The Tides are Turning on DEAL OR NO DEAL ISLAND Episode 7 Recap

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The Tides are Turning on DEAL OR NO DEAL ISLAND Episode 7 Recap

Pictured (l-r): Stephanie Mitchell. Amy McCoy-- Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

“I’ll make a Master Class after this season.” – Boston Rob

The Banker treated the remaining players with a fireworks show to commemorate the halfway point of the game. 

The night owl gang, who are Amy, Dawson, Nick and Stephanie, were wrecking their brains on how to get Rob out, on the theory that Alyssa and Aron will be left to “scramble like ants.”  While Rob and Alyssa strategize to get Stephanie out.

Stephanie was still set on playing her own game in getting Alyssa off the island.  Jordan confided in Stephanie by telling her why winning the game is so important to her.

Alyssa, like every week, wanted to be either in the bottom two or win immunity in order to avoid getting eliminated.  During their strategizing session, Alyssa told Rob that Aron might have changed sides and has plans to come after him.

Rob was wise to Alyssa’s snake-like behavior and got to the bottom of it IN FRONT OF HER by asking Aron if that was true.  Aron confirmed that it was not!

Stephanie made the mistake of revealing her cards to Rob.  He told her that if anything, everyone should consider Dawson and Jordan “the most dangerous” players because they fly under the radar.  “The people who are able to separate their emotions from their strategy, will often get the better results,” Rob said in an interview, clearly pointing-out Stephanie.

Overall, Rob was just happy about the fact that the players were after each other (namingly  Stephanie vs. Alyssa) which took the focus off of him.


This week, the contestants were randomly paired into teams of two again. They had to paddle board out into the water to unmarked floating chests and bring one of them back to shore where they opened them.  

Each chest held two cases of varying amounts.  The contestants had to decide if they wanted to keep the cases, or discard them and obtain new ones to aim for higher totals.  The catch was that once their original chests had been discarded, there was no getting them back or switching them out. 

Pictured: (l-r) Aron Barbell, Dawson Addis — Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

The highest available chest contained a combined total of $4 million.  If they got a chest with a key, they could open a Golden Safe holding $5 million which also came with “great risks.” Or, they could  forgo that safe and keep the cases in the chest.

The team with the highest case value would be safe from elimination.   Alyssa and Jordan first pulled a chest holding cases valued at $3.5 million and decided it wouldn’t be enough to get them in the top.  WHAT??

Stephanie and Amy pulled the chest with the key to the Golden Safe and cases holding $2.4 million.  The great risk was that the key would put them in the bottom two.

Pictured (l-r): Stephanie Mitchell. Amy McCoy– Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

After much deliberation, Amy and Stephanie decided to open the safe to get the $5 million and put themselves in jeopardy against The Banker.  

It turned out that Alyssa and Jordan threw away their possible Immunity when they went back for a second chest that ended up being $2.5 million, because it was lower than Rob and Nick’s chest which held $3 million!

Nick and Rob had immunity and got to choose between Amy and Stephanie to play against The Banker.  Stephanie thought this was a complete win for her because she was aching to go against The Banker in order to attempt to get Alyssa out, and now Rob was no longer an option.

Rob wanted to put Stephanie against The Banker because if she lost, she’d be gone.  However, it was also a risk because if she won, one of his allies would get eliminated.

Pictured: (l-r) Amy McCoy, Stephanie Mitchell, Rob Mariano, Nicholas Grasso — Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC


Before playing her game, Stephanie told host Joe Manganiello that if she win at the end, her goal is to build access to a maternity care center in her community in Alabama.  Stephanie’s game started out much like Amy’s did last week with her opening up a majority of the higher cases.

Exactly halfway through the game, The Banker made the offer of $251,000.  Host Joe called out Alyssa to get her thoughts.  Her reply was that she wasn’t paying attention to Stephanie’s game.  Joe asked if she felt that she was “on the chopping block.”  Alyssa confirmed that Stephanie indeed was out to get her.

After much uncomfortable back-and-forth digs at each other between Stephanie and Alyssa, Stephanie decided to take the Banker’s offer of the $251,000.  It ended-up being a Good Deal after she revealed her case was holding only .01 cent!

Of course, there was no need to confirm with Stephanie that it was Alyssa whom she would be eliminating out of the game.  As Alyssa said her ‘goodbyes’ to her strongest ally in the game, Aron, he said he would “avenge” her elimination. 

This leaves Stephanie with a greater target on her back from Rob and Aron.  If she continues to play her own game, the Night Owls will soon turn against her as well.  With all the Stephanie drama,  Rob continues to skate by!  

The episode ended with Aron having an emotional meltdown, leaving the Temple mumbling he didn’t want to be on the show anymore.

To be continued!

“Deal or No Deal Island” airs on Mondays at 10 pm PT on NBC.



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  1. Carol L says:

    I’m so glad Stephanie got rid of Alyssa. She really was a snake. I can’t believe Aron didn’t figure that out when Rob asked him if he was coming after him. He really thought she was his best friend on the show, yet she threw him under the bus. If she would do that to him, then she really can not be trusted.

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