‘Unnecessary’ Stunt on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 15 Semi-Finals week 2 Recap

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‘Unnecessary’ Stunt on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 15 Semi-Finals week 2 Recap

Sofia reacted "that was like the most unnecessary thing in the world. What just happened in front of us." Loudermilk said they got a glimpse...MORE

The “America’s Got Talent” season 15 Semi-Finals acts really brought their A-Games to Tuesday night’s performance show.  Viewers got swooned by mega power-house singers Cristina Rae, Celina, and Daneliya Tuleshova who finished off Tuesday’s show.  Judges were on the edges of their seats for Bello Sisters, Jonathan Goodwin and Brett Loudermilk acts.  Though Loudermilk’s performance grossed-out the judges and was called “unnecessary” by judge Sofia Vergara.  

The acts that are going to the “America’s Got Talent” season 15 Finals so far are:  Archie Williams, Broken Roots,  Roberta Battaglia, Alan Silva, Brandon Leake.   Eleven more acts performed on Tuesday’s Semi Final episode, and five more move-on after Wednesday’s Results show, established from America’s votes.  The three AGT judges, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara, remained without a fourth guest judge.   Heidi advised the acts to “stay focused, keep your eyes on the prize and remember to have fun.”
Three of the acts were Golden Buzzer acts that performed on Tuesday’s show.  The first one being Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer – The W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew.

W.A.F.F.L.E. CREW (Dance Crew)

Heidi commented that it was a “great opening” to Tuesday’s show.  Howie said they stepped it up and used Universal Studios the way no one else has.  “So far, my favorite act tonight!”  Sofia agreed that they were spectacular and they made it look easy.  She said they showed their passion and her favorite performance.  Host Terry Crews asked about them representing New York City.  They said it’s been a “dream come true.”  


Kenadi said sharing her dream with her dad makes it more special.  Her dad, who’s blind said it’s really important that Kendai can sing because she paints pictures inside his head. “I’m so incredibly proud of her,” he said.  Kendai said it’s “mind-blowing” that she’s one performance away from the AGT Finale.  

Howie reacted that unlike that last time she was on, “this performance was a huge step-up.  He said she picked a great song and just made America’s job a bit tougher.  Sofia said the song was the perfect sentiment for tonight and she was singing like a “confident Pop Star.”  Heidi said there are many and amazing singers this season like her and she thinks she’s fantastic.  Crews asked her about the Finals.  She said being a small town girl from Utah on the AGT stage is an amazing feat in itself and thankful for being there.  

MAX MAJOR (Mentalist)

Max told everyone to imagine several geometric shapes and see them centered around each other.  Max said he had missed all the opportunities to audition for AGT.  Then the pandemic happened and AGT opened online auditions.  He said the ability to influence and swing thoughts.  “Is anything really left to chance?”  Max said being in the Semi Finals on AGT is like winning the Lottery.  He invited Heidi to participate in his act which involved a poker chip and numbers.   

Max asked Heidi to trust her instincts and choose the number that feels right to her.  He asked her to place the numbers on the board one at a time.  The other two judges and host were called upon to choose random numbers.  Then two audience members got to call out numbers 1-36.   This resulted in a total of 6 random numbers.   Then Heidi was shown a slip of paper with lottery-like numbers along with a Powerball number.  They were all the numbers that everyone was shown.  On the back of the paper, it read “go bigger!” which was the quote Sofia told him last time.   

After that, Max revealed a real billboard at Universal with the numbers displayed!   Sofia reacted that it was a very risky trick because it was complicated and a bit confusing for them to watch.   Howie agreed that it was confusing and it’s a problem that he has with magicians that there was more talking and less magic.  “I don’t think it was a step-up.”  The audience booed Howie.  Heidi said she doesn’t’ understand what there’s not to understand.  She said that Max is worthy of a show in Las Vegas.  

The next act, the Bello Sisters, performed from Germany 

BELLO SISTERS  (Contortionists)

The three Bello sisters mom said they were performing before they were born inside her stomach.  They said their act requires a lot of strength and they make it look easy, but it’s not easy.  The sisters said two of them weigh 240 lbs.  So, that’s 240 lbs to carry.  After the playback of their routine ended, Crews noted that it was late at night in Germany, so only two of the three sisters were still awake and ready to hear from the judges. 

AGT season 15 Semi-Finals, Bello Sisters  

Heidi said they are always beautiful to watch, creating human sculptures when they climb onto each other and “it looks beautiful at the same time.”  Howie said he’s on the edge of his seat when it looks like they are hyper-extending their legs.   He recalled the amount of weight they’re carrying,  240 lbs.  Sofia called them “three delicate flowers,” but they’re so strong.”  She could watch them all day long.  Crews said the performance looks painful and dangerous are they going to take a bigger risk in the Finals?  They said yes, of course, they are always looking to take a bigger risk.

CELINA (Singer)

Celina said growing up it wasn’t just music that was a big part of her life, it was also soccer which gave her acceptance.   She said she gained that same confidence when singing that she did with playing soccer.  Celina was thankful to be given another chance after the Dunkin’ Save vote.  Celina said she’s fighting to win AGT.  She sang “jealous” by Labrinth.

Howie said “that’s the key.  The key is you have to blow people away” because the competition in the singing category is tough this season.  “I don’t know if that was enough”  He thinks she deserves to be in the Finals, but did she do enough?  Sofia said she thinks Celina “is always enough.”  She said she thought Celina was in an awards show performing a song.  Heidi said it’s only going to be one person to walk away with $1 million dollars.   But, they will all walk away with so much more.  Crews asked Celina if this is her dream come true.  She said certainly yes and she’s met so many people.  She’s just grateful.


His act was performed outside and he took his act up another level (literally).   He said he almost didn’t get through in the last round.  So, Tuesday’s performance was “bigger, scarier,”   Jonathan detailed his act – hanging from a zip-line 60 feet in the air.  The worst injury he’s sustained was falling from a zip-line.  He said he has a fear of heights and it’s something that he has nightmares about.  “falling, reaching, and there’s nothing there to save me.  The danger is real.”  Jonathan said he’s facing his fears and if he falls, “it’s game over.”  He said it’s the scariest stunt in his book and has never attempted it ever.   The ropes suspending him were set on fire.  He had to escape before the ropes burned through.  He rode the zip-line holding on with his teeth.

Pictured: Jonathan Goodwin — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

Sofia reacted that this was her favorite out of all of his performances.  “You have to be a little bit Cuckoo in the head” to pull this off she said.  She added that America has to love him.  Heidi said if this is his second scariest act, then she doesn’t know  if she wants to see his scariest act.  Howie said his heart was still pounding and there’s no middle ground. “That is a lot of weight” and carrying all that weight.  “It’s amazing,” the detail and if America likes danger, there’s nothing more dangerous than Jonathan.  Crews asked what’s to come?  He said he’s making his way through his book and has one left, “The scariest” in his book he’ll perform in the Finals.

Heidi’s Golden Buzzer act was up next – Cristina Rae.


Cristina wants her son Jeremiah to see the world as “a magical place.”  She thought it was her duty to hide all the struggles she’s been through from her son.   Stating that she just wants him “to reach for the stars.”  Cristina said getting the Golden Buzzer was like standing in Golden rain and she knew that her dream could come true.  Cristina said she wants her voice to be heard all over the world.  Cristina wants to show Jeremiah that  “anything and everything is possible.  The sky’s not the limit.”  

 Pictured: Cristina Rae — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

After her performance,  her son was with her.  Heidi gave her a standing ovation and told her “you know I love you and we started this journey together.”  She said she was keeping everything crossed that they end this journey together in the Finals.  Howie said in the category of singing, “you’re the ONE to beat,”  He thinks it’s powerful and entertaining.  “You’re wonderful and  loved it.”  Sofia said Cristina nailed it more than any other night.  Sofia said she has goosebumps.   Cristina was given a moment to tell her son something.  She told Jeremiah that she loves him so much and NOT to do anything else, but “do the impossible.”  

BAD SALSA (Dance Duo)

The young boy and girl dancers are like brother and sister. They consist of 15-year-old Sonali Majumdar and 21-year-old Maraju Sumanth from Kolkata, India. Maraju said when they started dancing together, there was a spark.  In India, he said, dance is used to express your emotions, “and that’s what we do.”  Maraju said AGT is the best thing that’s happened to them.  They have received an immense amount of love and support from India.  They said they are going to fight for their spot in the Finals. They performed from India.  The judges gave them a standing ovation.

AGT 15 Semi Finals, Bad Salsa, Terry Crews

Sofia said their act is one that she enjoys the most.   It’s “beyond ballroom dancing,” she stated.   Sofia wished them to go to the Finals.  Heidi said they are also one of her favorites and it seems that they are on fast-forward.  She’s never seen anyone dance so fast.  “India must be beyond proud,” Heidi said.   Howie said what W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew is to America, is what Bad Salsa is to India.  He said it was “amazing and worthy of the Finals.” 

BTS was announced to perform on Wednesday’s Results show. Crews Golden Buzzer performed next.


Pictured: Voices of Our City Choir — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

They are a choir made up of homeless singers.  The choir was started by Stephanie Johnson.  One member said she didn’t have a very strong mom figure growing  up and Steph is “like a Ma ma bear.”   Steph’s mom said she’s never been so proud.   They sang the “Heroes” song by David Bowie.  
Heidi reacted that she loves all of them and loved the David Bowie song.   Heidi took the opportunity to talk about the heroes – firefighters, teachers, hospital workers, etc.. and thanked them.  Howie said the intent is beautiful.   But, beyond that, it’s important and means more now than ever.   He said “you’re a hero.”  Sofia said what they stand for is amazing and grateful for Stephanie to put that group together.  “Whatever happens, you are their AGT award,”  Sofia told group founder Stephanie Johnson.  

Instead of using Sofia or Heidi this week,  Howie Mandel was utilized  for Brett Loudermilks act this week.


Pictured: (l-r) Brett Loudermilk, Howie Mandel — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC

Brett explained how he came to start performing sword swallowing. He said he started messing around with a hammer and nail at home as a kid.  Brett said he saw a sword swallower. But, told kids at home do NOT put a coat hanger down your throat.  Brett said when it went right in, he said he knew that was the thing he needed to do.   He told Sofia that she was in luck because she got to watch this week, instead, “the role of Sofia will be played by Howie tonight!”  He had the objects most swallowed by kids – toy cars, buttons, pennies, etc.. 

The photos of objects were divided into stacks.  Sofia and Heidi got to point to certain stacks.  Sofia didn’t pick rubber bands, paper clips, nor push pins.  She picked the rubber duck.  Howie, held a case, opened it.  Inside the case was “an intecopic camera” to look inside people.  Brett said he swallowed one of those things 20 years ago and it’s still inside of him.   They are going in to look inside on the AGT stage.   Heidi, Sofia and Howie got grossed-out by the sight of the inside of Brett’s stomach. What was inside of Brett was a rubber duck which he regurgitated.  Brett then tried to give it to Howie.  Of course, Howie ran and said he didn’t want it. 

Sofia reacted “that was like the most unnecessary thing in the world.  What just happened in front of us.”  Loudermilk said they got a glimpse that no one has gotten to see.   She said “no one wants to see that.”  Howie said being “totally honest,  I didn’t love it.”  Howie got boos from the virtual audience.  Brett said it’s because Howie’s a germaphobe and there’s a pandemic.  Howie said,  the point is, “how do you top that? With your bottom?”  Heidi said it was kind of disgusting.  But, she’s intrigued each time by what he does.  


Daneliya is a 14-year-old singer.   She said her mom is her best friend and her biggest supporter.  Her mom told her to not give-up.  Daneliya said she was scared to sing.  But when her mom told her she has so much power in her and she can do everything.   Now her dream has come true being on AGT and close to the Finals.   Daneliya sang “Who You Are” by Jessie J.  Sofia reacted that her voice was spectacular and complimented her outfit.  Sofia said Daneliya is shining like a star.  Heidi said it’s going to be so hard for America to choose.  There must be something in the water for the kids on AGT this season.  Howie said it’s not going to be tough for America and they need to vote for Daneliya because it was like she was singing at her concert.  He said she’s already a star, already a winner and it’s up to America to put her through to the Finals. 

Next week, a  champion will be crowned.  The show is also currently taking auditions online for next season!  


Wednesday’s Results show revealed who the last five acts would be that are going to the “America’s Got Talent” season 15 Finale.  For the last time this season judges voted for an act and the Dunkin Save vote was used on the bottom three acts.  Host Terry Crews revealed that after Tuesday’s show,  the voting was the closest it’s been all season.  Sofia wasn’t surprised because everyone brought their ‘A game and it will be “hard to say goodbye to these amazing acts.”

The acts that came in third, fourth and fifth place were the Dunkin’ Save acts and in jeopardy of leaving the competition.  Those acts were: Kenadi Dodds, Bad Salsa, and Max Major.   Before the commercial break, the voting poll revealed Bad Salsa with 31% of the votes, Kenadi Dodds with 41%, and Max Major in last place with 28% of America’s votes.

Howie said even at his stage in his career, someone will still tell him “no.”  He said the key to being told “no” is to learn from them. 

The first result based on the votes from Tuesday’s show was announced.  The two acts called to hear who it would be were singers Celina and Cristina Rae.  Host Terry Crews announced that it was Cristina Rae going on to the Finals.  Heidi reacted, “we willed this!.”  And stated that they are in this journey together.  Heidi stated that Cristina is a huge inspiration for so many.  “You’re such an amazing role model.” 

From AGT 2017, mentalist Colin Cloud returned to the AGT Semi Finals stage to perform an amazing mind-reading trick where he guessed correctly what objects (and song) the judges were thinking of while holding a pendulum.  Three past AGT contestants made videos where they revealed what Colin had predicted of the judges’ objects as well.  Colin’s online show is called “The Cyber Mentalist.” 

The next acts called forward were Voices of Our City Choir, Daneliya Tuleshova, W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew.  The second act that made it through to the Finals was Daneliya Tuleshova.   Sofia reacted that she’s already a star and to just keep being herself. Daneliya was emotional and excited, stating to America “I will not disappoint you in the next round.”  

One more act was revealed to be going into the Finals.  The acts called forward were: Jonathan Goodwin, Bello Sisters, and Brett Loudermilk.  The act that went through was Bello Sisters!  The judges gave the sisters a standing ovation.  Streaming from Germany, only two sisters were still awake to hear the results.  The third sister was asleep again.  They thanked America.  Howie said ultimately he thought that America made the right choice.   They never saw beautiful women with that much strength.  

Special guests super phenom boy band BTS performed their “Dynamite” song on the Universal City Studios lot in a pre-recorded video that was played-back.

The Dunkin’ Save acts were recalled to the stage – Kenadi Dodds, Max Major, and Bad Salsa.  The act to obtain the most votes was Kenadi Dodds!  Kenadi thanked everyone for the votes and said she won’t let them down. Heidi said she was hoping it would be her and she’s an “incredible young lady.”  

Judges vote:  Sofia voted first.  She said this is the part of her job that she hates the most.  She chose Bad Salsa.  Howie stated that he looked at all their faces and can see how much it means to them, especially Bad Salsa.  He told Max that he felt bad that he said his act was “confusing” last night.  Howie voted for Bad Salsa, making them the final act to go into the Finals next week!

NEXT WEEK:  Finale performances from – Archie Williams, Broken Roots, Bello Sisters, Brandon Leakes, Alan Silva, Roberta Battaglia, Cristina Rae, Daneliya Tuleshova, Kenadi Dodds, and Bad Salsa.

Pictured (l-r): Finale Acts – Daneliya Tuleshova, Archie Williams, Bad Salsa, Alan Silva, Kendai Dodds / Photos: Copyright NBC
Pictured (l-r): Finale Acts – Broken Roots, Brandon Leakes, Roberta Battaglia, Bello Sisters, Cristina Rae / Photos: Copyright NBC



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