachel, Tessa, Shanae.  ‘I don’t want anything to stand in the way of our love…Clayton.'”  Jill was left out of the group date and was really upset about it.  She reacted, “what am I doing here?”  Other women who were left out included: Hunter, and Eliza.



Pictured: Second Group Date / Photo: ABC/John Fleenor

Shanae ran up to Clayton and jumped on him.  He told the women on the group date that he has a “fun day planned for them” and wants to see who’s there for “the right reasons.”  He enlisted some help.  When they opened-up the door, comedian Ziwe, was there in the room full of desks.  Elizabeth chose her seat next to Clayton.  Ziwe schooled them on different jargon on social media.  Then they played “never have I ever.”  Some of the questions were: never sent a nude photo, never faked an orgasm; never cheated on a boyfriend.  Kate and Elizabeth said that they had.

Pictured (l-r): MARLENA, TESSA / Photo: ABC/John Fleenor

The last question was, “never have I ever felt judged by the women in the house.”  Shanae put her paddle up first which read “I have.”  When asked about it, Shanae said “Shanae, nae is here.”  That’s her non-bashful alter ego.  Then she showed the women how she can Nae Nae as she demonstrated the popular 2013 dance!

Next, the group went outside to learn about “relationship red flags” which was built into an obstacle course called, “relationship obstacle course.”  Ziwe said she wanted to see them fight for it.  During the obstacle course, Shanae pushed Elizabeth down.  She still didn’t win.  Sarah beat her, and won the prize which was alone time with Clayton.

Pictured: ZIWE FUMUDOH, CLAYTON ECHARD / Photo: ABC/John Fleenor


Shanae was trying to scheme on how to get the date rose, since she lost the obstacle course.  Then, Elizabeth stole Clayton before she could.  Elizabeth played the “never have I ever” game with Clayton in private.”  She kissed Clayton because “never have I ever kissed The Bachelor.”

During her time with Clayton,  Shanae said there was a “red flag” with Elizabeth and called her “two-face.” Shanae claimed that her and Elizabeth clicked on night one.   Then, Elizabeth started ignoring her in the house.   She said she doesn’t think Elizabeth is there for the right reasons.  Clayton was shocked.  He thought it was concerning and pulled Elizabeth to talk to her in private.   In her confessional, Shanae admitted that she’s in a competition, and was purposely trying to stop Elizabeth from “getting ahead” of her!

Elizabeth had to defend herself and told Clayton how Shanae pushed her during the competition earlier and she isn’t there to talk to Clayton about that sort of stuff.  She’s there to see if her and Clayton’s relationship will go somewhere.  When Elizabeth got back to Shanae, she told her how upset she was.  Shanae claimed that she was upset with Elizabeth when she didn’t acknowledge her earlier.  That was when Elizabeth revealed that she has ADHD really bad and can’t process multiple conversations at the same time.  Then she called-out Shanae by telling her that if they’re so tight, then she probably shouldn’t have pushed her during the obstacle course.

Shanae’s maneuver of trying to get the Group Date Rose was by throwing another girl under the bus.  Which she did to Elizabeth. Clayton rejoined the women at the After Party.  He talked about how Shanae addressed the “tough things,” which by the way, revealed to the women that it was Shanae that gossiped to Clayton about Elizabeth!   He gave the rose to Sarah whom Clayton said he thinks is there for the right reasons.

In their continued argument, which occurred in front of the other women this time, Shanae revealed that Elizabeth has ADHD. Then Shanae walked-out.



Clayton told the women that he’s still figuring out how to navigate “The Bachelor” and thanked the women for giving him honesty.  He cheered to building relationships.  He talked to Eliza first.  She shared with Clayton her family’s scrapbook and brought one for them to start together.

Shanae pulled Elizabeth outside to argue about her having ADHD and accused her of using that as an excuse for ignoring her multiple times again.  The women asked Shanae about the conversation.  The women felt that Shanae crossed the line by telling them about Elizabeth’s mental health condition.   Cassidy was witnessing the whole thing and she turned on Shanae as well, stating that she doesn’t support her in the argument.

During her alone time with Clayton, Cassidy admitted to “crushing”” on him.  Clayton told her that it was a “bold move.”  Then they kissed again.  Clayton liked that Cassidy was “being assertive” and came and talked to him during the Cocktail Party even though she already had a rose.  Sierra could see through Cassidy and planned to tell Clayton what Cassidy told her about having an “F boy” at home.

Sierra went to tell Clayton about it in private.  She told Clayton that Cassidy has a “friends with benefits” and “obviously, she’s not here for you and to have love with you.”  Clayton was noticeably hurt by this news and genuinely had to take some time to process the new information.

Sierra told Cassidy what she told Clayton.  Clayton was sitting outside still processing the new information that Sierra had revealed. When Cassidy went back inside with the women, she told them that Sierra chose to spend her time with Clayton talking about her.  Then, host Jesse Palmer checked-in with Clayton,  At this point, Clayton asked Jesse if a Bachelor has ever “taken a rose back?”

In TWO WEEKS…  To be Continued. 
In the preview teaser, Cassidy is seen saying to the other women in the house about Clayton, “what is he going to do?  I already have a rose!”



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