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Will Blake Win Again? THE VOICE Top 4 Season 13 Finale Night One Recap

Posted on December 19 2017 by Editor

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Will Blake Win Again? THE VOICE Top 4 Season 13 Finale Night One Recap

Night one of “The Voice” season 13 finale featured the Top 4 artists – Red Marlow and Chloe Kohanski (Team Blake), Brooke Simpson (Team Miley), Addison Agen (Team Adam) singing three times throughout the two-hour show.

Those performances were duets with their coaches, a new cover song, and an original song in which a preview to their videos followed. Before each artist performed, host Carson Daly recapped their journeys on “The Voice”. Three of which, started-out on Team Miley.

Team Adam’s Addison Agen opened night one of “The Voice” season 13 finale show. Although, the show is set-up to take-in votes on a week-by-week basis, one thing isn’t clear, if the votes are cumulative throughout the live shows? Adam’s comment to his only contestant in the Top 4, Addison Agen after her last performance of the night, left us pondering the question and wondering if he knew something that the rest of us don’t.


Addison had a break-out moment with the number two song on the Pop iTunes and came in at number 14 overall with last week’s Joni Mitchell song. Adam noted on her finale performance, it needs to be “super-simple and super classy.” She sang Tim McGraw song “Humble and Kind.” After her performance, Addison got emotional.

Jennifer stated, that’s what moments like this is about. “If you dont feel it, then how do you expect us to feel it?” Jennifer added, “never allow someone’s ugly to mess-up your beautiful,” Jennifer went on to tell Addison that she is humble, beautiful, kind, and she showed it in her song. Coach Adam said Addison’s connection to life is more important than her connection to music. “That should always be the case.” He added that it makes her more human. “You amaze me…you make me proud and blow me away,” stated Adam.


Chloe sang the first original song of the night. Her original song was called “Wish I Didn’t Love You.” Blake called it a “haunting melody.” He made sure to thank Miley for Chloe (when he stole her in the Knockout Round)! After her performance, coach Blake stood up and told America to think of every super-star in music and remember that those people are never like anyone else. They don’t look like anyone else, and they don’t sound like anyone else. Then, think about Chloe’s performance. How her voice cracks, and pops, and falls apart and sings so perfectly. He stated, “this girl is a star!”

Blake Shelton and Red Marlow performed Brad Paisley’s “I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin’ Song)”


Brooke’s original song was customized and written for her with the help of two other female artists whom Miley worked with. Miley called the song classic, but mainstream. Brooke agreed that it’s classic, but current. Miley said Brooke has a star quality and balances between being uniquely special but also being relateabe at the same time. Which is what Lady Gaga and Madonna both do. Miley said Brooke sings her best when she has that passion and conviction. Miley called Brooke a “necessary artist right now.”

Adam commented that he’s sad that she’s not on his team. “I’m so happy that this moment, which is the best moment…this song is perfect for representing who you are and the kind of artist you want to be.” Miley stated to Brooke “this moment right here is what I was talking about.” It’s a necessary moment, she stated. The lyrics stated “I don’t need you”. Miley exclaimed about Brooke, “this girl is the voice and she is a super-star!”

Adam Levine & Addison Agen performed “Falling Slowly” by Glen Hansard and Markata Irglova.

Brooke Simpson & Miley Cyrus performed Miley’s song “Wrecking Ball” while she proceeded to out-perform Brooke and out-shine her as well. They received a standing ovation from the other coaches.


Red told Blake that when his friend’s father died, he co-wrote the original song “I Pray” and got to perform it the next day. After his performance on “The Voice” of the song, Jennifer Hudson commended Red for singing a song called “I Pray” and said he’s “it”. He represents Country and represents it well. Coach Blake said it’s his simple relateability for what he does on that stage. “Listen to that story to what he put into words on paper and performed it here.” Blake finished “he’s a star!’

Chloe & Blake duet was “You Got it” by Roy Orbison
Blake said they found the perfect song for them both to shine.


The Voice 13 finale night 1, Red Marlow

Pictured: Red Marlow — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Red returned to the stage to perform a Garth Brooks song. Daly recapped that Red got two chairs to turn during the Blind Auditions. Red said he was happy to see Blake turn because all he wants to sing is Country music. Blake said Red fulfills a void in Country music which is why he’s in the finale. He’s number 14 on the iTunes charts. Red sang “To Make You Feel My Love” by Garth Brooks. “This song pulls out a tone in me that’s different,” stated Red. And, Blake said it’s what he has to do to bounce back out of the bottom three from last week.

After Red’s performance, coach Blake said how Red has the ability to set up there on that stool with just his guitar and his voice. Blake continued to say to Red, “you blow me away.” It’s evident that Red has spent his entire life preparing for this moment.


Carson reminded Brooke of her four-chair-turn during her Blind Auditions. Miley said she’s always had a feeling about Brooke and wants Brooke to be her first win on “The Voice.” Brooke sang “O Holy Night” which is a song she’s loved as a little girl. Miley said this song is about her voice and said it’s the “ultimate win”. Miley predictd to Brooke, “it’s going to change your life in a big way.”

Brooke belted-out the Holiday treasure with a choir backing her wonderfully. Jennifer was moved by Brooke’s song and called it her favorite Christmas song. “It’s a church anthem.” Coach Miley who gave a standing ovation stressed everyone to vote for Brooke, “I put on my finest robe!” She said Brooke outshined and it’s not only about how beautiful Brooke is, it’s also about how beautiful her voice is.


The Voice 13 finale night 1, Addison Agen

Pictured: Addison Agen — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Adam mentioned to Addison that he just got off of a text with his season nine winner Jordan Smith. Addison performed “Tennesse Rain.” Adam said she’s going to stand-out so much in a genuine, pure way. “It’s such a good strong woman singing it. It’s like singing the blues, and that’s really badass.” He said Addison and Jordan Smith are products to how you are as a person and he’s a “huge fan” of hers.

Jennifer said Addison “you ARE music”. At 16, to know when to quiet the notes, to be passionate about the song. She said “you can’t just learn that. You were born with it.” She added that Addison is “truly a star.” Coach Adam stated that this song and all the songs, have all represented and reflects who Addison is. They did the songs that best represent her and best set her up for the future. He said every 16 year old at home that wants to do this, “I cant imagine a better example or more aspirational human being than Addison.” He said beyond the competition he’s proud of her. “What happens tomorrow doesn’t reflect what you deserve” and what beautiful things are coming to her in the future.

Was Adam already claiming defeat? It sure sounded like that in those final words of his speech.


The Voice 13 finale night 1, Chloe Kohanski

Pictured: Chloe Kohanski — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Chloe said she was so close to giving-up when she tried-out for “The Voice”. Though Chloe initially chose coach Miley, she said she would wish nothing to be different. Chloe said let’s re-write the stories of this song. Blake said she has a rare rock-n-roll voice. Chloe chose “Bette Davis Eyes” for her finale song. Blake called Chloe the total packge who has a vision for the type of artist she is. “She’s someone whom we’ll be hearing on the radio, and winning Grammys” stated Blake.

Blake said “ladies and gentlemen, we have a super star standing on the stage right here”. He called on America to put this powerful rocker, human being in the winner’s circle tomorrow night during the finale.


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