THE BIGGEST LOSER: Season 11 New Twist & New Trainers

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THE BIGGEST LOSER: Season 11 New Twist & New Trainers

UNIVERSAL CITY, Ca– NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” launches season eleven on Tuesday, January 4 (8-10 p.m. ET).
The reality competition series will be introducing two new trainers and adding a new twist to the weight challenge game which will be introduced to the eleven teams consisting of duos at the end of their first challenge.

Bob & Jillian

Players will get to make a game-changing decision in the order in which they finished the first challenge. The twist? – Host Alison Sweeney will offer the eleven families and friends teams of two the choice to either work out with trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels at the ranch – or work out at a secret location with two unknown trainers, whose identities will remain a mystery.

If the contestants choose the new trainers, they will receive immunity for four weeks! If they choose to stay at the ranch and be trained by Bob and Jillian, they’re at risk of going home after just one week.

What NBC hasn’t stated yet, is whether or not the team mates will have to make a choice in unison, or if one can chose the ranch and the other team mates a mysterious location and trainer. Should make for an interesting new season!

The new contestants include Rulon Gardner, an Olympic gold medalist, Don and Dan Evans, identical twin policemen who started gaining weight when they joined the police force, Ken Andrews, a pastor who wants to spare his overweight son from obesity, and Sarah Nitta, a woman who has lost pregnancies because of her weight and wants to be a mother.

Each season it seems, the show tries to top itself by finding a contestant heavier than previous season contestants. This time, it will be Arthur Wornum, heaviest contestant weighing-in at 507 lbs.

Other contestants include: Courtney Crozier, a student whose family owns a Dairy Queen and who was already inspired by “The Biggest Loser” to lose 112 lbs. on her own, and Olivia Ward, an opera singer who wants to look as good as she sounds.

The prize remains the same, $250,000 to the winner. “The Biggest Loser” season 10 live finale airs Tuesday, December 14 on NBC, 9/8 c.




  1. sherma says:

    I am interested in trying out for the the biggest loser New trainer position.
    I have taught bootcamps co-ed and all female for over seven years. I am a group, personal,spin and boxing instructor … better known at the gym as “shermanator” a big fan of the hardwork, focus mind set and injury free workouts . How can i get a chance to audition for this position? or can you lead me to the correct site to do so.
    Thanks in advance

  2. Jonathan says:

    Keep looking… don’t hold your breath on this one! This show has been in production for months already. Most of the season, if not all, is already done. They have hired their secret trainers months ago and even before they started filming this series. Then they film the series, which, like I said, is usually mostly or completely filmed even before it reaches the air. I seriously doubt they have the positions still open. Also, they just don’t take anyone off the street. They use agencies and the candidates must go through a series of screenings to narrow it down to the ones they want. It’s a rigorous process. The only way to break into TV is to be signed up with a dozen or even more agencies and it also pays to have friends in these agencies and to frequently check in with them… ie go out to lunch with them, not just call them on the phone. They won’t come to you… you have to go to them and you have to make yourself known and make yourself a good reputation if you want to succeed. There may be other options to make yourself known such as trying to start other programs and try to get celebrities enrolled in them and/or do some kind of weekly radio shows. You can’t just go into TV overnight… doesn’t usually work that way. You need to take smaller steps and build up your reputation on the way. Good Luck!!!

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