Blake Shelton’s Great Big Send-Off AND THE VOICE Season 23 WINNER Revealed!

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May 26, 2023
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Blake Shelton’s Great Big Send-Off AND THE VOICE Season 23 WINNER Revealed!

Pictured: (l-r) Grace West, Gina Miles -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

The three-hour-long season 23 finale of “The Voice” started with one hour of recapping the performances from Monday night’s show.  These were the performances that garnered the final votes for the artists. Though not a coast-to-coast live show, the voting was open all throughout Monday night after the show.  Monday’s show had two special guest performances from Lewis Capaldi and Alex Newell.

The Top 5 artists – Noivas & Grace West (Team Blake), Sorelle (Team Chance), D. Smooth (Team Kelly), and Gina Miles (Team Niall) sang two times on Monday night for the voting audience.  One song was a ballad and the second song was an uptempo song.  Before their ballad performances, the artists read letters from the people who have been supporting them.  These came from family members. 

When Daly reminded everyone that it was Blake’s last week ever and asked Blake about this being his last finale. Blake responded “I’m trying to take this in.  It’s crazy.”  He then went into jokester mode claiming that “the other three coaches have ruined this experience for me. There were “no high-fives” or gifts from them!  Blake told viewers “think about that when you’re voting tonight!”  Kelly said “he’s such a liar.”  Carson Daly knew it was all in good fun, then tossed to the first artist of the night who was Grace West from Team Blake! 

Tuesday’s show was mostly dedicated to Blake’s time on “The Voice” by showing a ton of footage from earlier seasons.  There were two dedication portions of the show.  One was of  past coaches, and the other portion was past Team Blake members who came back to say goodbye to Blake. Almost all of the O.G. coaches who started with Blake in the first season of “The Voice” were there, except for one – Christina Aguliera.  

Pictured: Maroon 5 — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

SPOILER ALERT!! The finale episode wrapped-up the last ten minutes when the results were revealed.  But, before that, it seemed that the show gave everyone a subtle hint, that wasn’t so subtle that Blake did NOT win this season when production hung-up a jersey (denim jacket) that had all of Blake’s wins listed on it without considering if he might win again that night.  


GRACE WEST (Team Blake) – Uptempo

Pictured: Grace West — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Grace was five-years-old when “The Voice” started. This season, Grace was Blake’s last Country artist and she siad “it’s weird.”  Blake said Grace “honors the tradition of Country music” and he thought that “people are going to start seeing in her what I see in her,” he said.

Grace chose “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” by Reba for her Finals song.  Blake said, Grace at 19-years-old, he doesn’t know if he’s ever worked with a Country artist better than Grace.  Grace said “it’s wild” doing Reba for her finale song in front of Blake.  Blake predicts that Grace could be his last win for Team Blake.  Grace added to her homage to Reba by wearing all red for her performance. 

After Grace’s performance, Kelly reacted that she loved hearing her sing an uptempo like this and it was “very Reba.”  Kelly thought it was good advice for her to go “full voice.” She told her she “has a lot of power.”  Blake said it’s been such a short season and they haven’t gotten to see the artists do everything that they can do. He said she played with the pocket a little bit at the end.  “It was incredible!”

D. SMOOTH (Team Kelly)

D. Smooth performed an Ed Sheeran song and put “a little bit of stank” on it because he said he wanted to show how he added R&B to it.  Then D. Smooth went back to Ed Sheeran in the Semi-Finals with “Thinking Out Loud.”  In an interview, Smooth said this choice was “strategic” because Ed Sheeran’s music is so widely known and he knew he could put his own spin on it.

During rehearsals, Kelly said “we have a surprise in the finale.”  D.Smooth is going to show everyone who he truly is.  He sang the song “My, My, My” and everyone was transported back to the 90s.  Kelly said he sees being on “The Voice” as an opportunity to better his life and family.  

After D. Smooth’s performance, Chance reacted “crazy! That was insane” and it was his favorite song on the show so far.  Kelly said the coolest part of working with him is he’s already a star.  He talks to everyone in the band and he’s such a star inside and out.  

SORELLE (Team Chance) – Ballad

Pictured: Sorelle — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Sorelle sisters – Maddie, Bella, and Ana read touching letters that they wrote to each other before their performance.  After they performed the “Million Reasons” song by Lady Gaga, Niall reacted “that was beautiful and nice to see you strip back.” He said he could hear all the individual harmonies.  Chance said he was so proud and he loved hearing them all individually.  He said Bella being the youngest carried the song. 

NOIVAS (Team Blake) – Ballad

Pictured: Noivas — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Noivas read a letter he received from his wife.  His wife told him how proud she is of him and how his passion for music “never sizzled.” The letter read that his voice is the reflection of his heart.  Novia continued reading as he teared-up.   His motto – Dream big, Change the world, Inspire.  The letter included a drawing from his daughter.  Noivas said he’s going to win for his wife and kids. 

Noivas sang “Cold” by Country musician Chris Stapleton.  Kelly said what a great song selection that was.  His voice is suited for that – a little Country, a little Rock-n-Roll. She called it a smart choice for him to do that song.  Blake said people kind of think of him as Country anyway, partly because of how he dresses, but his personality, how he makes people feel.  Him doing a Chris Stapleton song is natural.  Blake told Noivas, “you killed it.” 

GINA MILES (Team Niall) – Uptempo

Gina said she never thought she’d make it past the Blinds let alone to the Finale.  Niall compared her voice to Ellie Goulding, Adam Levine, an “unmistakable” voice.  She said when Niall told her that she was “going to grow in this competition,” she went with Niall.   

Her Playoffs song was “Wicked Game.” Niall called it “the best performance.”  Gina said she’s gained confidence on stage but also in her real life. Niall said that’s what this show is about.   She did “Style” by Taylor Swift.  Gina said it will be a different side to her that she hasn’t gotten to show.  Niall said Gina needed “a big Pop moment” and it’s the best Pop song in the last 20 years.  

Opposite from Blake, it’s Niall’s first ever artist in his first ever final and his ever season!  “She’s a super-talent” Niall called her, and “she’s going to have an amazing future.”  After Gina’s performance,  Chance called it an amazing performance per usual and her doing uptempo Pop shows that she’s her own artist and can’t wait to see her original work after the show is done.  

Niall called her performance “ridiculous ” and she’s a “super star,” there’s nothing she can’t do.  He called it the perfect Pop song for her, and they got to show-off the other side to her. 

GRACE WEST (Team Blake) – Ballad

Grace read a touching letter about getting a guitar handed down to her from Grandpa.  She performed her second and last song of the night, a ballad song. Grace performed “She’s Got You” by Patsy Cline.  Naill said Grace saved her best two performances of the season for tonight.  He said she’s really grown into it and they’ve seen the best of her tonight.  Some of the stuff she did coming from top to bottom “was insane.” He also called it “impressive.”  Blake said he felt like a finale just broke out.  He said everyone sounds really good.  And, then she just did that and people are starting to pick!  He called it “unbelievable.”

NOIVAS (Team Blake) – Uptempo

During the Blinds, Novias was a four-chair-turn. Noivas was Blocked from Team Blake.  He went to Team Chance in the beginning.  Then was Stolen by Blake in the Battles.  Carson said everyone started talking abou Noivas after his Playoffs singing “Come Together.”  Noivas went with “Fly Away” by Lenny Kravitz for his uptempo final performance. He said he used to do this song with his band in college and it will be a perfect full circle moment.

Blake said this song gives Noivas a chance to take it to a different level.  Blake said thank God for this is the finale because some things are going to need to be replaced (after Noivas’ performance).  Noivas said this process has been “life changing” and Blake has helped to “unlock” something in him that’s allowed him to go to that next level.

Chance said “insane” I knew you were going to “turn up.”  He said, “Lenny Kravitz, one of the greatest black rockers. Chance turned to Blake and said, “you’re welcome” because he let Blake Steal Noivas from him because he knew he could take him to the Finale. Blake said 15 minutes ago, the finale started!  “You killed this.”

A break from the Top 5 performance were two special guests.  The first one was a Broadway performance of “Independently Owned” from Alex Newell from Shucked musical. Then Lewis Capaldi sang “Wish You the Best.”  Then Carson Daly plugged Niall’s upcoming third studio album, and a world tour.  Niall said he hasn’t toured since 2018.  

D. SMOOTH (Team Kelly) – Ballad

Pictured: D. Smooth — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

D. Smooth read a letter from his sister.  She wrote that years of singing in the shower has played off.  He got his name D. Smooth while he was playing quarterback.  His family thought he was going to become a professional athlete from his playing sports. His sister made a surprise visit to D. after he read the letter.    

D. Smooth performed “What You Won’t Do For Love” by Bobby Cladwell.  Kelly reacted that he’s so cool, how he switched up the song, That was his idea to do that.  His dynamics are so “key” and he does it so effortlessly.  She’s glad that she got to be around him.  Kelly said D. Smooth is a producer, and writer.  She’s so glad that she got a chance to be around him, and told him that her age, he inspired her!  She finished by calling him, “crazy talented!” 

SORELLE (Team Chance) Uptempo

Sister trio, Sorelle’s coach Chance the Rapper said they were destined to make it to the end from the beginning. Sorelle said they did their “happy hotel” dance on stage.  They were so happy that America voted them through.  They performed Queen on stage in their Blinds.  Chance said their collective goal always shines through in their performance and they have a huge future. 

It wasn’t lost on Carson Daly that Chance wears a number “3” on his hat, and the last artists on his team are a trio.  This would be very ironic if Team Chance ended-up winning.  Chance said you can see how much Sorelle loves the music and loves being on stage.  

They chose “Ain’t no Mountain High Enough.”  Chance said the song describes their relationship within their group as siblings. Chance said they have a deep, unbreakable love. They said Chance has been an amazing coach and would like to be his first win.  

After their performance, Blake said he needed a pair of sparkly pants like Bella!  Then, all seriousness, Blake said they always sound like a record. To have them all singing in tune, in the pocket at the same time is “a phenomenon.”  Chance said “crazy!”  Their voices were so tight, harmonies were perfect, pitch perfect, and Blake is salty right now because it was “amazing!  He said “it was so, so good!” 

GINA MILES (Team Niall) – Ballad

Pictured: Gina Miles — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Gina read a letter from her Dad.  The letter started that by stating he was proud of her. This immediately brought Gina to tears while reading his letter.  He said he’d always remember how hard she worked and brought the house down.  He’s lucky to call her his daughter.  
She said her dad is the biggest person in her life and always wants to make him proud.  She was happy that he feels that way.  She dedicated her performance to her dad.  

Gina closed the show with “Nothing Compares 2 U” by Sinead O’Connor.  After her flawless performance,  Niall called it a “special moment’ and one he won’t forget. “This girl has something special” He added, “you know it when you see it, and she needs to win this thing.”  Niall urged everyone to vote for Gina!


The first hour was a recap show of Monday night’s performances from the Top 5.  Host Carson Daly announced some of the special guests to be performing in the second half of the show, which was two hours long. Some of the celebrity guests included: Diplo, Miley Cyrus, CeeLo Green, Dolly Parton. Though, many viewers, I’m sure, were disappointed that we did not see Dolly Parton perform on stage.  She sent a video message to Blake and THAT was the appearance that the show hyped-up, unfortunately.

Pictured: Ceelo Green — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Bodie and Bryce from Team Blake were back and sent their own messages to Blake.  Bodie said Blake gave him an open canvas and made him a better artist.  Bryce told Blake that he’s not old enough for that rocking chair yet and invited him to visit him in Nashville.

Former coach, also on “The Voice” in the first few seasons, Adam Levine was waiting in the wings with his band Maroon 5 whom he’d be performing with later in the show.

Pictured: Blake Shelton — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Blake opened the show by making a grand entrance that started backstage as the production crew gave him much love and high fives.  The other coaches stood at their chairs after Blake greeted the band on stage and was welcomed by Adam Levine who stayed on stage with host Carson Daly, then later sat on Blake’s armrest. 

Daly asked Adam if there was anything that he wanted to say to Blake.  Adam told Blake “Don’t screw it up! I’m kidding, I love you…you look great!”   

They kicked the show off with an 80s montage from another O.G. coach from the show’s beginning, CeeLo Green. He sang John Cougar Mellencamp’s “Jack & Diane,” followed by “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds, and “Living on a Prayer” by jon BonJovi,  This Bon Jovi performance was joined from past Team Blake members and winner – Bodie, Cam Anthony, Chloe Kohanski, Wendy Moten


Pictured: (l-r) Gina Miles, Niall Horan — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Gina told Niall in rehearsal that she feels more comfortable there than on stage.  Niall and Gina sang “New York State of Mind.”  Niall said he had seen the song on Gina’s list of songs to sing, and it’s a song that he’s sung drunk at Karaoke.  

This season’s winner and runner-up will win a vacation for two at either Universal Hollywood, or Universal Orlando.  

TikTok sensation and in the top 10 on the Billboard Charts, special guest Toosii was there to perform “Favorite Song.”  

Blake got a special dedication video from his now wife and co-coach Gwen Stefani who couldn’t be there for his last night on “The Voice.”  Blake reacted that he loved seeing the dedication video.  But, almost once a week, they review how they met on the show.  He called it ‘the greatest thing” that’s ever happened to him in his life.


Blake and Noivas sang “Home.”  Noivas, who’s been homesick, called it the perfect song. Blake stated as a disclaimer, he did NOT pick that song! Blake said he didn’t pick his own song.  

Before performing together on stage, Blake joked to Noivas, who famously tosses around the mic stand on stage, to not hurt him.  Noivas said the only reason he didn’t wear his cowboy hat during the Blind audition was because his wife suggested that he not wear it. 

Blake presented Noivas with a brand new guitar.  At the end of their performance, Noivas teared-up.

Pictured: Alex Newell — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Special guests D.J. Diplo and Lily Rose performed “Sad in the Summer.”  After a comedy skit with Kelly Clarkson and Chance the Rapper,  The Army’s “Field Band” had a special choir performance on “The Voice” stage with a harp included. 

Famous sports commentator Al Michaels had a pre-taped send-off for Blake, calling him the G.O.A.T along with video messages from athletes that included olympic skier, race car driver, and then…super-star Country singer Dolly Parton.  Some of the athletes were: Peyton Manning, Jackie Joyner, and Wayne Gretzy.  

Carson Daly announced some of Blake’s stats.  He has hit his button nearly 600 times, and has coached over 300 artists.  For that, the show gave Blake his own sports jersey (so to speak) in the form of a denim jacket that listed on its back “The Voices” seasons that he’s won to hang in the rafters of the stage.  Daly said that jacke will remain there even if another show rents that studio to film in.  In the meantime, Gwen was at home receiving Blake’s ‘Voice chair delivery!

Kelly and D. Smooth sang “Slow Dance in the Dark.”  Kelly said she’s seen him singing this song in her head since she met him.  Kelly said she’s been D. Smooth and she gets the gravity of the situation and being in it. She said it’s great to be able to help (navigate a singing competition show).

Pictured: (l-r) Kelly Clarkson, D. Smooth — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC


The Sorelle sisters Madi, Ana, and Bella, said they wanted to make it to the Finale so they could sing with their coach Chance the Rapper.  Chance chose the song “O-o-h Child” to sing.   Chance said it’s a song he listened to growing up.  Sorelle said their favorite thing about working with Chance is because he challenges them.  


Pictured: (l-r) Grace West, Blake Shelton — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Grace was the last person that Blake pushed his button for.  Grace and Blake’s performance together on the Finale was his last performance as a coach on the show.  He said he’s never had an artist that he could sit there in silence with.  As they sat and stared at each other. Lol.  Grace also picked a Blake Shelton song!  That song was Shelton’s last performance on “The Voice” until he himself will return as a guest in the future.  One can hope!

Adam Levine returned to the stage, this time with his band Maroon 5 to perform.  

Some past fellow coaches made video messages that “The Voice” played for Blake.  Those past coaches included: CeeLo Green (even though he was also there in person), Adam Levine (also there in-person), Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson, Usher, Nick Jonas, Pharrel Williams.  But, one of the coaches was left out.  That was one of the O.G. ‘Voice coaches, Christina Aguilera who was part of the original coach cast on the first few seasons of “The Voice ” alongside CeeLo Green, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton.

The final moments of the grand “The Voice” Blake Shelton send-off had most of Blake’s past Team members who all stood on stage singing while video images of Blake’s time on the show played on a huge screen above the stage.  Blake did not get choked-up at this point.  Instead, he expressed much excitement to see everyone and happiness.  

In the midst of it all, super-star Country singer favorite George Strait also sent a special video message to Blake.  Meantime, Chance looked slightly annoyed or impatient, eagerly awaiting to hear the voting results for the winner. 


Pictured: (l-r) Grace West, Noivas, Gina Miles, Sorelle, D. Smooth — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Before Carson Daly announced any of the voting results, he asked all of the artists to give their final messages to their coaches.  Team Blake’s Grace West started out by thanking Blake for believing in her.  Also from Team Blake, Noivas thanked Chance for giving him to Blake!  Chance did look slightly shocked to hear Noivas say that!  Then Noivas told Blake “thank you so much for believing in me.”  He said he quit music for 15 years. Blake gave him the strength to keep fighting and to come back.

Gina was very emotional and told Niall that his friendship is very special to her.  Team Chance’s Sorelle said for Chance to believe in them and encourage them to be how they are, they thanked him. D. Smooth told Kelly that he loves her to death, and thanked her for seeing him for who he is and for allowing him to shine.

THE WINNING RESULTS: The finalist in 5th place was Noivas (Team Blake).  Fourth place went to Team Chance’s Sorelle. 

AND Then There Were THREE – Third place went to D. Smooth (Team Kelly).  Before announcing the winner, Carson Daly stated that “It was the closest margin of victory in ‘Voice history!”  Second place was won by Grace West (Team Blake)

That means the WINNER of “The Voice” season 23 is GINA MILES from Team Niall!

Pictured: (l-r) Grace West, Gina Miles — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC



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