THE BIGGEST LOSER: New Trainers Biggest Contestant Challenge!

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THE BIGGEST LOSER: New Trainers Biggest Contestant Challenge!

This Tuesday, January 4th will mark the beginning of another season of NBC’s weight-loss competition show, “The Biggest Loser” in it’s 11th season.

All 22 contestants who have been paired once again with either a family member or close friend will begin their body transformations by training at the famous ‘Biggest Loser ranch with professional trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, or for an added twist this season- a pair of new trainers whose identities remain in mystery.

A special sneak-preview video on the NBC website partially reveals these new trainers in shadows and silhouetted footage:

The only hints NBC has revealed thus far are that the male trainer is not only a professional trainer, but also a martial artist and that the female trainer is a boxing champ. Based on a tip given by a member of the ‘Biggest Loser crew, other websites are predicting the trainers to be Brett Hoebel, and Cara Castronova.

This season says to have the “biggest” contestant ever in Arthur. Bob states, in a video clip that viewers of the show will remember Michael from Season 9 who weighed 526 lbs. Arthur comes in at 507 lbs. Bob goes on to break-down the measurements – Michael was over six-feet tall. Arthur is 5’8″ and is self-proclaimed to be “as big of round as tall”. Bob says, “He IS the largest contestant we’ve had in Biggest Loser history”.

The added bonus to this season’s contestants choosing to train with the mystery trainers over Jillian and Bob – they will receive immunity for four weeks according to an NBC press release. I’m anticipating that with Michale’s exit from the show after this season, the two new trainers will serve as a good testing period for producers to see which one will fair better with fans and contestants and choose one to be her replacement.



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