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Previous Breakup Led to Exit on THE BACHELOR Season 25 Week 8 Recap

Posted on 22 February 2021

All good “yes” but she couldn’t figure out what’s missing. Mom told her that her last relationship “really messed with your head…and…MORE

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Mass Exodus on THE BACHELOR Season 25 Week 7 Recap

Posted on 15 February 2021

Jessenia told Matt that she’s grateful for him being honest. Then in her confessional, Jessenia said she was blind-sided and it …MORE

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Heather’s Bridal Gown Entrance on THE BACHELOR Season 25 Week 6 Recap

Posted on 08 February 2021

Heather pulled up at the front gate. She explained that Hannah told her that Matt is “the perfect match” for her. She said…MORE

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Taking out the Queen on THE BACHELOR Season 25 Week 5 Recap

Posted on 01 February 2021

Katie was aware that “the house was getting toxic” and added “if you are going to be a mean girl, I am going to call you out.”…MORE

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Jared Leto’s Big Secret in The Little Things Interview/Movie Review

Posted on 24 January 2021

Leto stated that “because I look into his mind, I’m the only one that has that answer.” Adding…MORE

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There was Hell to Pay on THE BACHELOR Season 25 Week 3 Recap

Posted on 18 January 2021

Kit told Sarah that she hopes her relationship with Matt is really strong because her living situation there “is going to be hell.”

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