Unexpected Wins on THE VOICE Season 22 Battles Week 3 Recap

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Gwen Loses to Country on THE VOICE Season 22 Battles Week 2 Recap
October 17, 2022
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November 1, 2022
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Unexpected Wins on THE VOICE Season 22 Battles Week 3 Recap

Pictured: The Dryes -- Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

At the beginning of Monday’s night’s “The Voice” Battles episode, coach John Legend had his Steal left and Blake still had his Save which he didn’t use until Tuesday night’s last Battle.  The coaches were keeping in the back of their minds the best of their artists to go up in this season’s three-way-knockout.   Blake on the 3-Way-Knockouts, said “every time I think we’ve thought of every way to throw something crazy at these contestants, I’m proven wrong.”

Some of the winners of the coaches’ Battles, were not the traditional heavy weights we’ve come to expect.  Gwen said of her Battle winner Kique, “he’s a diamond in the rough.”  Camila said of her Battle winner Andrew that he doesn’t know how good he is and she wants to “pull that confidence out of him.”  Even Blake had a moment where he pulled his favorites back into the competition after an on stage mishap, stating that he was up for giving them a “second chance.”

These artists who won their Battles are going on to the next round which is the Three-Way-Knockouts where three artists from each Team will go against each other.   There’s no Mega Mentor this season, and it’s up to the coaches to choose only one of their artists per Knockout to take to “The Voice” Live Shows! The Knockouts start Monday, October 31st on NBC.


KIQUE vs. TANNER HOWE (Team Gwen – Advisor Sean Paul)

Pictured: (l-r) Kique, Tanner Howe — Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

They sang “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds. Gwem chose the song because she said it’s a perfect song.  In thier pre-show coverage, viewers got to see a time lapse behind-the-scenes of Kique and Tanner rehearsing the song that started at day six!  John called it “entertaining” and compelling. “It worked.”  He said Kique had tones that made it sound really unique.  Tanner was so confident and his performance was “so spot on.” John picked Tanner.  Blake said the thing that gets him fired up is when someone comes on stage that doesn’t sound like anyone else.  He chose Kique.  Camila said about Kique that his runs were perfect, and “tight and clean.”  She also chose Kique.  Gwen said it was so good and she was so proud of them.  Tanner hit a note that was so “strong and glorious” to her.  She said Kique’s voice is so stylized.   She said they both rose to the occasion. 

BATTLE WINNER:  Kique.  Gwen said he is a diamond in the rough.  He’s 18-years-old, and he’s that good. 

HILLARY TORCHIANA vs. KEVIN HAWKINS (Team Blake – Advisor Jimmie Allen)

Pictured: (l-r) Hillary Torchiana, Kevin Hawkins — Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Blake was the only coach who turned for Hillary.  Blake said he detected enough twang that he thought he wanted to be part of it.  He said Kevin is “very controversial.”  Gwen Blocked John from Kevin in the Blinds.  Blake told Kevin, “I’m the next best thing to John Legend.”  

Kevin told Blake that he’s not mad at Gwen for Blocking John.  He teaches music (piano).  His students love his nails, hair, and clothes.  He had Team Blake painted on his nails.  Blake gave them a John Legend song.  “He has so much drama and dynamics” in his song that they’ll be able to show all they can do.  Jimmie Allen said he felt that he was at a concert.  He also noted that they should take it very seriously that they are singing John’s song in front of him. 

Hillary said she didn’t know that song, but connected to the lyrics.  She said in early 2019 she looked into the mirror and made nasty comments to herself.  She said she got the confidence to get on stage and perform on “The Voice.”  She’s also getting married soon.   Blake said it will come down to who gives the most dynamic performance while still being tasteful.  

After their Battle performance, John gave them a standing ovation.  He said he felt their passion  and their love.  Hillary really dug into the spirit of the song.  He said hearing Kevin, it reminded him when Gwen Blocked him.  He loves Kevin’s voice, and chose Kevin.  Gwen called it amazing.  She told Hillary that she has a beautiful tone that took her breath away.  She liked Kevin’s stage presence and went with Kevin.  Camila told them that it was really fun to watch.  In the Battles, the coaches get the visual part of it.  She said Kevin has a bit more confidence and has developed the sense of performance. Blake said they stuck to the plan and represented the song. 

Blake told Hillary that she had a tall task of going against Kevin and she gave 100%. He said Kevin also gave 100%.  And Blake thinks that they still haven’t seen his full potential.  “That’s saying a lot.”  Blake chose Kevin.

BATTLE WINNER: Kevin.  Blake said at the end of the day, we still haven’t seen everything that he’s capable of.  

John still had a STEAL yet.  Blake had a SAVE.  He said he’s waiting for that perfect moment.  

DEVIX vs. SASHA HURTADO (Team Camila – Advisor Charlie Puth)

She’s a fan of Charlie Puth’s. She has his whole album and plays it all the time.  Camila gave them “Electric Feel.”  Devix said growing up in Queens, New York, his family listened to all genres.  He plays guitar, accordion, the acalonia.  Charlie said both of their voice were good together and distinct.  Sasha has a voice that blends with everything.  He said Devix’s voice sounded airy, but then opened up and sounded like a different person.

Gwen said it was a different arrangement, “it was so cool.”  She said Sasha was tastely when doing her dynamic..  Gwen said as for Devix, you rarely hear a male that sings with that much range and that beautiful.  John called it his favorite performance of the day.   John said Camila can’t go wrong either way.  But, he picked Devix.  Blake said Sasha just needs a minute to start mowing people down.  You get the feeling that she’s about to erupt.  She needs the one moment with the right song.  

Camila said Sasha didn’t know the song, and that’s why.  She told Blake that he’s right.  But, with the right song, Sasha could shine more.  She said Devix has confidence.  Camila said she went with artistically, who developed the most.  

BATTLE WINNER:  Devix.  She said he holds a unique lane on her Team with that alternative, Indy realm.

STEAL – Gwen pushed to Steal Sasha.  Gwen used her Steal on Sasha because it was too good, and she just needs a little bit of love to push her in the right direction.  Gwen said it will be “so fun” to figure out what kind of music she wants to do.

Gwen said using her Seal, it was very spontaneous and Sasha is too good to send home. 

KIM CRUSE vs. DAVID ANDREW (Team Legend – Advisor Jazmine Sullivan)

Pictured: (l-r) Kim Cruse, David Andrew — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Kim is very soulful.  John said the cool thing about David is that he literally played his body double.  John was the first person to turn for David.  David said he’s always been obsessed with Jazmine.  They got the song “Heartbreak Anniversary.”   Kim could relate to the song from experiencing heartbreak.  She said being in nature is the best medicine for heartbreak.  Her dad takes her fishing.

David said when he was younger, he was bullied for being into music.  He tried sports, but that didn’t work.  It was heartbreaking to learn that, that’s what he needed to do to be accepted, being himself.  

After their Battle performance,  Blake said Kim has “some kind of Kim thing that God sprinkled on her voice.”  He went with Kim.  Camila said it was one of her favorite Battle.  Andrew has a beautiful tone. Then Kim came in like a dragon. ‘It was masterful,” said Camila.  Gwen said she wanted Andrew bad in the Blinds.  She said he has style.  “It was so good” and together, they have great chemistry.  Coach John said he loves the joy that David brings.

“Today the clarity was there, the smoothness was there and he delivered when he was supposed to deliver. He said with Kim, she has a magical, beautiful tone.  He called her an elite vocalist, and she does it so well.  He said he loves their attitude and the way they worked with each other.

BATTLE WINNER:  Kim.  John said Kim is one of the best singers they have this season.  

KATE KALVACH vs. MADISON HUGHES (Team Blake – Advisor Jimmie Allen)

Blake brought a Goat to try to win over Kate in her Blind Audition.  Maidson sang “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” song for her Blind Audition.  Blake said he heard some “twang” in it.  Madison said she was there for the twang!  Kate is from Oklahoma City.  She said in high school she was never the cool kid.  She would never talk to anyone in church, yet she would get up and sing. She was very shy.  Blake gave them “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” song.  He gave them the song because they’re both story tellers and both soulful.   Jimmie said about Kate, when she sings and has those bigger notes. 

Madison said she’s not used to singing in front of large crowds.  “It’s hard for me to believe in myself a lot,” Madison said.  She said it’s hard for her to believe in herself and Blake is great for getting herself out of her head.  Blake said Kate is only giving 70 percent of what she’s capable of.  Blake said they’re both not giving their full potential and whichever one can figure out giving more of themselves, that’s who’ll win the Battle.

After their Battle performance, Camila told Kate that she has one of her favorite voices.  She leveled up and did it in such a tasteful way.  She told Madison that her voice has a wonderful tone.  Gwen told Madison that her favorite thing is her ability to sing so soft and emotional “Your tone is incredible.”  When Kate sings, it’s about how she replicates with her body.  John said about Kate that when she hits notes, it’s so open and good. Blake said in Madison’s tone, there’s a little Elvis.  There were a few moments where he heard some pitchiness.  With Kate, he could hear one by one, oh…good.  Blake chose Kate as the winner.

BATTLE WINNER:  Kate.  Blake said Kate’s voice, there’s something really sweet about her voice and how connected she is,  You can see it in her body language on stage.  

IAN HARRISON vs. ALYSSA WITRADO    (Team Gwen – Advisor Sean Paul)

Alyssa sang “Don’t Speak” in her Blind Audition.  Alyssa was so excited to see Sean Paul.  She said he does collabs with everyone. “He knows everybody, he’s so cool.”   Ian was Gwen’s first Team member.  He got three chairs to turn, and he couldn’t believe it.  Ian is 20 years old in college and works as a bar back.  “It’s an incredibly tough job.” He said it’s the same with the Battle, he knows it’s going to be tough.  Gwen gave them “Happier Than Ever” by Billie Eillish for their Battle song.  Sean said Ian’s voice stands out and gives character to the song.  Gwen said Alyssa really has the total package.  She has style and personality.  Alyssa said she felt with her current boyfriend where she wasn’t being heard enough.  But, now, it’s better than ever, and he’s her number one supporter.   

Ian said it was “incredibly intimidating” to sing in the rehearsal with Gwen and Sean Paul.  Gwen said she wanted to give them an opportunity to let their personalities come through.  “It’s not easy.”  She said it has to do with facial expressions too.  

John said he loved their battle and it was so cool.  Ian’s depth in his voice is so full.  John said Ian was “there to dominate the song.” Alyssa is flawless and her tone was perfect for the song.  He’d pick Alyssa because it was in her wheelhouse.  Blake said they got to see two different versions of Ian and they were both really good.  He picked Ian.  Camila said “it went down!” She picked Alyssa. because she kept blowing her mind from beginning to end.  She wanted to start a Twitter fan account for her.  Gwen said Ian’s kind of voice for a male is her favorite kind of voice.

She’s a super fan of what Ian does.  Gwen said she wants to be Alyssa when she grows up.  Alyssa reacted in disbelief and said she wants to be Gwen.  Gwen didn’t know what she wanted to do.  Ultimately, Gwen said Alyssa won the Battle.

BATTLE WINNER:  Alyssa.  Gwen said Alyssa has such a stage presence and is excited to see how far she goes on the show. “She’s kind of the full package.”  

STEAL – John Stole Ian.  John said Ian is from his hometown and “it’s time to come on home.”  He said he loved him in the Blinds, and he would love to have him on his Team.  Ian said he follows John on almost every social media because he thinks he’s incredible.  



OMAR JOSE vs. LANA LOVE  (Team Legend – Advisor Jazmine Sullivan)

John said Omar’s voice is “other worldly.”  Omar was excited to see Jazmine Sullivan as the advisor. Lana said she was “fangirling” over Jazmine.  John gave them “Into the Unknown song.  He chose the Rock/Pop version of the song.  Omar was a 4-chair-turn.  Jazmine said Omar is “one of the biggest threats.’  John said Lana loves the drama and passion of the song.  However, “sometimes less is more” and Jazmine agreed. Lana has been doing theater since she was very young.  Lana said she’s definitely there with the right coach.  John told them to “just feed off of each other’s energy.”

Blake reacted “what the hell?” He said Lana was incredible and stepped into character the moment she got onstage.  Omar is one of the best singers Blake has ever heard. He chose Omar.  Camila said she felt so inspired after that and one of her favorite Battles of the season.  She told Omar that he’s an entertainer comparing him to Freddy Mercury and said he was born to do this.  Gwen asked why they aren’t on Broadway singing every night.  John agreed that they should be on Broadway and he’s never heard anyone sing like Omar.   John told them, “Both of you, it was inspiring to watch. And just phenomenal.”  The winner was Omar.  

BATTLE WINNER: Omar.  John said there’s very few voices in the world with the range and the quality, the soul and the control that Omar has and thinks that Omar can definitely win “The Voice.” 


ANDREW IGBOKIDI vs. ZACH NEWBOULD (Team Camila – Advisor Charlie Puth)

Pictured: (l-r) Andrew Igbokidi, Zach Newbould — Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Camila said both Andrew and Zach “you could hear on a Pop record.”  Zach said he’s still “pretty new to performing” in his Blind Audition. Zach said the way that Charlie is able to apply his perfect pitch to music theory “is awesome” and he’s inspired by both of them.  Camila gave them “I Want to Dance with Somebody,” by Whitney Houton. Camila said  “they are emotive singers and wanted them to do a sad piano version of the song.  Charlie said for someone like Zach who is very young, it’s just the beginning for him. 

Charlie reacted in rehearsal that he wanted to “feel” a little more, and the intention.  Is the song more “happy” or “sad” asked Camila.  They said “sad.”   Andrew was feeling a lot of nerves during the rehearsal.  Charlie told him “you just have to own it.” and “it’s not human if it’s going to be perceived as perfect.”  Camila said in this Battle, she was looking for growth, and wanted to see “star power.” 

Gwem reacted “that’s a hard song to do.”Zach’s voice shined an alternative voice in a Pop song and Andrew loved some of the unexpected runs that he did is not normal.  John agreed, and said Andrew has “an interesting approach to music.” Zach was more consistently”on point” and “well executed.”  Blake said Andrew is ‘better than what happened here today.”  There was something holding him back.  He said what he likes is when you’re handed something that’s almost  impossible to do and you figure out how to make it work.  He went with Zach.  Camila said she was happy when she saw Andrew dancing and having fun. But, his hyper critical of himself is holding him back from going to the next level.  She said Zach stepped up to the plate and he was consistent. She saw a lot of growth.

BATTLE WINNER: Andrew.  Andrew was shocked.  Camila said his voice and tone “is so special.”  She said he doesn’t know how good he is and wants to pull that confidence out of him.  Gwen said if she had a Steal, she would have used it on Zach.


CHELLO vs. CONSTANCE HOWARD (Team Camila) – They sang “Leave the Door Open.”  Camila told Chello that he has this magical star quality. BATTLE WINNER: Chello

KARA McKEE vs PEYTON ALDRIDGE (Team Legend) – They sang “More Than Words.”  John said Payton’s voice has an edge and power to it. BATTLE WINNER: Peyton.  

KAYLA VON DER HEIDE vs. SADIE BASS (Team Gwen) – They sang “Everything I Own.”  Gwen said Kayla’s voice is such a storytelling voice.  BATTLE WINNER: Kaya 

BRYCE LEATHERWOOD  vs. THE DRYES (Team Blake – Adviser Jimmie Allen)

Pictured: The Dryes — Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Bryce said he’s small town famous “maybe on a good day.”  Blake gave them “Red Dirt Road”  because it’s a great song for a duo and the message “is so Country.”  Bryce said he was intimidated by the soulful harmonies that The Dryes have.  Blake told them the main thing to work on is the three way harmony.  

Camila noticed that the tempo was out of the pocket in the beginning of the song.  The Dryes said it was because they couldn’t hear.  The Dryes’ harmonies were really tight.” But, Bryce “really shined” for her with his “calm confidence” and resonated with her more.  Gwen said she didn’t know what was going on in the beginning either.   But, it got better throughout the performance.  They have chemistry and when Leatherwood came-in, his voice was so warm and the three of their voices together were so beautiful.

Blake joked and called them “the drywoods.” Gwen chose Bryce.  John said Bryce’s voice is so pure and so warm  He executed with precision, confidence and ease.  But there was no punch or fire to it.  But the Dryes dynamic was more electric.  He said Bryce was an on-point vocalist.  But, John chose The Dryes.  

Blake said he wishes that they could have a “do over” because of the pocket thing.   He said Bryce at 22-years-old, it seems like he has like 40 years on stage. “It doesn’t hurt that you’re a great singer’  He compared Bryce to George Strait.  He said he delivers, and he’s solid, and the Dryes the same thing.  Blake said he based his decision on “what happened in this moment.” 

BATTLE WINNER: Bryce Leatherwood.  Blake said it was truly a tough choice for him.  Bryce has the Countriest name that maybe he’s heard in his whole life. It’s like a cologne.  He said Bryce is “unshakable.” 

SAVE – Blake used his Save on The Dryes.  Everyone was really happy about it.  He said they are super talented, they just got behind the beat.  They’re better musicians than that.  “If there’s anything I can do to give someone a second chance, I’m going to do that,” said Blake.



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