Unplugged Divas! THE X FACTOR USA Top 6 – Live Shows Week 6 RECAP

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December 3, 2013
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Unplugged Divas! THE X FACTOR USA Top 6 – Live Shows Week 6 RECAP

X Factor Top 6


RESTLESS ROAD (Groups- Simon)

THE X FACTOR - Restless Road

THE X FACTOR – Restless Road


The boys of country trio group Restless Road talked about the support that they have gotten from their hometowns that includes: Summerville, South Carolina; Indiana, PA; Danese West Virgina. Simon said it really makes a difference when contestants have a strong support team.

Simon chose “Red” song by Taylor Swift for diva week. “What I love the most about you this week is that your vocals are really tight,” and she would like more energy from them. Demi said “I really liked watching you grow as artist. I would really like to hear more solos. You have really come a long way.” and told Simon he made a great song choice.

Paulina said they are cute, and said Simon chose the song under the influence of alcohol because “it was AMAZING!”. Simon said “Remember there are six people left…you guys have to be in the finals. You deserve to be in the finals. There is a one million recording contract, and you deserve it.”


Restless Road performed “Wake Me Up” by Avicii in an unplugged performance. Kelly said, “Each one of you left your heart right there on that X…congratulations on a great performance.” Demi said “You’re not in my category, but I am so proud of you” as was crying because they were crying.

Paulina said “You guys are our boys. You guys need to cry because this is real, this is really happening. I am just proud to be here.”
Simon said, “This is what I hoped you would end up being. You were very honest, the vocals were great. I loved the song. You’ve come such a long way and I feel very proud of you. IF that doesn’t get you into the semi-finals. there is something seriously wrong here. I would buy that song on iTunes.”


ALEX & SIERRA (Groups – Simon)


THE X FACTOR - Alex & Sierra diva

THE X FACTOR – Alex & Sierra diva

They got rave reviews from the mentors last week during “Big Band” theme week. For diva week they sang Destiny’s Child song “Say My Name”. Kelly is an original member of Destiny’s Child and she said she couldn’t wait to hear it.

Alex started the vocals with “Say my name, say my name”…followed by Sierra. Kelly said, Wow guys! I must admit, I wasn’t ready for that. Was a couple of moments in there I was like, is this…is this my song? I was really shocked But you guys pulled it off! Sierra you had all this sass! I loved it!”

Demi said, “I’m going to be completely honest with you. I felt that you were probably nervous with Kelly sitting right here. But Sierra you have come out of your shell. I know you’re not in my category, but I really want to see you in the finals.” Paulina said, “I’m so much into your pictures, so much into your love story. I just love you guys. That unique spark about love. What’s missing is the world I think you have a potential space in the industry right now that nobody filled up since Sonny and Cher.”

Simon rolled his eyes at her with disturbance and asked Paulina if she was finished. “I get that feeling that I’m looking at winners here. I really look forward to your performances because you always put a different take on it. You’re prepared to take a risk and I genuinely think there’s a gap in the market for you two.”


THE X FACTOR USA - Alex & Sierra unplugged

THE X FACTOR USA – Alex & Sierra unplugged

Alex & Sierra’s unplugged song was “Say Something” by A Great Big World. Simon said “If they lose their timing, the whole song could fall apart.” They sang in harmony while Sierra played on the piano and Alex played his guitar to the backdrop of lit candles.

All of the mentors rewarded them with a standing ovation. “I felt like I was watching a performance on an awards show.” Demi said, “The two of you playing instruments was magical. and noted that they never took their eyes off of each other. She said it brought tears to her eyes. Paulina said, “I’m really excited for you. I’m impressed… You guys are different, you guys are edgy, you guys rock.”

Simon gave them the ultimate compliment with “This is my favorite performance of the entire season. That wasn’t just a performance that was a record and I will be on iTunes later downloading that. It was outstanding, beautiful, sincere, fantastic. You have to be in the semi-finals.”



THE X FACTOR USA - Carlito Olivero

THE X FACTOR USA – Carlito Olivero


Carlito introduced a Spanish, spicier and sexy side last week and won over all of the mentors. Paulina invited Carlito to her house and told him he would be singing a song by Celia Cruz, but later switched to diva Jennifer Lopez’s “Let’s Get Loud” after she decided against her first choice. This song change stressed Carlito out. However, it seem Carlito showcased a strong performance anyway.

Kelly said, “Last week was a really good one for you. This one I feel kind of fell flat. You are pushing yourself so hard and you really aren’t enjoying yourself.” Carlito blamed it on getting the song in only 24 hours.

Demi said, “Last week was really hard to top. What you did so well last week was really flirting with everyone. You need to be that hot, Latin singer. You weren’t in that performance.” Simon stuck up for him and told the girls that they weren’t being fair to Carlito, and that getting a song change in 24 hours before a live show is just crazy. Simon also said he didn’t want to lose him in this competition. He advised him to nail his second song.

Paulina said Carlito has “au chica oily nose. All of America voting for you, I am very proud of who you are. I believe in whatever song you need to sing. ” Simon asked her what she meant by “oily nose.” Paulina said, “It means that he is doing his job.”


Carlito went to practice his boxing to loosen him-up for his live performances. He sang “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King in Prince Royce’s version with Spanish lyrics mixed-in and took Demi’s advice and flirted with the girls in the audience.

Kelly said, “That was actually the best vocal I heard you do this whole competition. I give you a hard time but it’s because I think you are so cute.” Demi said “I wish there wasn’t so much music in the background becasue you sounded so amazing, I wanted to hear your voice.” She said she loved the Spanish, and she loved that he sang to the girls.

Simon told Carlito that he had the misfortune of flowing Alex & Sierra “who were amazing,” and “It was better than the first song. I’d be really upset if we lost you.” Paulina said that losing Carlito “is not an option” while she pinched Simon’s nose.


JEFF GUTT (Over 25s – Kelly)

THE X FACTOR USA - Jeff Gutt unplugged

THE X FACTOR USA – Jeff Gutt unplugged


Jeff had a break-through last week and really impressed Simon the most. Kelly gave him the song of Without You” by Mariah Carey. The crowd applauded with excitement. Demi said that her niece is obsessed with him and that proves that he has the X Factor.

Paulina said “You rock. You remind me of Axel Rose and that’s a good thing. Rock n’ Roll is about you show me blood.” Simon said, You mean you want him to cut himself?” Simon continued, “I’m not being rude because you are boring as a person. But when you come on stage, you completely transform. What I love about you Jeff is that you are someone that wants to win this competition. Probably NEEDS to win this competition” Simon admitted, “I shouldn’t say this because I’m not your mentor, but this is the best performance of the night so far.” He advised Jeff NOT to cut himself. Kelly said “That was absolutely amazing!”


Jeff’s second song was unplugged song “Daniel” by Elton John. He dedicated the song to his older brother named Daniel who is in the United States Navy. Jeff’s brother was seen standing in the audience watching along and tearing-up with emotion.

Demi said “It was good. But it was a bit stale and anti-climatic.” Jeff said it was okay because it was more for his brother. Paulina said, “When you have something to say there’s nothing more healthy and amazing to just say it. And thought it was great for him to sing to his brother. Simon said “I’m glad that you dedicated that to your brother. It must be really hard to do that as well. Vocally, it wasn’t as good as the first song. But, the sentiment on that was really strong. So I think you had a really good night.” Kelly said he should stay and be in the semi-finals because he just opened-up.



THE X FACTOR USA - Ellona Santiago diva

THE X FACTOR USA – Ellona Santiago diva


Ellona performed Lady Gaga’s “Applause” and racked up a lot of applause from the mentors and audience.

Kelly said it was one of Ellona’s best performances. “You have worked, commanding so much presence,” and told her to control those big notes that divas do. Paulina said “tonight is a diva’s night and you’re Ellona!”

Simon told Ellona that she’s gone from “being a little mouse to being a tiger. You were a total diva.” Simon also said he liked Ellona’s version better than the original artists (Lady Gaga) version, and that Ellona is in it to win it! Demi said she thinks America should vote for Ellona because she deserves it!”


For her second song, Ellona sang was an unplugged version of her idol’s “If I Was a Boy” by Beyonce. She impressed the mentors in her first performance on The X Factor without a choreographed dance number with back-up dancers. Kelly said, “You have such a big, beautiful voice. The part that I loved the most is when you softened-up the notes.” Paulina said, “I feel I’m watching a super-star. I love how you command and love your passion.” She also said that she feels that Ellona has the X Factor.

Simon was very happy and said he liked this song better because the first on had “too much going on…this is what we’ve been waiting for.” Her mentor, Demi said she was happy that Simon gave that advice of cutting the dance choreography and she thinks Ellona is on her way to winning the competition.


RION PAIGE (Girls – Demi)


Rion was in the bottom two last week. She was saved by America’s votes, and Josh Levi was sent home. Rion’s diva performance was “See You Again” by Carrie Underwood. Kelly said what she loves the most about Rion is that she always sing geuniume and demanded presence like a diva would.

Paulina said “I love your vocals. Your vocals are so unique.” Simon said “It was a good song. Not the best song to choose perhaps.’ Demi responded “Is it really going to be like this tonight.” Simon continued, “The great thing about tonight is that we got two songs and the second song will be a better choice.” Demi told Rion that she took her breath away and “nobody has that passion,” that Rion has.


Rion’s second performance of the night was unplugged song is “Glass” by Thompson Square. She described being on The X Factor as the craziest roller coaster ride that she’s ever been on in her life. A choked-up Kelly reacted to her unplugged performance by weeping, “What so beautiful about unplugged is as an artist, you are allowed to be completely vulnerable.”

Paulina said “You are an inspiration, you are so strong, so empowering. You empower us.” She then looked at Kelly and Demi who were wiping away tears and asked them what was wrong with them. Then finished by telling her she is talented and has the X Factor. Simon said this song was better than the first one and that she could have saved herself with that second song. Fighting back tears, Demi said “Every word of that song is what you are about.” She said “You show people it’s okay not to be perfect…America better vote for you.”



Rion Paige talks about THE X FACTOR being a game show.

Last nights show started with six acts all with a chance of winning the X factor but the night was a double elimination sending two of the finalist’s home.

The show also featured a battle of former X Factor contestants. From the US Emblem three, and the UK’s little mix.

After a recap of last nights show, we headed straight into eliminations. Based on America’s votes the first act leaving the competition was Ellona Santiago.

Down in the bottom two sat Rion Page and Carlito Olivero who had to battle it out to keep their place in the X Factor.

After the intense battles it came down to the judges decision to keep one in the running to win the X Factor. Rion said she should stay because she always gives it her all, and really love music. Carlito said he’s shown the most growth from anyone in the competition and that singing is what he wants to do for the rest of his life. he’s a fighter.

Voting started with Demi who had to vote in favor of her team, Carlito. Next Paulina votes to keep Carlito, also in favor of her team. Kelly was impartial and voted to keep Carlito. Simon was the final decision and ultimately he decided to keep Carlito in the running, Sending home Rion Page.



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