Back from Elimination on THE BACHELORETTE Season 20 Overnight Fantasy Suite Dates Recap

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Back from Elimination on THE BACHELORETTE Season 20 Overnight Fantasy Suite Dates Recap

Pictured (l-r): DOTUN, ARRON B. JOEY, XAVIER / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Last week, “The Bachelorette” Charity Lawson had to narrow the final four men down to the final three after visiting each one of their hometowns.  The final four suitors were: Aaron B., Joey, Xavier, and Dotun.  Each man professed their love for Charity. But, ultimately it was Aaron B. who was sent home during the Rose Ceremony.  It was a heart-breaking farewell that even after she admitted to needing more time with Aaron to “get there,”  left Charity doubting if she made the right decision. 

This week, Charity had more big decisions with the Fantasy Suite overnight dates.  She hoped that the overnight dates would give her the clarity that she needed.  By the end of the overnight dates, it seemed to be Dotun and Joey who she had the strongest feelings for.  Xavier was sent home before his Fantasy Suite when he expressed a lot of hesitation with monogamy simply because he’s never done it before.  However, he was still set on marrying Charity (so he said).  

Thankfully, because Xavier wanted to be “100 percent honest,” he spelled it out to Charity the fact that he cheated before since she wasn’t able to read between the lines two weeks ago when they last discussed the topic. 

The Fantasy Suite dates occurred in the beautiful backdrop of Fiji.  Joey was able to bounce back from his Uncle’s words of concern to Charity last week when he warned that Joey might not be showing his authentic self to her.

Dotun said he’s “very prepared” to get down on one knee at the end.  Joey was worried because his hometown date “didn’t go great” and thinks Fiji is a great place to tell Charity that he’s in love with her.  

During both of the men’s overnight dates, Dotun and Joey told Charity that they are IN love with her, and she said it back!  An obvious problem, she’s in love with two men!  Another problem…Aaron B. returned to possibly get another shot at her.  Then, Charity was saying she was also falling in love with him.  Oh, goodness, what will happen in the Final Rose episode?  The sneak peek alluded to her letting go of the man that she actually might want back. 



Xavier said it would be hard for him because he’s never had to be with just one woman.  

The natives set Charity and Xavier up for a traditional wedding with ceremony procedures that included dancing and them carrying Charity in on a throne.  The two shared their own wedding vows.  Xavier told her she’s a delicate flower that he doesn’t want to crush when he picks up and wants to water her to watch her grow.  In her confessional, Charity reacted that the line was up for interpretation and she was curious if Xavier was one hundred percent ready to be engaged.  

Pictured: CHARITY LAWSON, XAVIER / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Aaron B. re-enters the picture: Then, Aaron B. was shown packing and going to the airport.  He was on his way to Fiji because “Charity is definitely worth fighting for” and hoped that she would accept him back.

Back to Xavier and Charity:  During dinner, Xavier didn’t really seem into it.  In his confessional, he revealed that his heart was fully committed, but his head is “telling it to stop.”  He said to get on one knee, there has to be no doubt or fear.  He told her that the possibility of being with her forever is “scary,”  but also “very calming.”  Xavier said he over-analyzes.  He told her that his heart is one hundred percent with her but the box can’t be checked. 

She told Xavier that they need to focus on the foundation that they’re going to build, and they’ll make it happen no matter what. Xavier told Charity that in the past with his ex, he was unfaithful.  He said it’s not the man that he is.  Charity was upset at this news and started crying.  She excused herself to take some time to process this new information.

Charity reconvened and told him that’s a sensitive spot because she lived with that for six years.  She asked if it was multiple times and how long ago.  He answered that it happened two years into their relationship and it happened multiple times in a five day period.  Xavier said he grew from it by being more introspective. Xavier told her that it isn’t a possibility of it happening again if they get together. Then, Xavier said it would be hard for him because he’s never had to be with just one woman.  

Charity was shocked, and they cleared it up that if they were to get together, he would not cheat.  Holding the Fantasy Suite card, she was weary if he could be someone that would remain loyal to her.  Xavier told her that in his heart there is no doubt.  But, in his mind, there is doubt.  He said to get to that point, it has to happen tonight.  “I have to see more,” said Xavier.  In her confessional, she said what else does he need to see?  

Charity told him that the amount of doubt that he has for himself, she doesn’t have that doubt for him, and she doesn’t want to force him prematurely.  Xavier told her that he was sorry and didn’t expect it to end that way.  She walked him out, and she was angry, upset, and ultimately disappointed.  

The next morning, Charity woke up hoping that out of her last two choices Dotun and Joey, one would work out. 


Joey told Charity that he realizes that he IS in love with her. 

Charity rode up in an ATV to meet Joey where he was standing in a mud field.  When the ATV died, they had to quickly move on to a different plan.  They ended up walking to a waterfall where they sat down and talked.  This is when Joey addressed why his Uncle Joe told Charity that he wasn’t acting like himself during the hometown date from last week.  Joey answered that he was nervous and just got in his head. This answer was acceptable to Charity.

During dinner, Charity asked Joey if there was anything he was afraid of moving forward?  Joey said sometimes people think that he’s one way, then later, he’s a different way.  He said he gives off a great persona.  But, there’s moments that he doesn’t feel that way, and that’s when he pushes himself to keep that appearance.  It was starting to sound like Uncle Joe had a valid concern.

Pictured (l-r): CHARITY LAWSON, JOEY / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Charity said she also struggles a lot with “people pleasing.”  Joey told Charity that he realizes that he IS in love with her.  Charity responded that that makes her “so happy.”  Then, she said it’s not a matter of her falling in love with him either, she’s in love with him.  Charity said she hasn’t told anyone that she’s in love with them in a really long time.  Then, she shared the Fantasy Suite card which Joey accepted.

The next morning Charity said her love for Joey “feels eternal” during her confessional interview.  Before they said goodbye to each other, they gave their ‘I love you’s’ again.  


Dotun said he’d be heart-broken if Charity doesn’t choose him in the end. 

Dotun said he intended to grow his connection with Charity during this date.  The two jet skied to a private island at a sandbar, which was a small strip of island that was private, with no people except for Charity and Dotun.  Charity told Dotun that she had a “pure moment” with his mom and how much she loved his family.  

Then, Dotun came clean to Charity that he never watched “The Bachelorette” show.  When he found out how it ends, with an engagement, Dotun said he’s fine with that.  In Dotun’s confessional, he said he’s smitten and in love with Charity.  But, waiting for validation from Charity that she feels the same.  He said it feels like a fairy tale. 

Pictured: CHARITY LAWSON, DOTUN / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

During dinner, Dotun told Charity that “the scary part” is that he’s not scared, then told her that he’s in love with her.  Charity told Dotun that she’s one hundred percent in love with him.  They decided to share the Fantasy Suite together.  Dotun said he believes that love is the most powerful thing, and felt lucky to be there with Charity.  Dotun said he’d be heart-broken if Charity doesn’t choose him in the end. 

Meantime: Aaron B. finally made it to Fuji.  Of course, the hotel didn’t give him Charity’s room number, and of course, Charity just happened to be lounging at the pool where he surprised her.  

Charity was definitely shocked by the return of Aaron.  But, NOT mad about it.  He suggested that she take all the time she needed before they had a chat.  Charity said before saying goodbye to Aaron, their relationship was so good and powerful, she was truly falling in love.  She also said that every morning after he left, she felt a pit in her stomach wondering if she made the right choice in sending Aaron home.

Aaron responded that he’s glad that the time gave her some clarity.  Then, Charity stepped away to process everything.  She said she was losing her mind because she really didn’t want to send him home.  Charity said with Aaron, there’s a strong connection.  She’s in love with Joey and very much in love with Doutn.  She had quite the dilemma.

Pictured (l-r): DOTUN, ARRON B. JOEY, XAVIER / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

NEXT WEEK: It’s “The Men Tell All” episode.  Of course Brayden and Sean are back to cause more drama!  A clip is shown of Xavier confronting Charity who said he told her he loved her.  But, Charity said he didn’t. 

IN TWO WEEKS: The finale sneak peek shows Charity talking to her mother that she’s “just torn” and doesn’t know who to choose. 



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