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X FACTOR: First Day On the Set Exclusive!

Posted on May 08 2011 by Set News

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X FACTOR: First Day On the Set Exclusive!

Exclusive video of hosts!

We visited the set today of “The X Factor” during its first day of filming. Watch our exclusive sneak-peek to the show’s opening introduction by hosts Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones! Check-back for more X Factor coverage!

The judges arrive to X Factor, Simon Cowell interview below:

Upon entering into the Galen Center in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon. Creator and Executive Producer Simon Cowell stopped to talk to press about the USA version of “The X Factor” on it’s first day of filming.

In response to having newly announced judge Paula Abdul on the show, Cowell stated that she waited to officially sign-on that Friday and that he’s happy she did. “Not having her on the show, I would have been disappointed.” He stated that while doing a countless number of interviews he got a “feel of what people wanted”. An overwhelming number of people wanted her on the show, he said.

In response to new judge from Britain, Cheryl Cole, Simon described her as, “cute, and she’s feisty and shes honest and shes just got charisma and she knows what shes’ talking about.”

Cowell believes that ‘The X Factor” is a good process to find an artist and to make an artist better. It’s just up to the “right” people turning-up to audition, he state.

In talking about the music business and what he is looking for in the next winner of “The X Factor”, Cowell stated, “artists who are successful in the real world hate each other. It’s a cut-throat business. And I want someone who has that mentality don’t want this ‘we are all just here to be friends'”. Cowell also stated that he’d like to find someone who’ll “crush the competition.”

“I remember someone saying a few years ago on one of my shows ‘It’s been an incredible journey’, It DRIVES me mad. Cowell says that the artists are given complete permission to be themselves.

Cowell compares the fun that he has with co-judge from “American Idol” and now on “The X-Factor”, Paula Abdul to a wind-up toy. When he’s bored, “just throw it on the floor and play with it for a minute. And then I’m happy”.


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