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Gwen’s Ageist Last Pick, THE VOICE Season 17 Blinds Week 4 Recap

Posted on October 14 2019 by Editor

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Gwen’s Ageist Last Pick, THE VOICE Season 17 Blinds Week 4 Recap

“The Voice” season 17 coaches filled-out their Teams in the final night of the Blind Auditions, then finished-off the night with three Battles.

Each Teams advisers where brought-in to give their take of the singers voices and to help shape their Battles performances. But, first, the coaches added their last picks to complete their Teams. Gwen Stefani was the last coach to choose her last member and was dead-set on the singer being a young choice. Though Kelly Clarkson did point-out during another Blind Audition that she has had great luck with winning “The Voice” with young girls. No, not creepy at all.


Zoe said she’s an R&B/Pop/Soul artist. She sang “Angel of Mine” by Monica for her ‘Voice Blind Audition. Zoe said she needs “The Voice” because she’s ready to grow as an artist.

Chair Turns: Blake, John, Kelly

Blake told Zoe “I know I seem like on paper I’m not the right coach for you. But, I promise I’m the right coach for you!” John sang his last pitch to Zoe. It worked on winning her over.

Coach: John Legend. John said Zoe is only 16, but she sang with so much poise and has star potential. “She’s the perfect artist to fill off my Team,” said John.


A sneak-peek at the Battles, which started during the second half of Monday’s Blinds show, revealed each coach’s advisers. On Team Gwen, Will.I.Am is the adviser; Team Blake brought in Darius Ruck from Hootie & the Blowfish; Kelly Clarkson sought-out the expertise of Normani from Fifth Harmony for her Team. Team Legend has former coach, R&B star Usher.


Pictured: Gracee Shriver — Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC

Gracee is 16-years-old from Oklahoma.  Gracee was excited to have Kelly turn around.  Her musical inspiration is Kelsea Ballerini who Gracee said she saw open for Kelly.  Gwen said “this is met to be, right Blake.”  Blake agreed ,  then pointed out why.  She said she only has one spot left and would love to have her.  Blake told Gracee that his Team is full, but there’s still a great opportunity for her to “be in the family.” Kelly fought back by stating she may not be dating him (Blake), but her husband manages him.

Chair Turn: Kelly, Gwen

Coach:  Kelly Clarkson..  Kelly said Gracee is awesome, “like old school Country.” Gwen said Gracee is an “Okie” and really wanted her on her Team.  Gracee said she was really close to picking Gwen.



Ty is an EMT currently in Los Angeles.  He’s from San Jose.  He said in college, he realized that he wanted to do Country.  He loves the Rat Pack, and his mom encouraged him by buying him instruments.  Before his Blind Audition, Ty wasn’t too worried about the Teams filling-up.  Ty sang “Let’s Stay Together.”  

Chair Turns:  None

Gwen stated that he looks nothing like his singing voice.   Gwen said “you should be on the show probably, but then we didn’t turn.”  Kelly said that there were some pitch things.  John noted that Ty’s bravado was getting in the way, but can be fixed, and he needs to be more polished.  

Gwen was the only coach left to fill her Team.  She was looking for “a young little girl that I could mentor” stated Gwen. After determining whether or not the next singer was young or old, “little or big,” she was convinced by Blake and Kelly that she was a young singer.  Thus, Gwen pushed her button.  


Pictured: Caroline Reilly — Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC

Chair Turn: Gwen

Caroline stated that she’s 16-years-old.  Gwen was ecstatic about her age and said, “It’s not that I’m being ageist.. your voice is way big for your age.” Caroline stated that she loves Gwen and Green Day.  Gwen said she toured with them.

Caroline’s backstory is she looks-up to artists like Gwen. When she was five she had a fake band and chose to be the singer. Caroline is currently part of a band and says “The Voice” is a dream come true.” 

Gwen said Caroline was what she was waiting for and didn’t expect a little girl that could sing like that!




John brought in Usher as his Adviser.  Usher is also a former ‘Voice coach and won his season.   John told the story of how he sang to Khalea to get her on his Team. Khalea, who is 35, is busy with her band and raising two daughters.  She said it will be interesting going up against a girl so young, not much older than her daughters.  Zoe said the Blind Auditions was a “game changer.”  She said she started the whole thing after she watched the show and told her parents she could be on it.  John gave them “The Boy is Mine” song by Brandy to sing.

Pictured: (l-r) Khalea Lynee, Zoe Upkins — Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC

Usher said the way Khalea is able to move through songs is “effortless.”  Usher showed Zoe how to hit one of the notes in the song that was so stellar, she may win.  Then Khalea joked, walked away, “goodnight.”  Zoe said advice from “two legends” means so much.  Usher said Khalea is a very soulful, sultry artist.   John thinks any one of them could be a Steal.  

Gwen reacted that Zoe’s stage presence was impressive.  She said half way through the song, Khalea’s voice is buttery.  But, thinks Zoe won.  Kelly said she loves both of the and it’s insane how talented Zoe is at her age.   Blake agreed that Zoe is very far ahead at 16.  But doesn’t want it to overshadow Khalea. He said she is “so ready for this moment” and chose her as the winner.  John said he was upset at himself for pairing them together.  He said they are both incredible and deserve to be on the shoe. HE chose the one that was the most versatile.  

BATTLE WINNER:  KHALEA.  John said she’s one of the most gifted on the show.

STEAL – John, Gwen Kelly.  John used his one and only Save on Zoe. He said she impressed him so well and asked her to please not leave him on this journey.  Kelly said he thinks they would do really well with song selection and has won twice with two young girls. “Not at all creepy.”  Gwen said she can help Zoe even more with stage presence and personality.  John told Zoe because they want her is a testament to his great coaching.  Zoe chose to stay with JOHN LEGEND.   Kelly stated that Zoe is going to be a threat.  

JOSIE JONES vs. KAT HAMMOCK (Team Blake/ Darius Rucker)

Pictured: (l-r) Josie Jones, Kat Hammock — Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

Blake said for a long time the world thought Darius’ name was Hootie for Hootie & the Blowfish.   The two girls with starstruck to see both Blake and Darius Rucker.  Josie said her influences are Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton.  Blake said he’s always excited to see the next generation of Country artists.  Josie said she chose Blake because she wants to be a Country artist like Blake.

Kat said she loves Billy Joel.  Kat said she’s not a Country girl, but Blake drew her to him.  Darius thinks Blake gave them too hard of a song – “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver.  He said he chose it because the song transcends genres.  He said Josie really projects and told Kat she needs to project more.  Blake said the Battle will come down to control and believe-ability. 

John said it was “so sweet” the opposite of a battle.  Kat’s voice is more intriguing but Josie gave a better performance technically.  He chose Josie.  Gwen said she thought of rainbows, and butterflies as they sang. Josie is unique.  But if Kat wrote a record, its a record you’d listen too all day. She chose Kat.  Kelly said it takes “no air to whale”  But, the fact that Josie has this range and harmonized with Kat at the age of 16 “is incredible.”  She also noted that no one sounds like Kat.  Blake said Kat lives in that head voice, hybrid thing that she does.  Josie kept switching back and forth. “Good job sis.”  He said to Kat, “at the end of the day, there’s no one else like you.”  The winner was Kat.  He said Kat has something about her that he can hear and see her making records.  


MELINDA  RODRIGUEZ vs. SHANE Q. (Team Kelly / Normani)

Kelly chose Normani for her Team Adviser because she has experience on a singing competition show “The X Factor” and also knows what it’s like to sing in a group (Fifth Harmony).

Pictured: (l-r) Melinda Rodriguez, Shane Q — Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC

Blake told Shane that he has one of the greatest gifts and Melinda has a beautiful tone.  He said he’d go with Shane.  John said they both have really interesting vocal tones.  He said he’d advise Kelly, “by a hair” to pick Shane.  Gwen said Melinda had a beautiful confidence.  But, Shane’s voice was socking.  “Like a phenomenon almost.” 

Kelly told Melinda “precision” is her thing.  Shane’s voice is shocking.  She picked Shane as the Battle winner.  Kelly said she chose Shane because Shane is “unexpected.”


SAVE / STEAL – Kelly pushed to Save.  She said she thinks Melinda is “crazy talented.”  John pushed to Steal.  He said it was clear that they both deserve to be on the show.  It’s also clear that Melinda has an opportunity to “upgrade” and would love to Steal her from Kelly Clarkson.  John said in college, he arranged a capella.  Kelly said while he was in college, she was winning a competition show.  Melinda stayed with TEAM KELLY.


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