Charity is Left Confused on THE BACHELOR Season 27 Hometown Dates Recap

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March 12, 2023
Zach Gave Answers and Charity is The Bachelorette on THE BACHELOR: THE WOMEN TELL ALL Recap
March 14, 2023
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Charity is Left Confused on THE BACHELOR Season 27 Hometown Dates Recap

Pictured: CHARITY, JESSE PALMER / Photo: Craig Sjodin / ABC

“The Bachelor” hometown dates week episode started by showing Zach Shallcross in the shower.  Sean Lowe didn’t interrupt this time, but he does show up later in the show.  Zach reflected on the four women whom he’d be spending the week with visiting their towns and families. 

Zach said with Kaity the connection was “immediate” and it gets “better and better with her.”  His relationship with Charity, Zach said “feels special” an how comfortable she makes him feel.  With Ariel, “it’s one of those late blooming relationships that caught me off guard.”  Zach said he couldn’t get a good read on Gabi in the first two weeks.  But, with Gabi “it’s effortless and sweet.”  Zach said he can’t wait to meet the people that “raised this fun quirky woman.”  Gabi’s home town date in Vermont was first.


Gabi welcomed Zach to her hometown of Pittsford, Vermont.  They are the largest distributor of maple syrup. So, she took Zach to the woods to drill for some maple syrup.  


Gabi said she saw the potential with Zach since the beginning and it’s the first time that she’s opened her heart up to someone.  Next, the two ate some pancakes with of course maple syrup.  Gabi tested Zach’s taste in syrups by giving him a blindfold taste test.  She wanted to see if Zach could tell which syrup was fraudulent.  She was upset when Zach chose the fake syrup as the one he liked the best!  Gabi was not yet falling for Zach as she revealed in her confessional interview.  But, was hopeful of that being the case after he met her family.  She told Zach that she would not have had him trek out to Vermont unless she really cared about him.

Gabi’s Family... Zach met Gabi’s sister, brothers, parents and her best friend. Her sister is two years older than her and she just got engaged. Gabi is hoping that the timing will workout for her where they can raise their kids together.  

Gabi’s brother asked to talk to Zach first.  Her brother was skeptical of Zach because it’s a TV show. Zach responded that when he spends time with Gabi that she’s someone he could see a future with.  Her brother said he doesn’t want Gabi to come out of it defeated.  

Gabi chatted with her sister Chole.  Gabi said she “could” be falling in love soon.  Chole said Gabi’s last break up was upsetting and she hopes that things end with Zach the way she wants it too, which is with an engagement  Next, Zach talked with Gabi’s mother, Stephanie.  Zach aske Stephanie for some advice with Gabi.  Her mom said Gabi is looking for someone who helps ground her. “as long as there’s trust” and he’s looking out for her best interests.   Stephanie said they have “a lot of promise. But it’s still too early.” 

Gabi’s dad, Kevin, told her that you know when you know. “You can feel chemistry.  If you really connect with somebody, it’s quick.” He said for him it was easy with Gabi’s mom.  After the feedback from her family, Gabi said she’s given herself “permission” to fall for Zach.

After Gabi and Zach went outside, while crying, Gabi told Zach to not forget about her and wanted him to stay.  “I’m literally not going to see you for a week.”  Zach told her to have trust in them.  She said if she didn’t see a future with him, then she wouldn’t go through all this.  In her confessional, Gabi said it’s very painful and hard of her. 


Zach said in the beginning Ariel was very mysterious and he realized that he “really likes this girl.”  Ariel met Zach in Washington Square Park in her hometown of New York.  She said New York is always going to be the most romantic city to her.  Ariel wanted to show Zach the city before he met her family.  Ariel said her feelings are very strong for Zach and he makes her feel “calm” and like herself.  Zach said she feels like he has the best time with Ariel. 

Ariel took Zach to George’s Deli where they had cow tongue sandwiches.  Zach reacted that cow’s tongue is very good. Ariel said she wanted to introduce Zach to her culture and she is proud of her Judaism.  Ariel took him to a coffee shop which wasn’t a coffee shop, but a “speak easy.”   She told Zach of the story about her parents fleeing the Soviet Union because they were being persecuted for being Jewish.  Then, after Zach expressed his nerves about meeting her family, she warned him about her brother who wanted to beat-up her last boyfriend. Zach said it’s nerve wracking. 


Ariel’s Family… Ariel said there’s no pursuing a relationship with Zach without her family.  Once Zach met the family and told them about some of his and Ariel’s dates that included a nude spa in Estonia, her brother Bobby had heard enough and said their experience is “a little unorthodox.”  He then called to speak to Zach.  Bobby asked Zach the though question, why should Ariel chose him?  Zach took pause.  Then answered that he has a big hear and the person that he picks will have his whole heart and he’s a pretty good cook.

Bobby was doubtful of how well Zach and Ariel know each other in such a short amount of time.  Zach explained if you lean in and allow yourself to find love, “you can find it.”  Bobby asked about their different backgrounds and who will he reconcile that?  Zach said families will make it work.  The toughest part of their conversation came with Bobby proved his point with Zach.  He asked Zach when Ariel’s birthday is and what is her middle name.  Zach couldn’t answer either one, but instead combated him with if you love someone, you can take the rest of your life getting to know everything about them. 

The interrogation of Ariel’s dad was next!  He asked Zach to explain how Ariel is different for the other women that he’s dating.   Zach answered that she makes him feel his most comfortable self and he can see a future with her.  Bobby asked Ariel if she likes “this guy.”  He told her this isn’t a joke.  “This is marriage.” Ariel said she feels chemistry with him.

During Zach’s conversation with Ariel’s dad, her dad didn’t like it when Zach told him that he feels one way now, but could feel a different way next week.  When Ariel talked to her dad, he told her that it takes years to get to know someone and ‘it’s a really high risk.”  He told her that he trusts her judgement so much and said they will support her in the choice that she makes.  

After the conversation with the family were over, Ariel told Zach that she’s falling in love with him when they went outside to say goodbye to each other.  Zach told her that she is special and he can’t wait for what’s to come. 



Charity met Zach in her hometown of Columbus, Georgia and they wasted no time at all in him meeting her family.  It was the only event of the day.  She told him that it would be a “family tailgate” and friends and family would be there.  Zach met Charity’s parents, brother, sister, and childhood best friend.  Charity talked to her dad in private first.  She told him that she hadn’t told Zach that she loves him yet.  He advised her to “take care of each other.”  Charity had a sit-down talk with her friends next.

Her friends asked if she’s in love yet. She said she’s “falling” and they haven’t used the “L” word yet.  Charity spoke to her mother next and also told her that she’s in the process of falling for Zach.  However, she feels she may be scared to say those words again.  Her mom said to express it and to be able to say those words is important.  Charity said she’s hoping to be able to say that to Zach that night.  Then Charity and her mom both started crying as Charity told her how she looks to her and her father as prime examples.  Afterwards, Charity shared that she had never seen her mom get that emotional before.  Her mother also told her that she sees nothing but good things with Zach.  

After their time with Charity’s family, Charity took Zach out to go Line Dancing at a Country club that night.   In her confessional, Charity said she’s been waiting for the best moment to tell Zach she’s falling in love.  Then she realized, “there isn’t a best moment” and knew that she just needed to say it. After they danced Charity and Zach shared a kiss and that’s when Charity told Zach that she was falling for him.  Zach was really happy and he said it makes him “feel so special.”  In her confessional, Charity said she’s never felt more free and is going to bed the happiest girl in America, and can see herself engaged to Zach.  


Zach met Kaity in her hometown of Austin, Texas and it’s his hometown as well!  Kaity said she’s only lived there for a few short weeks and asked him to help her get settled-in.  They went grocery shopping first up.  They both liked getting a glimpse at what it would be if they were to live together. That was followed by some Ikea furniture building!  No, really!


Kaity said every minute that she spends with Zach is “amazing” and feels like a bigger, brighter version of herself when she’s with him.  Zach told Kaity that he missed her “a lot.”  He didn’t say this to any of the other women.  He also said he feels really “strong” about Kaity.  She managed to get Zach to help build her book shelf back at her house.  She realized that it wasn’t the most romantic thing.  But, said any time with Zach is a good time.

In Kaity’s confessional, she said “it’s scary falling in love with Zach” and if she doesn’t get approval from her mom then she doesn’t see things moving forward with Zach.  Kaity said when her father left their family, it made her, her brother and mom stronger and they are a team.  Upon meeting her family, he told them there was an immediate spark with him and Kaity.  Kaity’s mom expressed that she had missed Kaity a lot while she was gone and couldn’t wait to talk to her.  

During her conversation with her mother, Kaity said Zach isn’t the typical guy that she usually goes for.  Her mom asked her “so you’re there?  Kaity nodded her head.  Kaity told her mom that if she doesn’t see them being good partners, then she would re-think this.  Kaity said her mother’s opinion means everything.

It was the time of truth.  Zach and Kaity’s mom sat down to talk.  Her mom told Zach that she could see that Kaity is really smitten with him.  Which is concerning because her last relationship ended badly.  She asked where Zach is with Kaity.  He said it’s grown to a strong relationship now and he can “100% see a future with Kaity.”  He can also see himself falling in love with her. 

Kaity said after going through a “toxic” relationship, it’s difficult to share with Zach how she feels about him and she’s scared. In the meantime, Kaity revealed in her confessional that she can see Zach as her husband and father of her kids!  Now, she doesn’t want to lose Zach. “I don’t know if I can deal with another man walking out of my life…so there’s that,” stated Kaity.  She also needed validation from her mother about Zach.

Kaity’s mom told Kaity that Zach is “kind, sweet, charming” and he ticks all the boxes.  Therefore, she would 100% be supportive of them.   Kaity was happy to hear this and said in her confessional that she finally found a man that will give her unconditional love.  Before Zach headed out, Kaity told Zach that she’s falling in love with him.  Zach was all smiles.  After that, Kaity realized that her heart could potentially get shattered again. 

Sean Lowe Returns! …

BEFORE The Rose Ceremony:

Zach said he was feeling uneasy before the Rose Ceremony while reflecting on everything.  Sean Lowe returned to help Zach and give him advice.  Sean said he was in the same position and it all worked out for him.

Zach went through all the hometown dates with Sean as Zach described how he felt about the dates.  Zach said he could see Kaity’s mom as mother-in-law.  Sean said when he was deciding, he looked back and thought, “I had so much fun with Katherine” and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

But, even after their talk, Zach was still indecisive.  He said it was hard for him to grasp his head around it.  He didn’t want to send anyone home, but had to.  


The final four and Zach met back up at the Bachelor mansion.  Gabi revealed to host Jesse Palmer that she hadn’t told Zach that she’s falling in love with him yet.  When he asked why, she said it took her that week to process.  

Kaity said she has let down all of her walls and she didn’t think she could do that.  Charity said Zach made her feel seen and feel wanted and that’s all she wanted.  Ariel said if she didn’t get a rose that night that it would be extremely difficult for her, to be hurt again.  

Zach told Jesse that it’s the hardest decision and he’s dreading walking through the mansion doors to the Rose Ceremony.  Zach told the women that he has to “make the impossible decision” which is solely based on what feels right in his heart.

The first rose went to: Ariel, Kaity, Gabi. Unfortunately, Charity went home. 

After Zach walked Charity out, he was visibly upset, as was Charity who was crying.  Zach told her that it was the hardest decision he had to make.  She said she took a big risk in coming there and putting her heart on the line.  Charity told Zach, “I knew this experience was going to be something incredible.”  Zach told her that she deserves all the love and he couldn’t give it to her. 

Pictured: CHARITY, JESSE PALMER / Photo: Craig Sjodin / ABC

During her car ride home, Charity said it made no sense to her.  “Sometimes that’s just how life goes and it sucks,” and she’s one step closer to finding who she’s supposed to be with. Charity said she doesn’t know what it meant when Zach said he couldn’t give her the love she deserves. 

NEXT WEEK:  Zach told Jesse Palmer that him and the women, won’t have sex during the overnight dates.  Then, in another scene, Zach said he “f*&#” up.  Gabi and Kaity are both shown very upset and wanting to leave. 

Pictured (l-r): KAITY, ARIEL, ZACH SHALLCROSS, GABI / Photo: Craig Sjodin, ABC



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