Dancing-Wonder Duo Talk Fighting TASMANIAN DEVILS on Syfy

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Dancing-Wonder Duo Talk Fighting TASMANIAN DEVILS on Syfy

Two different types of devils collide in the peeks of the Tasmania outback in Syfy original thriller, “Tasmanian Devils”. Giant Tasmanian devils get territorial when a group of daredevil base jumpers invade their space and try to kill them.

“Tasmanian Devils” stars Danica McKellar (The Wonder Years) who plays a crime solving park ranger, and Olympian medalist, and former “Dancing with the Stars” competitor Apolo Ohno who plays one of the base jumpers.

In a recent interview, Danica and Apolo talked about their roles and the making of “Tasmanian Devil”. Apolo said that accepting the role in the film was a no-brainer. He said he was a fan of Syfy and Danica since he was a kid. “It’s fun to be around a group and a crew willing to work so hard towards the same goal…was an absolute blast.” Apolo also said that when he was asked he said yes because “it seemed different…it seemed fun being able to shoot it in my own back yard of Vancouver.”

“Tasmanian Devil” was shot over one year ago, although the movie takes place in a very hot temperate place on the map, the actual shooting location of Canada meant that it was very cold at times during filming. Danica said, “It wasn’t suppose to be cold, because it’s Tasmania, but it was cold. It was snowing on us. They added a line about snow, but they ended up not using it.”

Danica said that the reason why she decided to do the movie is because, “running around out there and using green screen seemed like fun. I’m a park ranger in this. I have a one year old. Just wanted to get out there and do fun things.” Danica explains the plot involving her character in the film as, “A park ranger who discovers this base jumpers. Apolo is one of these base jumpers. It’s illegel to base jump into Tasmania.. so she goes to arrest them.” She said that’s it’s really a fun movie with “not really any character development.”

Apolo stated that working in green screen was a different type of experience for him, “I’ve done green screen before on a commercial, but not in this nature.” Apolo said that his career goals is that he’d like to pursue broadcasting. He currently shares his fitness knowledge by going on city tours. His most recent included forty-six cities.

The highlight for the pair working on “Tasmanian Devils” was “the people. the crew was amazing,” for Danica. She also said, “Not every set is super fun to be on. This was a great one. We knew we were coming together to make a movie that would be fun. I got to bring my one year old son on set.” For Apolo, it was, ” I had a blast working with every single person on set. Everyone was so welcoming and kind. So fun.”

Danica’s advice for success is, “be grateful for what you have and willing for work for more. There’s a quote – we are what we habitually do.” Apolo agreed and added, “trying to reach further for what’s all possible. It’s just consistency. Role models come and go. Its up to us to look inside ourselves.”

Their favorite shows to DVR are – for Dancia: The Newsroom, The Good Wife, Mad Men, and Dancing with the Stars. She said she watched when Apolo competed on “Dancing with the Stars,” and attended the season finale. For Apolo, his shows to DVR are: NCIS, Vegas, and Dancing with the Stars. They are also very avid users of Twitter.

Fans can watch them battle Tasmanian Devils on Saturday, June 19 at 9pm on Syfy. SPOILER ALERT: Apolo fans, make sure not to miss the beginning of the movie.



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