At War To Win THE X FACTOR USA Season 2

Final Three, THE VOICE Loses It’s Wings
December 12, 2012
Celeb Sports Fans Enter THE GUEST ROOM! Adam Sandler, Allen Covert
December 15, 2012
Final Three, THE VOICE Loses It’s Wings
December 12, 2012
Celeb Sports Fans Enter THE GUEST ROOM! Adam Sandler, Allen Covert
December 15, 2012
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At War To Win THE X FACTOR USA Season 2

After tonight’s performances by the acts left in this semi-finals round of the competition, America will decide who will go-on to the grand finale in next week’s episode and will be crowned as the winner of “The X Factor USA” season three with a $5 million recording contract!

Only three acts will move-on. LA Reid said, “Each contestant is in a war to win.” Demi said that now that she has no acts left in the competition, she “won’t be holding back” now, nor “playing games”.

Contestants didn’t have to worry about performing a “sing-off” if they were in the bottom, nor did they have to receive the “judges decision” in this episode.

Who’s left?:

Emblem3 and Fifth Harmony from “Groups” mentored by Simon Cowell; Carly Rose Sonenclar from “Teens” mentored by Britney Spears; Tate Stevens from “over 25” mentored by LA Reid. The four acts each performed two songs. One song that was their own choice, and the second song that was both their mentor and their choice. A song that they think will get them into the finals. The first performance of the night was by Tate Stevens.


Semi-Finals Performances:

TATE STEVENS – Over 25s (mentor – LA Reid)
Choice song was “Fiery Bonfire” by Craig Morgan.
Second song – “Fall” chosen by LA Reid

“This is my song choice, I have no one to blame but me if it doesn’t go well,” said Tate about his song choice. After his performance, the mentors reacted:

Britney – “This point in the competition it has to be your best and I don’t think it was your best.” To Khloe, she said, “I’ve seen him perform better.” (Second song) “We’ve seen you hit a lot. I think this was a direct hit.”

Demi – “I have to disagree. That was an amazing performance. Not only did it totally bring me home and make me feel that I was in Texas. It was a winning performance.” (Second song) -“Your wife must feel like the luckiest woman in the world. You are such a good guy. No matter what happens in the competition you deserve this.”

Simon – “You could have chosen something intriguing and mushy that would have gotten the votes. But you didn’t, you brought the song that you would record. You said – this is the record I want to make. You look like a man right now who believes he can win this competition.” (Second song) “That was a great song. There’s about as much of a chance of you going back to your old job as I have as flying to the moon You’ve made your mark in this competition.”

LA – “I’m glad I learned to listen because you picked the song and you set the stage on fire. – LA
He wore a hat in honor of hat. When asked about it by hosts, he said he’ll wear whatever he has to – baseball hat…whatever.” (Second Song) “I don’t think you’ve missed. You did great.”

CARLY ROSE SONENCLAR – Teens (mentor – Britney Spears)
Choice song – “Your Song” by Elton John
Second song chosen by Britney “Imagine” by John Lennon

Carly said that her dad’s favorite musician was Elton John and he played “Your Song” a lot. By singing, Carly said “I think you make other people connect with you” – Carly

LA – “For this point in the competition you picked a very risky song. It’s a great song but very difficult to perform. You did things with that song that I’ve never seen done before. I can feel that you want to win this.” (Second song) – “Took it up a notch by playing the piano. You always know how to go in and find that note.”

Demi – “It sucks that I don’t have any contestants left in the competition. But with that said, you can trust that I will be one hundred percent truthful. Its no games, no favorites. I have to be honest with you. It’s still very predictable. You walked out onto the stage and I was like, she’s going to sing another slow song. I think that this is one of my favorite songs that you’ve ever performed. But I don’t care that it was predictable.” (Second Song) – “The only predictable thing about that performance is that it was going got be amazing.”

Simon – to Demi – So you did like it? Demi said about Simon – “he’s really old” Simon responded with, “I’m gong to ignore my little brat,” then went on to critique Carly’s song. “I thought that was a beautiful version of that song. I don’t think it was your best performance. I think your lucky you have a second song.” (Second Song) – “What I would have done is I would have kept you at that piano. There was too much going on. When you hit those big notes it was great. I’m not sure that song needs those big notes. I think it was over complicated. Sorry.”

Britney – “I feel like you’ve blossomed into a huge superstar and I’m proud to be your mentor. (Second song) It’s time for you to look beyond this stage and compete with the biggest stars out there.”

EMBLEM3 – Groups (mentor – Simon)
Choice song “Baby I Love Your Way” by Peter Frampton
Second song “Hey Jude” by The Beatles” Said it is their favorite song of all time.

They said that their Mom used to play the Peter Frampton in the car all the time. They also said that they didn’t like that Demi said last week that they didn’t command the stage and that she is someone that does that very well. Simon told them to go to all edges of the stage.

Before their performance, Demi said “they need to put their heart and soul into it or they could be going home.” Emblem3 dedicated part of their song into a rap to Demi. Demi commented, “If you’re going to take on a Beatles song, you better know it”.

LA – “I’ve been concerned about you having your big $5 million moment and see that it just happened right now. I finally saw you as recording artists!” (Second song) – “With the song choice I was prepared to rip you to shreds. But you are teen heart throbs like the Beatles.”

Britney – “I feel you just grew up . You’re so much more than a boy band (Second song) – that was an ‘A’ level performance. You guys should take a bow.”

Demi – She said this “Beatles” performance was like when she saw them audition. “That is exactly what I was talking about. That’s what Emblem3 is. That’s what makes them different, that’s what I love about them.” (Second song) Regarding the “teen hear throb” comment that LA made, Demi said, “Don’t know if you can compare it to the Beatles. But, I think that you’re getting there by the reaction of this audience.”

Simon – “This reminded me of your very first audition where it was kind of raw. You chose a fantastic song. If this doesn’t get you into the finals. I don’t know what will.” (Second song) “Guys, I just feel so proud of what you’ve achieved tonight. you came into this competition with steel in our eyes and nailed it on both songs.

“We are going to do something great in this world. We need your help,” Emblem3 said to the viewing audience.

FIFTH HARMONY – Groups (mentor – Simon)
“Anything Could Happen” by – Ellie Goulding

Simon said in their introduction, “I’m praying to God that this is NOT the last time we hear them. These girls have come a long way.”

Second song chosen by Simon – “Impossible” Simon said, “It’s really fitting that we go back to where we started.” They sang the song at the judges house round and said it was magical because it was the first time that they performed as a group. Camile said that singing part of the song in Spanish might get them into the semi finals.

Simon introduced his group – “It’s my second group because Demi hasn’t got any!” Demi said “toche, toche.”

LA – “That per was the very best vocal per you’ve ever done. I thought that was a really inventive (Second Song) – “I think the song choice is lazy because you’ve done it before.”

Britney – “I loved everything. I loved your outfits I love that you’re inspiring girl power.” (Second song) – “I felt like it was pretty good but at this point in the competition, it was stiff. I’d be surprised if you were here next week.”

Demi – “You pulled out the little sparkle that I think you need sometimes and working the stage. You did great.” (Second song) – “The problem with being the underdog is that there’s little support from the judges. I think you did great. But is America gong to vote or not?”

Simon – “You came into this competition because you were underdogs. It would take a miracle to push you through to the finales. But, after that performance anything can happen.” (Second song) – “I think you did great and a reminder of why I fell in love with you in the first place. You’ve been one of the strongest acts tonight. If we judged based on tonight, I hope and pray America puts you in the finals because I relay think you deserve a place there.”

Bruno Mars will be performing next week. And Bridgit Mendler from “Good Luck Charlie”.


Audition for season 3 of The X Factor USA:

Auditions for next season – Age requirements: Ages 12 or over. If you are in a group, solo singer then they want to hear what you can do. Audition at: Los Angeles, Ca; Charleston, SC; New Orleans, LA; Long Island, NY; Denver, CO.

Starting Thursday, December 13, hopefuls can audition online at Simon said, “It’s a great platform if you use it well.”



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