Weekly Recap of THE BACHELORETTE Men Season 11

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Weekly Recap of THE BACHELORETTE Men Season 11

ABC’s “The Bachelorette” season 11 made history by introducing the first ever two-Bachelorettes season with Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe – the two fan favorites from Chris Soules “The Bachelor” season.

Unlike Chris Soules season, who had 30 women to choose from (the most women in “The Bachelor” history), although there were two Bachelorettes, there was still the traditional 25 male suitors to choose from. The show let these men dictate which one Bachelorette that they wanted to spend the rest of the season vying for.

The woman capturing the attention of most of the men with more votes (by a narrow margin) was Kaitlyn Bristowe. Host Chris Harrison delivered the bad news to Britt, who immediately left the show without any goodbyes, and the good news to Kaitlyn who had to follow through with the first Rose Ceremony that same night.

When Harrison announced that Kaitlyn would be the Bachelorette, the reactions were almost an equal split. About half of the men were hoping it would be Britt, and the other half were excited it was Kaitlyn. Surprisingly, all except one of the men that wanted Britt stayed on the show to pursue Kaitlyn.

By the end of the premiere episode, the 25 men soon turned into 24 after Ryan M. got so drunk, he had to be thrown out of the house before the Rose Ceremony. Then, after the start of the Rose Ceremony, that number became 23 when Brady left to pursue Britt.

The Bachelorette, Shawn B, Tanner, Shawn E

Pictured (l-r):Shawn B., Tanner, Shawn E.

Shawn B. is still in the game with a better than most of winning over Kaitlyn’s heart. It doesn’t hurt that he looks like a cross between Ryan Gosling and Calvin Harris. He got the first impression rose from Kaitlyn during the first Cocktail Party and the second kiss. In week four’s episode, he was upset that Kaitlyn was comprehending bringing Nick Viall into the clan, making him doubt his connection he thought he had made with Kaitlyn. In week five’s episode, he told Kaitlyn that he’s falling in love with her. In week six, Kaitlyn’s one-on-one date with Nick in Dublin, Ireland, really got to Shawn and he had to take a moment away from the rest of the men to talk to a show producer. The episode ended with Shawn B. visiting Kaitlyn in her hotel suite. Kaitlyn was worried the he found out about her intimate night with Nick.

Tanner vocally disapproved of Nick’s arrival stating that he lost all respect after he kissed and told on last season’s “Bachelorette” Andi Dorfman. Tanner received the last rose during week six’s rose ceremony.

Shawn E. claimed to be a sex therapist. He rolled-up in a hot tub car in the premiere episode.  He was eliminated at the end of the first night at the Rose Ceremony.

The Bachelorette, Ben H., Ben Z., Bradley

Pictured (l-r): Ben H., Ben Z., Bradley

Ben H. received a one-on-one date with Kaitlyn in San Antonio, Texas where they entered a 2-Step dance competition. He opened-up to Kaitlyn by telling her about his past relationship.

Ben Z. – Has an edge to winning over Kaitlyn with his big, muscular build and sweet personality. In week two, Ben Z. hit Jared so hard during their boxing match that Jared had to go to the doctors. During week three, Ben Z. got a one-on-one date with Kaitlyn where he had to protect her from an insanely bunch of sick obstacles in a totally dark set of rooms. In week six‘s group date, Ben Z. opened-up to Kaitlyn with a personal message when they had a mock funeral for her.

Bradley was eliminated in the first Rose Ceremony.

The Bachelorette, Clint, Chris, Brady

Pictured (l-r): Clint, Chris, Brady

Clint literally swept Britt off of her feet in the first meeting after stepping out of the limo. Kaitlyn looked-on with jealousy and was evident that she was attracted to him. Then, he went and spoke to her. It turned out, he was there for Kaitlyn. He was her first one-on-one date where they were photographed under water and seemed to have a lot of chemistry. Kaitlyn later said she doubted if that chemistry was real with Clint. In week three’s Cocktail Party, Clint intentionally ignored Kaitlyn stating that she would have to come to him if she’s interested. By this time, his “bromance” with JJ was in full force. The two had made a strong connection. In week three, he said he felt like he made a stronger connection with JJ than with Kaitlyn. After receiving excessive warnings from multiple guys about Clint’s manipulative ways, Kaitlyn threw him out of the house at the beginning of week four’s episode before the Rose Ceremony. JJ didn’t defend him, but instead spoke out against him, which ruined their friendship.

Chris entered the show by rolling-up in a cupcake car. He’s a dentist and credited cupcakes as his guilty pleasure. He got the first kiss from Kaitlyn on the premiere episode. In week four, Chris out-shined the rest of the guys with his impressive singing to Kaitlyn during the group date and won over the Broadway show judges to play a small part with Kaitlyn in Broadway’s Aladdin.

Brady left the show during the first Rose Ceremony to re-connect with Britt whom he ended-up riding off into the sunset with. Hopefully they’ll live happily ever after.

The Bachelorette, Cory, Corey, Daniel

Pictured (l-r): Cory, Corey, Daniel

Cory was sent home during week three’s Rose Ceremony. He was one of the few men that Kaitlyn cried over leaving. She seemed to like him, but said she felt that he “belonged back at home with his kid.”

Corey was eliminated during week five’s Rose Ceremony at Citi Baseball field in New York after Nick’s return.

Daniel – not much is known of Daniel except he was sent home in week’s three rose ceremony, which was really from week two continued to week three’s episode.

The Bachelorette, Ian, Jared, David

Pictured (l-r): Ian, Jared, David

Ian started-out as Kaitlyn’s biggest cheerleader. He was genuinely there for her from the start. During week two’s group date, Ian partook in the stand-up comedy challenge and joked that he looks like the Old Spice guy. By week four, Ian had still not gotten a one-on-one date and this was the week when he really shined, as an asshole! He called Kaitlyn out for acting like a slut who is kissing a bunch of dudes on TV. He also said she is “plowing the field”. His fate will be determined in week six’s episode where the Rose Ceremony will take place at the beginning of that episode. Update: Week 6 – Ian walked-out on the show after berating Kaitlyn about being a “surface girl”. During his ride home in the limo, Ian stated that he thinks he’ll be a great Bachelor. Umm….No!

Jared was the only man to come forward to Kaitlyn during the first Cocktail Party to tell her he voted for Britt, but wanted to remain to get to know her. After Jared got a hit from Ben Z. which landed him in the hospital, his participation in the group date was cut short. But, he surprised Kaitlyn later that night by requesting her to step outside. When she did, she was pleasantly surprised that it was him and they kissed. He scored some major points. His first one-on-one date was in week four where he and Kaitlyn got whisked away in a helicopter to take-in a view of New York City. At this time he communicated that he was starting to fall in love with her. By the end of week five’s episode, he told Kaitlyn during the Cocktail Party that he is falling in love with her. In week six, Jared had yet another opportunity to get closer to Kaitlyn when he got the group date rose.

David Who?

The Bachelorette, Jonathan, JJ, Joe

Pictured (l-r): Jonathan, JJ, Joe

Jonathan voted for Britt, then after it was announced that Kaitlyn would be the Bachelorette, he stated that he did not want Kaitlyn to find out that he voted for Britt. He seems to be one of the many men of the show who is out to play the game, without any genuine feelings for Kaitlyn. He was eliminated at the beginning of week five’s Rose Ceremony in a baseball field.

JJ is an absolute hot mess! He managed to win over Kaitlyn’s affection in the premiere episode during the cocktail party when he told her that he has a 3-year-old daughter. After that, he started building a tight relationship with Clint where the two became the villains of the house. When he was on the Stand-Up Comedy group date, Amy Schumer who was mentoring him on his comedy routine, called him out as a douche, and not smarter than most people. Since Clint’s dramatic exit in week four, JJ has layed low, perhaps trying to dodge any elimination bullets.

Joe‘s most memorable moment was during the group date in week three’s episode where he and the men on the group date had to all wear diaper type contraptions for Sumo Wrestling. Joe was falling out of his, and Kaitlyn took notice – seeing “everything that Joe has to offer!”

The Bachelorette, Justin, Joshua, Josh

Pictured (l-r): Justin, Joshua, Josh

Justin was part of the Group Date where the men had mini-boxing matches with each other. They were coached by Laila Ali. Justin formed a bond with Tony whom he listened to Tony’s many complaints about being on the show. Justin was also part of the week four Group Date where the men had the hip-hop rap challenge with Doug E. Fresh. The men had to face off with their raps. Justin went up against Shawn B. Justin’s rap was about how Shawn B. looks like Ryan Gosling and he got left by the girl at the end of “The Notebook.” At the end of this date, Nick Viall entered the pictured when Kaitlyn ran into him after the show. When the rest of the men were feeling threatened and angered at the possibility of Nick’s return, Justin said one more man won’t threaten his connection with Kaitlyn. With that, Kaitlyn presented Justin with the group date rose. Update: Week 6 – Justin was sure he’d be staying. However, he was sent home after not receiving a rose during week six’s rose ceremony.

Joshua scored major points with Kaitlyn when he presented her with an iron rose that he welded himself in the premiere episode at the Cocktail Party. He was on Team Kaitlyn from the start. The newly added Nick Viall to this season has pushed Joshua to his breaking-point in week five where he called-out Nick and was the only man to come forward to Kaitlyn about the upset Nick has caused the men. Update: Week 6 – Joshua didn’t get much time to make a rebound after his numerous rants to Kaitlyn about Nick and it proved to be a deal-breaker. He was eliminated during the rose ceremony.

Josh wasn’t given much of a chance, being eliminated in the premiere episode at the Rose Ceremony.

The Bachelorette, Ryan B., Ryan M., Kupah, Tony

Pictured (clockwise left): Ryan B, Ryan M., Kupah, Tony

Ryan B. never got a one-on-one date with Kaitlyn, let alone much alone time with her from what we could see. He was eliminated in week 5, after Nick Viall’s return, during the Rose Ceremony at the Citi Baseball Field in New York.

Ryan M. was escorted out of the house by security and Host Chris Harrison on the premiere night after he got drunk, and grabbed Kaitlyn’s booty, also took his clothes off and jumped into the pool. The men felt that he was there to party and not for Kaitlyn.

Kupah was thrown off of the show by Kaitlyn after he questioned whether they had a connection or not, then made things worse by talking loudly about her to the rest of the guys. He pleaded with her to stay, then argued with the producers before making his dramatic exit off of the show.

Tony was stuck on Britt in the first two weeks of the show. Things didn’t turn around for him until the middle of week two’s episode when he realized that his connection with Kaitlyn was stronger than with Britt. Only problem, Kaitlyn was unaware. Somehow, at the beginning of week three’s episode, Tony got the last rose at the Rose Ceremony. But, by the end of the same episode (going into week four) the Sumo Wrestling challenge proved to be too much for Tony. He decided to exit himself from the show, calling it a “circus” and a “zoo.”

The Bachelorette, Nick Viall

Pictured: Nick Viall

Nick Viall is back! He entered Kaitlyn’s world while she was on “The Bachelor” during Chris Soules season. They started communicating via Twitter. In week four’s episode, Nick was waiting in the wings after the group date challenge when the men had to recite hip-hop rhymes to battle each other. Kaitlyn contemplated on having Nick join this season of men, even though he had already been on Andi Dorfman’s “The Bachelorette” season. He raised many eyebrows and created more enemies when he revealed on “After the Final Rose” that he and Dorfman had been intimate. Kaitlyn made it official that Nick would be part of her group of suitors. The men were very upset by this – mostly Joshua and Shawn B.


The Bachelorette, Nick, Ben Z, JJ, Ben H, Chris

Pictured (clockwise l-r): Nick, Ben Z., JJ, Ben H., Chris “cupcake”

The Bachelorette, Shawn B., Jared, Joe, Tanner

Pictured (clockwise l-r): Shawn B., Jared, Joe, Tanner



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