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GSN Dating Show – America’s Got Baggage?

Posted on March 19 2010 by Set News

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The Game Show Network (GSN) is dipping into dating show territory with a fun, new original game for singles, whom don’t necessarily have to be single (see our earlier post here: ) called “Baggage”

Jerry Springer enters the dating world on TV!

NBC talent contest show, “America’s Got Talent” former host, Jerry Springer will be the host of “Baggage”. His background in hosting out-there guests exposing their secret lives or down-right appalling reveals is sure to come in handy on this show which also exposes guests, but in a different way.

Daters will have to give away their quirky habits or lifestyle secrets. Such as pack-rat behavior, still living with Mom and Dad, or not capable of holding-down a job!

Knowing that Springer will be the host, the promise of this game show/reality show being entertaining and successful just went up by about 100%. Springer hosted a game show, and a part talk show, part reality show. If Springer can’t pull this off, then no one can!


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