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Up in Flames on THE VOICE Season 11 Top 10 Perform

Posted on November 28 2016 by Editor

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Up in Flames on THE VOICE Season 11 Top 10 Perform

This week, on Results Show night, two contestants will leave “The Voice” singing competition,thus, creating the Top 8. After last week’s Top 11 elimination, new coaches Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys have two contestants each left.

Veteran coaches Adam and Blake still have their three contestants each. Monday night’s Top 10 performances introduced a new live element to the stage and new coaches – pyrotechnics! Miley and Alicia were both surprised when fire shot up from the stage behind the contestants tonight.

THE VOICE Season 11 Top 10

The Voice 11, Top 10 contestants

Pictured: (l-r) Sundance Head, Courtney Harrell, Austin Allsup, Christian Cuevas, We McDonald, Ali Caldwell, Aaron Gibson, Brendan Fletcher, Billy Gilman, Josh Gallagher


Billy sang “Anyway.”


The Voice 11, Top 10 Courtney Harrell

Courtney took-on 80’s pop song “If I Could Turn Back Time” by Cher.

Alicia said the pyro represented Courtney so well and she loves how she takes the “unexpected and turn it on it’s head.” Coach Blake said “a new contestant just stepped into the Top 10” and her stage presence just came out like it’s never before. He said she looked like she’s having the kind of fun that she should be having on a show like “The Voice.”


The Voice 11 Top 10, Josh Gallagher

Josh decided to pick “Real Good Man” song by Tim McGraw. After Adam gave Josh some tweaks on the song, he said Josh is one of the better singers left in the competition.

Alicia called his performance fantastic and said he was really in his element and really controlled the energy in himself. Coach Adam told Josh he is so happy for him. He raved that tonight Josh was a Country star on the stage doing that!”


Miley gave Aaron a more fun song this week based on his past Save Songs being fun and he’s always pulled through with them. Aaron sang “Rocket Man” with a twist.

Adam said he’s a fan of Aaron’s and loved that he took what he has so far and made the most of it. Coach Miley said she appreciates people who say things that they mean like Adam just did. Miley told Aaron “what you need is your guitar and your voice.” She noted that he didn’t need pyro. She also told Aaron that he “killed it tonight.”

The Voice 11 Top 10, Maroon 5

Adam Levine performed “Don’t Wanna Know” with his band Maroon 5.


The Voice 11, Top 10 Christian Cuevas

Christian said he feels like he’s changing every week and becoming a better person. He sang “Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga.

Blake called it “a very timely performance” due to them only having two more weeks left before they’re done. Blake said “we were waiting for that incredible moment. I think you may have just had it.” He also added that he loved it where Christian got soft at the end, and called it “tasteful.” Coach Alicia said “an artist was born on this stage right now.” She said an artist makes it so everyone can relate to it and everyone at home related to him.


The Voice 11 Top 10, Austin Asllup

Austin said nothing tops his family being there at “The Voice” with him. He was really happy that famous singer Bob Seger made a post about him last week on his ‘Voice performance. Austin chose ’80’s hit “Missing You” by Tom Waite dedicated to him growing up without a father.

Miley said she got teary-eyed on him singing that song because she put herself in his place. Coach Blake said Austin has this personality that comes out on stage. He calls it emotional and powerful. Blake congratulated Austin for taking the ’80’s song and making it his own.

Former “The Voice” contestant Allison Porter and Adam Lambert from “American Idol” were hanging-out watching the show in the audience.

WE’ MCDONALD (Team Alicia)

The Voice 11 Top 10, We' McDonald

We’ dedicated her song to her family who, she said, sacrificed a lot for her to sing. We’ is a big fan of Billie Holiday’s and sang her jazz classic “God Bless the Child.” Alicia advised We’ to “unleash the Opera child.” After she ended her performance, the audience roared with applause.

Host Carson Daly reminded everyone that We’ is the youngest contestant in the competition at 17-years-old. Alicia exclaimed to We’ “there’s nobody like you!” She said it’s a beautiful thing how We’ is showing all the sides of her – pop, jazz, opera, etc.


The Voice 11 Top 10, Brendan Fletcher

Adam gave Brendan “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper. Brendan said he’s excited because it’s mellow and nothing like what he’s done before. Brendan said sometimes the risk pays off. He said the song reminds him of his parents because it’s hard for them to admit that a music career for him is feasible and they support him by coming to watch him on “The Voice” each week. Adam called Brendan singing this song a “game-changer”.

Miley said she just thinks of a rainbow from hearing him sing and now after hearing Brendan sing “True Colors” it’s her favorite song. Coach Adam said Brendan is the first singer this season to take a song and artistically create a song that didn’t exist before. He said Brendan, for the first time, relaxed on stage. Adam called it an incredible night for him.


The Voice 11 Top 10, Sundance Head

Sundance was excited that actress Sarah Silverman tweeted him the night before. Blake jealously responded that Sarah Silverman has never tweeted him. Sundance selected “Me and Jesus” song with a Bluegrass arrangement. Blake was excited about the song and it meant a lot to him. Blake said it says a lot about Sundance to come out with a Bluegrass version. Sundance said to him the song is about salvation, and he thinks about his wife whom he met when he was very young.

Alicia reacted by telling Sundance that he has her heart. She said Gospel, Country they’re all in the same wheelhouse which brings them all together. Blake congratulated Sundance on giving them a performance that they have never experienced on the show ever before. But, “the message of that song, everyone has their own way to relate to God” said Blake.


The Voice 11 Top 10, Ali Caldwell

Ali said the song is “back to basics” for her. Miley said she can do a song so powerful that people will believe that it’s HER song. The song “Without You” by Harry Nilsson is the song Ali sang.

Miley explained Ali’s really long train on her dress tonight that everyone was commenting on. “For the world’s biggest voice, we had to do the world’s biggest train!” She said she’s never seen anyone like Ali in her life. Miley said she felt like she won in the Blinds when Ali chose her. “My new goal in my life is to make you the biggest star in the world because you are. You are so incredible,” Miley finished.


The Top 10 contestants took center stage after a brief comedy skit with the coaches and actress Jane Lynch.

Host Carson Daly asked Sundance what he likes the most by being on “The Voice.” He said meeting wonderful people and being friends with Austin. The first save of the night went to Brendan Fletcher (Team Adam), and the second save was Sundance Head (Team Blake).

Daly asked the coaches about coaching. Blake commented that every coach should be so thankful and proud, “because this stuff is hard.” Alicia said on selecting songs, she picks song that are really going to suit them and songs that they love that reflect their individuality. “Something that’s powerful, that’s a moment for them,” she stated.

Miley, who gets emotionally close to her contestants said she’s proud of Aaron Gibson who has brushed himself off after being in the bottom twice, and moves on. Adam stated, “I feel like a part of my job is to treat each person on my team like I want them to win.” He said he sets them up with that possibility.

The remaining artists came out on the stage. The next two contestants to be saved Were Ali Cladwell (Team Miley) and Christian Cuevas (Team Alicia).

The rest of the six artists returned to the stage to hear their fate. Daly asked Aaron about developing into the performer he wants to be. He said Miley “cleared up some things and how to be true to myself.” Next, Daly announced that America saved Billy Gilman. Also saved was We’ McDonald. That rounded out all of Team Alicia going through to the Top 8.

The Voice 11, Top 10 Results, Pentatonix, Dolly Parton

Then, Pentatonix performed with Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus.


Austin got emotional onstage after Carson asked him about his family. America saved Josh Gallagher (Team Adam). The bottom three contestants remained who were Courtney Harrell, Austin Asllup, and Aaron Gibson. They had to perform for the Instant Save vote where only one artist would move on to the Top 8.

The Voice 11, Top 10 results, bottom 3

Pictured (l-r): Austin Asllup, Courtney Harrell, Aaron Gibson

Austin sang “Tennessee Whiskey”. Blake called Austin a great Country singer and said he’s not like anyone else out there in Country.

Courtney sang “Blessed the Broken Road.” Alicia commented about the performance, “I feel your life very pure every time you sing.” Alicia also added that she just watched Courtney stand in her owness.

Coach Blake said Courtney is one of his favorites ever. He said he hopes she understands that her instincts were right because look at how far she’s made it in the competition.

Aaron Gibson sang “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright.” Adam told him it was his best performance he’s had ever and said he believes that Aaron is the one to move forward. He said to see him go would be too big of a loss. Miley was teary eyed because her Mom hugged Aaron backstage and told him she hopes he’s not in the bottom.


The voting revealed that Aaron was was tied with Austin Allsup in the Instant Save Vote with 40%. Courtney had 21% of the votes. Courtney told Blake that said she came there to “The Voice” to face he biggest fear – being heard and being rejected. She said she’s free and thanked Blake. Aaron told Miley she’s amazing and that she’s made more of an impact than what she’ll ever understand.

Miley said “The Voice” competition is “about celebrating music and celebrating artists.”

Aaron Gibson won the Instant Save vote for the third week in a row.

The Voice 11 Top 10 Results, Top 8

Pictured (l-r): Sundance Head, We’ McDonald, Christian Cuevas, Ali Caldwell, Aaron Gibson, Billy Gilman, Josh Gallagher, Brendan Fletcher.


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