Who’s Next to Go? THE BACHELOR Season 27 Week 6 Recap!

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Who’s Next to Go? THE BACHELOR Season 27 Week 6 Recap!

THE BACHELOR stars Zach Shallcross. / Photo: ABC/Nino Muñoz

London was a bust for “The Bachelor” Zach Shallcross and most of the women who were left after Zach spent that week in London in quarantine after getting sick with Covid-19.  It was a new week, and a new Country in Europe!  The group spent this week dating in Estonia.  Zach recovered (hopefully, a full recovery) and Greer was “feeling under the weather” as stated by host Jesse Palmer and she spent the week in quarantine.

After missing her one-on-one date with Zach due to the debacle, Charity’s name was solo on the first date card that arrived. The card read: “let’s make up for lost time.” – Zach.  Before even getting the chance to head out on the date with Zach, Kat quickly scooped Zach up privately as soon as he arrived to pick-up Charity for the date and proceeded to tell Zach how much she missed him and then made out with him.

The other women, along with Charity, found Kat’s move extremely disrespectful.  Brooklyn was the first to call her out on the villainous move.  Kat had no regrets about any of it.  In a post ‘Bachelor interview, Kat did say that she apologized to Charity in footage that was edited out of the episode.
Charity and Zach’s first adventure on their date was participating in a “wife carrying” contest.  It was an obstacle competition amongst couples.  The two had a lot of fun, and then dinner was next. Charity opened-up to Zach about being in an “emotionally abusive” relationship in the past, and the worst part was hiding it from her mother.  Zach gave Charity the date rose.


In the group date this week, Jess addressed the elephant in the room, being that she was the only girl in the group who still had not yet had a one-on-one date.  When she expressed her perspective on how important and crucial it was for her to have a one-on-one date with him, she proceeded to actually reject his assurance that aside from not having one-on-one date time with her, he was still confident with their relationship.  In doing so, Zach decided to send Jess home then immediately regretted it because he was crying over her on the side of the road.

All of the women were put on notice because they realized “how serious” Zach is taking this, and feared that they could very well be the next ones to go. Zach’s second one-on-one date was with Ariel and viewers got to see some real chemistry and sparks fly between the two on their sexy date that involved a nude sauna and then a hot tub.  Ariel also got the date rose.  Zach said he was the most surprised about Ariel in a very good way.  

Aly was the only woman to not receive a rose during the Rose Ceremony.  



Pictured: ZACH SHALLCROSS, CHARITY / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Charity received the one-on-one date card for a second time. Her first date was cancelled due to Zach getting Covid.  Her date card read: “Let’s make up for lost time” – Zach.”  The two participated in an obstacle contest for couples that was a “wife carrying” competition.  Zach carried Charity over his back while holding her legs in front of him. Host Jesse Palmer watched on!  During the dinner portion of their date, Charity got emotional when telling Zach about her emotionally abusive past relationship. Zach said he was glad that she came out of that and was now the person that she is because he likes it.  Then, he gave her the date rose.


Pictured: KAITY, ZACH SHALLCROSS / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Jess was the only girl on the group date who hadn’t gotten a one-on-one date with Zach yet.  Jess was “feeling behind” and wanted Zach to want her.  Their first task on the date was to go through a witch ritual where the women had to hold a candle in front of Zach while maintaining eye contact and hope that the flame didn’t burn out.  Well, Jess’ flame blew out!

At the after party, Zach made a toast to the women.  Then he asked to talk to Kaity first.  He said Kaity makes him feel special and he’s constantly drawn to her.  Kaity told Zach that he’s an amazing guy and asked where he’s been all her life.  She’s really falling for Zach.
Zach told Gabi that he has butterflies with her.  Gabi told Zach that she was so happy and “giddy” after their date last week.  He kissed her after that, and Gabi was glad to get the validation from Zach.  

Next, Zach asked to talk to Jess, who had been feeling anxious.  She told him that she had been waiting for a one-on-one date with him.  Zach told her that they will have time to get to know each other.  She said she’s “a slow burn.” Jess added that “the clock is ticking” and it’s hard for her “being the last one.”

Zach told her that he has confidence in her.  She stressed that the best time to get vulnerable with him and open-up is during a one-on-one date.  Zach let her know that there’s no process and he didn’t get why Jess was so focused on one-on-one date.  Then, Zach reacted that he was no longer feeling that confident.  

Zach decided to let Jess go and she said she’s not going to fight for him because she wants someone that will fight for her.  Zach walked her out.  In his confessional, Zach told her that this was the last thing he expected from Jess and he couldn’t wrap his head around that,that actually happened.  As Jess rode away, Zach started to break-down crying.  Zach returned to the group of ladies. He explained what happened with Jess that there was “a huge disconnect.”  Then, he announced that no date rose would be given out that night.

The women were shocked and got emotional.  They were suspect that that could be any of them, and realized that Zach is taking this “really seriously.”  

THE BACHELOR stars Zach Shallcross. / Photo: ABC/Nino Muñoz


Zach took Ariel to a nude sauna.  They actually didn’t know it was a nude sauna.  The saunas are part of Estonian culture.  The sauna lady told them that it was a nude sauna.  The tradition of encountering an older couple with The Bachelor on a date actually happened this season to Zach and Ariel.  However, it was a nude couple who joined them while they were in the sauna!  Then the older couple also joined Zach and Ariel in the hot tub afterwards, still spreading their words of wisdom. 

Zach told Ariel that he cares for who she is and what she brings to the table and not previous hurt.  He’s excited for what he sees in her.  In his confessional, the date far “exceeded” his expectations.  He told her that the maturity that he carries herself with is .  He told her that she has been the “most surprising” woman yet.  In her confessional. Ariel said she showed him her insecurities.  She also said she’s tired of being alone.  Ariel added that she thinks Zach could be her “forever person.”  


Zach said he was so hopeful of all the women.  He and Gabi shared some mini Estonian pancakes.  Zach said he loves that he can be himself and fool around with Gabi.  Zach said at this point, he has a connection with all of the women there.  And every day his relationships are getting stronger.  Kat said she wanted to make-up time that she “lost” with Zach yesterday.  Then, Charity called Kat to talk alone.  She wanted to talk about how rude Kat was when she grabbed Zach before Charity’s date.

Then Brooklyn interrupted them.  She asked Kat if she would have done the same thing to Jess.  Then Kat stormed off.  Kat was upset and crying and said it wasn’t fair that she was feeling that way right before talking to Zach.

During Zach’s alone time with Kat, he asked her if there was a little bit of a disconnect with her at the “witch” portion of the group date.  She said she wasn’t feeling that way.  


Zach told them that at this rose ceremony he was following his heart. “This is a lot and I want to thank each and every one of you.” Brooklyn said “someone will be blind-sided tonight” in her confessional.

Pictured: BROOKLYN, ZACH SHALLCROSS / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

The first rose went to: Gabi, followed by Kaity, Brooklyn, and Kat.

Women who already had roses:  Ariel, Charity.  NOTE: Greer was still there by default, and she phoned Zach at the end of the episode.

That meant Aly went home.  Kat said it feels really good that Zach wants to take that journey with her.



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