The Endangered Night Owls on DEAL OR NO DEAL ISLAND Episode 9 Recap

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Then There Were Six on DEAL OR NO DEAL ISLAND Episode 8 Recap
April 15, 2024
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April 29, 2024
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The Endangered Night Owls on DEAL OR NO DEAL ISLAND Episode 9 Recap

Pictured: (l-r) Nicholas Grasso, Stephanie Mitchell -- Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

The Red cases made their return this week on “Deal or No Deal Island” game show and various players were out to get them!  The Night Owls lost a member last week when Dawson played against The Banker in a game of “Deal or No Deal” and accepted a personal offer of $100,000 which got him eliminated from the game.

This week, the dwindling number of Night Owls was down to three players – Amy, Nick, and Stephanie.  So, they chose to recruit a new member, Jordan, who accepted.  Only thing is, she’s also kind of part of the Rob Mob with Boston Rob and Aron.

Amy was the first to explain to Jordan that they call themselves the “Night Owls” because they stay awake late at night strategizing how to get Rob and Aron out of the game. 

Pictured: (l-r) Nicholas Grasso, Stephanie Mitchell, Jordan Fowler, Amy McCoy — Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

In her interview footage, Jordan stated that she would continue to play both sides of the two groups until she is in the final. 

Aron was still recovering from a bad game play last week as he was still struggling to get over losing his closest alliance member Alyssa.  Rob proceeded to give Aron another pep talk, telling him to get his head in the game.

Rob warned Aron to not get close to anyone who’s part of the “Night Owls” because “none of those people” are for them.  In fact, as viewers know, they really are out to get Rob and Aron.


The remaining six players – Rob, Aron, Nick, Stephanie, Amy, and Jordan were thrown the challenge, or “Excursion” of retrieving more unmarked cases from the jungle.

This time, they were broken up into Teams of three with two players each (of their own choosing).  One player had the task of being “the navigator,” and the other player had to be “the driver.” 

The navigator had to first unlock a box holding all the tools needed to relay to the driver for a successful retrieval of two cases, one each from two different sections of the jungle.  The highest unmarked case had a value of $5 million. 

The Banker put two red cases in this Excursion in order to see which players would be willing to take a risk.  One of those red cases had a Steal.  The other one, the lowest amount of $1 million.

The player with the role of navigator had to instruct the driver via a walkie talkie on where to get the desired cases for their team by reading a map.  Easy huh?  Well…not so much for one player who had trouble reading a map and working the walkie talkie.  That was Aron!

Back to the general rule of the Excursions, the team with the highest combined case values would be safe.  The team with the lowest value cases earned a spot in the bottom.  Rob right away wanted to go for a red case and put him and Aron in the bottom.

Amy and Jordan wanted to get either the top or the bottom.  Stephanie and Nick were going for the highest value cases all the way in order to gain immunity.  Both teams wanted Aron and Rob to be in the middle which would make them vulnerable for elimination. 

Pictured: (l-r) Jordan Fowler, Amy McCoy — Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC


The Reality of the Game:

When Nick got to his first location to get a case, Stephanie and him decided to bypass the highest case of $4.5 million which was further away.  They decided, instead, to pick up the $4 million case much closer in order to get to the next location faster. Thus,  getting the highest case of $5 million.  

Little did they know (and little did Rob know) that the $5 million case was already picked up by Rob.  This was a shocker for Rob as well who thought he had picked up the $3.5 million case according to Aron’s lack of map reading skills.  Rob later found out that Aron read the map upside down and in reverse.  This time, the reverse Aron pulled on Rob was completely unintended.

Amy got her first case of $4.5 million.  While Aron and Rob hit a rocky road because they lost communication when Aron couldn’t work his walkie. This led to Rob randomly getting a case. 

When Rob got back to his starting point where Aron was, through observation, he quickly figured out that the other teams were purposely trying to place him and Aron in the middle.


Time to Reveal the Cases!

Rob got his wish in getting a low amount case after opening his first one up, a red case that revealed a $1 million value.  Jordan was quietly rooting him on in the background. 

Next, Amy opened her red case which revealed a STEAL along with $1.5 million. Host Joe Manganiello asked which case they would like to Steal.  This would be sight unseen because only Amy and Jordan’s red case and Rob and Aron’s red case had been opened up at this point. 

None of the players wanted to help Jordan and Amy make that choice.  They ended-up taking one of Stephanie and Nick’s cases which had the value of $4 million.

Amy and Jordan’s grand total ended up being $8.5 million,  Nick and Stephanie came in with $5.75 million. Then Aron and Rob had the total of $6 million, after their second case revealed the amount of $5 million.  This was the opposite of $3.5 million which was what they were set out to get.

Nick and Stephanie were in the bottom, Jordan and Amy had immunity, and Aron and Rob were exactly where the other teams wanted them, in the middle.

Pictured: (l-r) Nicholas Grasso, Stephanie Mitchell — Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC


Stephanie’s Hail Mary!

Before going to the Temple to play “Deal or No Deal,” Stephanie got worried that Nick might get influenced by Rob to eliminate her.  So, Stephanie made up a story about Rob using their Boston connection to align with her and told her that Nick was a threat.  It wasn’t true!


But First, More Drama!

Amy and Jordan chose Nick to play against The Banker in a game of “Deal or No Deal.”  The first thing Nick addressed before starting his game was calling out what Stephanie told him about Rob.  Rob called Stephanie out in her making up stories.  He told her “I’m not falling for it.” 

Stephanie tried to say that Rob was not their target, which was another lie. Meanwhile, Rob tried to convince Nick that he was never his target. 

Nick opened the largest case of $5 million and $4 million in his first round, leaving two large amounts of $4,500,000 and $4,250,000 cases.  After passing on an offer of $983,000 Nick continued on in the second round where he opened two more cases.

The biggest offer in “Deal or No Deal” history was made of $4,417,000 by The Banker.   Nick’s last two cases were $4,500,000 and $4,250,000.  

Rob advised Nick, “it’s a coin flip,” and from the bottom of his heart, he stated again that he never put Nick’s name out there!

Nick chose to take the Deal under the impression that his choice of case number 9 would not let him down.   In the traditional game of “Deal or No Deal,” he would have been correct.  But, in this version of the game….well…..

But, when he opened that case, he discovered that he made a Bad Deal because his case was holding $4,500,000.  

It was a very somber mood after Nick revealed that he’d be going home due to the Bad Deal that he made.  Thus, another Night Owl was eliminated.

Rob stated that Stephanie is going to pay.  “This is war.  If it’s the last thing I do, I’ll make sure Stephanie does not win this game,” Rob said before the close of this episode.

On a lighter note, the final case value now stands at $8,908,000.

“Deal or No Deal Island” airs every Monday at 10 pm ET/PT on NBC and streams on Peacock the next day.



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