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YOU DESERVE IT: Contestants Play for Others! Sneak-Peek!

Posted on November 21 2011 by Editor

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YOU DESERVE IT: Contestants Play for Others! Sneak-Peek!

When HOLLYWOOD JUNKET last reported on the new ABC game show, “You Deserve It“, it was still in pitch phase with many kinks to work-out and had not gotten picked-up yet. The game show will premiere tonight on ABC after “Dancing with the Stars”.

Hosted by “The Bachelor” host Chris Harrison, “You Deserve It” is a show Harrison says he feels good about being part of and giving contestants the opprotunity to win money for the good of someone else to change their lives. This other person does not know that they have a friend or family member playing for them. The real contestants never even appear on the actual game show stage! They are the people being played for.

We sat-in on a few of the filming days and were happy to report that the show has had some minor tweaks for the better. Gone are the capsules which were once used to reveal the money that a contestant had chosen. The money ladder is much the same. Here’s an example of one round: 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 10,000; 12,500; 17,500; 30,000; 40,000; 50,000. There are main rounds (or levels) where sub rounds are being played-for. So, in order to win the first level of $10,000, a contestant must guess a series of clues that lead to the correct answer.

The show is co-hosted by Brooke Burns whom the studio audience never sees. She is the field host and is at the side of the contestant that is being played for by the studio one. Burns’ portion is shot separately. Harrison pretends to speak to her via a green screen where her footage will later be added for television.

Spoiler Alert!
Clues are given to contestants who must piece together what the answer of a person, place, or thing is. The person can be a real-life person or a fictional character. Examples of some of the clues to a “person” who was – Kermit the Frog were – Swine-fever, “The” is middle name, Green. The contestant had difficulty figuring it out. Another answer was Alcatraz. The clues were: Seagulls, Time-share, off-shore.

If a contestant guesses a wrong answer, he or she loses a money level which ultimately sets them back from winning the ultimate prize of $250,000

Watch “You Deserve It” tonight on ABC at 9pm.


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