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Posted on March 04 2011 by Editor

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A brand new kind of food competition show is about to be introduced. It’s called “America’s Next Great Restaurant”, and it premieres this Sunday, March 6th 8/7 c on NBC.

“Food made all my dreams come true. I want to give that opprotunity to someone else” stated celebrity chef Curtis Stone who is one of four members of the professional panel that critique, judge and mentor the contestants who pitch their ideas of a new “fast-casual” way of dining in hopes to win their own restaurant franchise.

Panel on ANGR

On the panel with Stone are Chipotle owner Steve Elles, restaurateur and TV personality Bobby Flay, and executive chef and restaurateur Lorena Garcia.

In the premiere episode titled “It Starts with a Dream”, viewers will see excerpts from a variety of food chain ideas. One especially interesting included a pitch for a male version of “Hooters” called “Peckers”!

The top twenty-one food concepts are brought to Los Angeles where the judges narrow them down to the final ten. Judges are seen having a difficult time deciding on the final spot. The final two contestants are tested in the kitchen to create their specialty food in order for the panel to decide who will covet the last spot.

Some examples of food pitches judges were presented with included: “Saucey Balls” (meatballs), “Meltworks” (grown-up grilled cheese sandwhichs), and “Soupz” (blended food concoction).

One of the challenges contestants on an upcoming episode will have them operating out of their own food trucks. The cast of contestants are each eccentric in their own creative way, which should make for an interesting show to see how they accomplish each challenge.

The winner of “America’s Next Great Restaurant” will win three restaurants set to open May 1st, 2011 in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and New York City, said to be the most coveted locations!

The show is currently running a special promotion with Chipotle. Visit the following link, and receive a “buy one, get one free” coupon just for watching a trailer of the show:

You must hurry because the offer ends when the show premieres on Sunday, March 6, 8/7 c on NBC.


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