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FACE OFF: Sneak-Peek Werewolf Challenge Episode!

Posted on February 05 2012 by Editor

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FACE OFF: Sneak-Peek Werewolf Challenge Episode!

PREVIEW REPORT! Contains teasers!
Syfy channel’s reality competition show, “Face Off” will challenge contestants in this week’s show to create wounds inflicted by a werewolf for the Foundation Challenge which takes place in an outside forest-type setting.

Sam Huntington plays a werewolf in "Being Human".

Joining this episode called “Dangerous Beauty” as a guest judge is “Being Human” star Sam Huntington who plays a werewolf named Josh. Along side “Face Off” host, McKenzie Westmore, Huntington suggests what types of wounds that they should be creating. He tells them that he’ll be looking for “realism of placement” or where they are on the body. He also tells them to consider how old the wound is as far as time-frame goes, maybe the victim is starting to change into a werewolf. A couple of contestants liked that idea and decided to play on it.

Our interview with Sam Huntington on this episode here:

Tara chose to create wounds that displayed that the victim was fighting for his life and “is already starting to change” she expressed. Heather also created wounds that showed a changing victim. She placed “wolf” hair spreading out from the wound. Heather said that she “liked the idea of transitioning”.

Players RJ used tubing and syringes in his creation, and Beki used silicone, and vinyl gloves to “dangle some skin”.

Huntington named the winner who obtained immunity from being voted-off this week after their next challenge which is called “Spotlight Challenge”.

In this week’s Spotlight Challenge artists have to create “something stunningly beautiful but also extremely deadly” as described by Westmore by combining a wild animal with a beautiful flower. The wild animals include an owl, snake, bear, leopard, and tarantula.

Some combinations included: Stargazer Lily with a snake; Yellow Iris with an African Spotted Leopard; and Bird of Paradise with a tarantula.

The contestants are paired into teams of two. One such team ended-up being Beki and Sue who will display some disputes during the making of their beautiful/deadly creature. Viewers will appreciate the reality show drama!

The guest judge for the Spotlight Challenge is Vivica A. Fox. Special Effects make-up artists judges Ve Neill, Glenn Hetrick, and Patrick Tatopoulos thoroughly inspect each teams work and determine who to send home. After the elimination is over, Westmore attentions the contestants that they are not done. Could this mean another elimination, or another immediate challenge? Viewers will have to wait for next week’s episode to find out.

The contestants are competing for an ultimate grand prize which will be awarded in the final episode of the season that includes: $100,000; $20,000 in Alcone makeup supplies; and a Toyota Hybrid.

Watch this “Face Off” episode on Syfy Wednesday, February 8 at 10pm/9c.


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