CLEAN HOUSE: Looking For Messy Houses! Casting NOW!

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April 29, 2011
May 2, 2011
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CLEAN HOUSE: Looking For Messy Houses! Casting NOW!

The casting producer of “Clean House” recently got in touch with us to give us her latest casting notice for the show! We are happy to announce that “Clean House” is currently casting people with messy homes. If you live in the Los Angeles area, the experts of “Clean House” are here to help you beautify, organize, and stop the insanity of your living spaces.

Clean House now casting!

If you fit the following description, you could be on CLEAN HOUSE: Do you need help ridding your home of clutter? Are you having a hard time letting go of stuff you don’t need but just can’t seem to part with? Is your house in dire need of a makeover?

The requirements are as follows: If AT LEAST 3 ROOMS IN YOUR HOUSE ARE MESSY, then you need CLEAN HOUSE!
If you OWN a SINGLE-FAMILY HOUSE (sorry, no apartments, condos, or townhouses) and at least 2 adults live in your home.

If this is you, then email the following information to the casting producer:
1. Names & relationships of EVERYONE living in the house. (You must OWN the house)
2. Address & phone number.
3. Photos or video of all your cluttered rooms.
4. Tell us about yourself and why you and your family need CLEAN HOUSE!!!
5. Do you own or rent your house?

For a quick response, you’ll need to answer ALL of the above questions, and send everything to:

Hopefully, the “Clean House” team will be hosting your yard sell!

Hollywood yard sale video below! We tried to bargin!



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  1. hilda rangel says:

    i need help in my mom’s house it is a messy house miss.missy i don’t llive the usa i live in latinamerica in honduras.honduras ,cortes of san pedero sula

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