Version Of A Super-Star – THE VOICE Live Shows Week Three Recap

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April 30, 2014
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May 6, 2014
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Version Of A Super-Star – THE VOICE Live Shows Week Three Recap

“The Voice” Top 8 perform tonight to continue in the singing competition where only one voice will be crowned champ at the end of the season. Two more artists will be voted-off by the end of tomorrow night’s elimination show. But, tonight was all about Adam and his new bleach-blond hair!

The Voice coaches

There are two platinum blondes on tonight’s ‘Voice show!

Adam went blond!

The Voice Adam Levine blond

(Top left) THE VOICE Adam Levine as platinum blond.

Adam Levine’s hair was compared to these other well-known blondes throughout the show: (l-r) Top: Billy Idol, Ellen DeGeneres, (Bottom): Kristen Merlin, Meg Ryan, Susan Powers. He was also compared to Shakira as well as Bruce Willis from “The Fifth Element” movie. Adam even compared himself to a “futuristic Cyborg.”

Host Carson Daly encouraged the conversation during his opening of tonight’s show stating that Adam posted a photo of his new hair on Twitter earlier today. Adam said about his hair “I don’t have an explanation. I woke-up, had the day off and thought I’d look like Shakira. I feel like I look like a futuristic Cyborg. I like it, it’s different. I don’t know why I did it. It feels right.”

The Voice season 6 Top 8

Usher said “Bruce Willis showed-up from the 5th Element movie”. Awkward silence followed. Blake said “I thought Meg Ryan was sitting in for him.” Adam said, The only thing that I contemplated was Blake Shelton mocking me, and I almost didn’t do it.” Blake called him “Molly.”

Daly announced that new coaches joining the show next season, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams will perform on “The Voice” stage tonight.


Sisaundra Lewis

Sisaundra’s Mom watched her perform for the first time, ever! Sisaundra cried after her performance. Usher said an “evolution” happened on stage.

Sisaundra said she’s bonded with Delvin Choice. Her mother only listens to Gospel music and she has never attended one of her shows until tonight! Sisaundra said at 77-years-old, her mother will be sitting in “The Voice” audience to see her performance. Sisaundra chose to sing “”River Deep, Mountain High” by Tina Turner”, because she said it reminds her a lot of her mother’s energy growing-up in church. Blake said this song is a “Show-Stopper.” She performed it as a back-up singer with Celine Dion. There to advise her with Blake this week was country singer Gwen Sebastian.

When she was done with her performance, she started to cry from the emotion of her Mom in the audience. Usher said, “Its so good to know more about you. To have this evolution happen on stage. You get to see more of what it means for you to be a major entertainer having the band and the dancers. You’re a diva.”

Shakira said, “Technically speaking, you’re a pro. If you ever open a school of Sisaundra singing, we’ll attend to know what you know. You are a professional singer.” Adam said, “singing a strong song by a strong woman – Tina Turner, it doesn’t get stronger than her. It does reflect the strength in you. You are a potent performer. You’re amazing.”

Coach Blake reacted, “I am absolutely thrilled! I want America to know when we set out on this journey together. Sisaundra chose that song and I’m so glad you did. It’s so perfect.” Caron Daly said hello to Sisaundra’s Mom in the audience and she waved back.


Something Magical
Josh Kaufman with coach Usher

Josh is Usher’s only artist left. He took him to rehearse at the same studio “We Are The World” song was recorded.

Josh is Usher’s last artist. Usher brought him to Henson Recording Studio for rehearsal. It’s where “We Are the World” which included a lot of famous singers that included Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder and more, was recorded.

Josh chose to sing, “I Cant Make You Love Me”. Josh says he typically keeps things internal. “I really think Josh has what it takes to make you feel something that’s magical,” said Usher. “I feel like it’s right there within reach, I just have to grab it,” said Kaufman about gaining a successful music career.

Shakira reacted to Josh’s performance, “There are artists in this world and there are artists with good taste. You belong in the second group. You have good intuition and that’s something that is vital.”

Adam said, “Josh, I enjoy seeing your success regardless whether you’re on my team or not and proud of how far to see you’ve come.” Blake said, “That’s as close to a perfect performance as I’ve seen here. It was really good!”

Coach Usher was happy to be his coach, ” I think he did amazing. I think he came out here and possessed the type of confidence. I want this for you man, and I’m happy to be your coach tonight. Usher said he considers this to be his greatest performance since he’s been on the show.

Blake Shelton sang “My Eyes” with his adviser this week Gwen Sabastain.


On Fire!

Kat Perkins

Kat got rave reviews for her performance of turning “Get Lucky” song into a heavy metal one. The crowd went crazy, and be sure she will rake-in the votes!

Whatever song you chose, It has to be a huge bold list. James Valentine from Adam’s band “Maroon 5” came in to help advise Kat. Kat picked the song “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams. James was excited by the arrangement of the song that Kat chose. He said everyone know and likes the song, but they’ve never heard it this way before. Both Adam and James were excited.

Usher joked, “The only thing I kind of wish that I had long hair so I could” (head bang! Usher bopped his head up and down). Shakira was impressed, “That had to be fun because I saw you jumping up and down. The cool thing is you know who you are… you’re true to yourself. That was great Kat.”

Coach Adam was over the moon with Kat – “We knew we had to go big. It was all Kat. Bottom three my ass! Vote for this girl She’s incredible! You just did a heavy metal rendition of a ‘Daft Punk’ tune in an incredible way. I feel like I’m on fire! There was nothing that wasn’t amazing about that performance.”


Truly Transcendent

Kristen Merlin

Kristen is Shakira’s last artist. Blake said Adam liked her so much he copied her hair!

Kristen is the only artist left on Shakira’s team. Shakira told her she’s a story teller and no one sounds like her. “I Drive A Truck” by Lee Brice is the song she’s singing. It draws you into the world of someone that misses someone Kristen explained about the song. She said her Dad was in the Army and “This is such an important story to tell.” Kristen said she used to sing this song in a bar. Kristen t said, “I’m not only competing for myself, but I’m competing for my coach.”

Blake couldn’t resist, “Great job. That’s a tough song, that’s an emotional song. You made a believer out of me, probably everyone on this panel. You just keep getting better and better every week. Adam likes you so much he copied your hairstyle!”

“Wherever your headed in that truck you’re on the right track,” said Usher

Coach Shakira said, “This was truly transcendent. I knew what the song meant to you and I know you wanted to give it your all . You were unbelievable. You were two artists. You moved me. Every cell in my body knew what that song was about.” Shakira told her she thinks Kristen isn’t going anywhere.

Pharrell Williams performs.


Seeing A Man Fly!

Delvin Choice with coach Adam Levine

Delvin’s song choice made him emotional. He said he realized that he can do this! Blake took another stab at Adam’s hair by saying Adam gets his team pumped-up like Susan Powers!

Adam told Delvin, “We all know that you can sing, but it’s about strategy now.” Delvin chose to sing “I Believe I Can Fly.” Adam reacted to that song choice with, “on paper I say, no, no it’s all wrong.” Delvin got emotional during rehearsal. “Everything that I’ve been here to get here, I finally believe in myself.” Adam said, “now I know that this is definitely the right song.”

Blake said, “That was as good as it gets on this show. It was powerful, perfect song choice. I don’t know what Adam is doing. He’s getting you guys pumped-up like Susan Powers! It’s good.”

Usher said, “You’ve never seen a man fly ’til you see a man cry. This song represents the dream that all of the contestants have. You guys are family. Songs like this reminds them of why they’re doing it. Fight for the dream.”

Adam – there is not a better song to have done at this moment because you are having this self-belief. No matter what happens, I don’t even care. We all know that you deserve to be at the end of thing thing. I am satisfied.”

Hoda from the “Today Show” stopped-by to announce that she’s interviewing all four coaches on Tuesday morning.



Audra McLaughlin

Audra wants to go on tour with Blake. Her performance of country song “Forgive” was very good, but not exceptional.

I always wanted to try-out for the voice. She said going on tour with Blake is on her list of goals. Gwen is on tour with Blake and Blake teased that she could share some stories with Audra. Audra is singing, “Forgive” by Rebecca Lynn Howard. Audra said “everyone’s been hurt in their lives and can relate to this song.” Gwen said if she can sing the song with conviction, then “she can win this competition.” Blake agreed and said Audra needs to be convincing with the song.

Shakira said she “enjoys her upper-register…vocally I think you’re unstoppable.” Coach Blake told Audra, “That’s such a great lyric. It’s such a great country song. The way you approach singing, it makes people wrap-up in what you are singing about.”

Gwen Stefani performed “Hollaback Girl” on “The Voice” stage. After her performance Daly stood on stage with both new coaches Pharrell and Gwen. Daly said that Pharrell and Stefani co-wrote that song together. Pharrell said about joining “The Voice”, “it’s such an amazing platform to be able to speak to the world. You have great coaches that get to mentor and change the lives of artist. He said it’s priceless.


The Right Amount Of Attitude

Jake Worthington with coach Blake Shelton

Jake displayed another strong performance, this time by singing “Hillbilly Deluxe”. Blake said that Jake introduced audiences to “Jake the artist” tonight.

Blake told Jake it’s time for Jake to “rock-out.” The bad ass side of Jake. We haven’t seen it yet, but I know its in there. Blake said it’s an attitude song.
“Hillbilly Deluxe” by Brooks and Dunn. Jake said the song will allow him to show his “red-neck side.” Gwen said about Jake singing the song, “It’s like this is his song and he was meant to sing it.”

Shakira drummed along, “You had me air-drumming. That was a good song . you’re performance is very frontal. I never saw you like this. You attacked every note with the right attitude.”

Adam enjoys learning what ‘Country’ is, “Jake, you’re so much cooler than Blake. I learn more and more about what authentic Country is” (because of Jake).
Coach Blake stated, “I’m going to be the first to congratulate you. People like ‘Jake the dude.’ But tonight, you introduced people to ‘Jake the artist.’ You did it tonight, congratulations!”


Sign Of Success

Christina Grimmie with Jake Worthington

Christina was sad that her two best friends – Tess Boyer and Bria Kelly went home last week. She said she wanted to top her performance last week, and she scored with her rendition of a Lil Wayne song. Adam said no one has ever heard Lil Wayne sound like that!

Christina was upset that her two best friends went home last week – Bria Kelly and Tess Boyer. Adam told Christina that she had a top iTunes performance last week when she sang Drake song “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” “How To Love’ by Lil Wayne is the song that Adam picked for Christina to sing this week. She was reluctant about doing the song. “There is so much pressure. I want to top last week,” said Christina. Adviser, James said “Christina has an amazing talent of taking a song and making it her own. That’s a sign of success.”

Blake noted her talent “I love to see you get that excited and that emotional. You look and sound like a super-star up there!”

Usher secretly want’s Christina to come to his team, “No doubt you have an incredible voice. I’m trying to find out if you really want to be a hip-hop artist. Definitely a great performance.” Usher also noted that his team was part of that family – Tess Boyer and Bria Kelly.

Shakira stated, “Making it your own shows so much artistry. Your voice is insane. Your high register is out of this world.”

Coach Adam was proud, “I don t think anyone’s ever heard Lil Wayne sound like this before. The one thing that you have going for you – there’s no other version of that song. If someone wants that version, they have to download it.”



Watch THE VOICE season 6 episode 24 “Live Top 8 Performances” first aired by NBC on Monday, May 5, 2014. This full episode is now available at HOLLYWOOD JUNKET until 06/19/14 courtesy of NBC. ENJOY!










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