History Repeats! Team Blake Going to the Finals on THE VOICE 23 Semi-Finals Live Show Recap!

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May 9, 2023
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TOP 8 Revealed Going to Live Shows on THE VOICE Season 23 Playoffs Week 2 Recap
May 9, 2023
Very Emotional AMERICAN IDOL Season 21 Live Finale Recap & WINNER Revealed!
May 21, 2023
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History Repeats! Team Blake Going to the Finals on THE VOICE 23 Semi-Finals Live Show Recap!

Pictured: (l-r) Grace West, Noivas -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Last week on “The Voice” season 23, the Top 8 artists were chosen by each team’s coaches out of twenty total artists.  Each coach had to select only two of their artists to move forward in this week’s Semi-Finals Live Shows.

It was up to “The Voice” at home voting West Coast and Central time zone voting audience to decide which five artists out of those Top 8 would be moving on to next week’s Finale show where the winner will be announced next Tuesday night!

Well…what they didn’t tell the viewers at home is was the voting decided out of the highest votes from each Team, or all around highest to lowest vote counts?   I’m sure all “The Voice” fans are wondering because each of the coaches’ Team happens to have at least one artist  representing them, and Blake Shelton has two!

SPOILER ALERT!! A couple of online fan favorites – Holly Brand from Team Kelly, and Ryley Tate Wilson did not move forward.  But, this may also mean that maybe the majority of their audience either just wasn’t voting, or they don’t reside on the East Coast and Central time zone.

In other news, “The Voice” announced during NBC’s Upfront presentation that this season’s Mega Mentor Reba McEntire will be joining the show next season as a new coach, taking Blake’s chair.  She paid a quick visit to the set on Monday’s Semi-Finals episode and we all got to see Reba sitting in Blake’s chair.
Reba said everyone there on the show was so hospitable and she looks forward to joining them again next season and selecting her own Team!

Pictured (l-r): Kelly Clarkson, Chance the Rapper, Niall Horan, Carson Daly, Reba McEntire, Blake Shelton / Copyright NBC Universal.


Pictured: Ryley Tate Wilson — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

After Ryley’s performance where he played the piano while singing “Vienna” by Billy Joel.  Kelly said Ryley’s voice is dynamic, and her favorite part was the beginning with just him on the piano.  Blake said it was a nice choice picking a Billy Joel song.

Coach Niall said, “this kid is off the charts.”  He’s here for a reason, and told everyone to get their votes ready.  Niall finished with, “it takes a lot to be 15 and play the piano on live TV.”

RAY URIEL (Team Chance)

Chance said time and time again, Ray is beating out artists who had multiple chair turns.Ray sang, “Can you Send the Rain” by New Edition.  He said this era of music is where he started falling in love with RB music.  He called it a full circle moment.  Chance said he can see Ray being a billboard artist right now.
After Ray’s performance, Carson said it felt like 1988 all over again.  Kelly agreed and loves that this whole vibe is coming back again. She called his voice peaceful and sensual.  Blake said it was perfect timing and he’s so smooth and killer on stage.  He’s a sucker for anything 80’s.  Chance said Ray keeps getting more and more confident and it’s the strongest his voice was.

HOLLY BRAND (Team Kelly)

Holly said she feels a little more pressure this time because the votes are not in the hands of the coaches.  Holly sang “Rumor Has It” by Reba McEntire, who was announced on Monday as a new coach next season, taking Blake Shelton’s chair.  The song tells the story of a woman who is heart-broken.  She’s in a healthy relationship right now and said she’ll have to try and relate to the song.  Kelly realized that Holly and Grace are the only Country artists left and female. So, Kelly coached Holly on getting an edge over the competition.

Niall reacted that “that was impeccable and Reba would be happy.” He said he heard more parts of her voice than he’s ever heard.  Chance reacted it was an awesome performance and he noticed the breath control..  Kelly told Holly that she’s so proud of her. “You’re so gifted” and she’s one of those artists that she loves working with and she brings her A-game when she comes out on the stage. She killed it and Reba would be proud.

NOIVAS (Team Blake)

Pictured: Noivas — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Blake said he wants this to have an impact more this season since it’s his last season.  Noivas chose “Skyfall” by Adele.  It’s the first ballad that Noivas is doing this season.  He said he wants to show America that he can make them feel something.  Blake told Noivas that he really wants him to knock this out of the park.

Noivas said his wife almost died during childbirth.  At that moment, he said all of the bad things rushed into his head and this song encapsulates the feeling that he had.  So, he dedicated this performance to his wife and kids.

Noivas got the first standing ovation from the coaches of the night. Noivas fell face down onto the stage at the end.  Carson said he hoped everyone was “okay.”  Blake was called on first to “sum up” that performance.  Blake said every time he does something, he does it differently and “it’s always incredible.  That’s why everyone loves you.” 

GINA MILES (Team Niall)

Pictured: Gina Miles — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Gina talked to her dad in her small town and he showed her all of the posters of her up everywhere.  She said it’s helped her confidence leaps and bounds.
Niall said he knew there was an “amazing” tone in there and he was watching a girl with nerves.  Gina said she wants to make people feel something.  The song is about wanting someone that doesn’t necessarily want you.  Gina said she’s a teenage girl and cries constantly.

Gina said she’s learned from Niall that being prepared is the best confidence going on stage.  Niall said her tone is so unique and if her song came on the radio, you’d know that it’s Gina Miles.

Chance reacted that the performance was breathtaking and her best so far.  Niall said it was amazing to watch.  A completely different person than what came to the audition.  

SORELLE (Team Chance)

Sorelle decided to do “Fallin” by Alicia Keys.  Chance said it’s his favorite Alicia Keys song.  It represents their journey in music. They get so close, then something happens.
Their grandmother was a jazz musician.  She passed away and she meant a lot to them.  Chance suggested they start in a cappella to highlight their vocals more.  They have inspired a lot of little boys and girls around the world.  Chance thinks they’ll get a lot of votes in this first live show.

Kelly reacted “that was incredible!”  It was a whole production and gave a shout out to the background dancers.  She compared their performance to the Las Vegas production “O” by Cirque du Soleil.  Chance said he loves that they keep the same confidence whether it’s in rehearsals or live.  He was extremely proud.  

D. SMOOTH (Team Kelly)

Pictured: D. Smooth — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

D. Smooth sang the Ed Sheeran song “Thinking Out Loud.”   Kelly said she thinks D Smooth having a singer songwriter vibe is what’s going to get him to the Finals.  His mother was excited that America is going to see what his family has seen his whole life. Kelly called his rehearsal raspy, yet smooth at the same time.  Kelly said D. Smooth is a great way showing how you can make a contemporary record using R&B.

Blake said he doesn’t know how you don’t vote that guy into the finale. “That was just an incredible showcase of vocal ability and being comfortable on stage.” Kelly reacted that she’s such a fan and she’s so proud of him.  His voice is “seamless” and even when he’s prepared it changes when he gets out here.  “It’s straight from your heart.”  

GRACE WEST (Team Blake)

Grace said she remembers in her Blind when Blake talked about moving to Nashville.  She thanked him for his advice and she’s come out of her shell more because of him.  Blake gave her the song “Til I Can Make it on My Own” by Tammy Wynette.  Blake said it will be the first time the song has been on the show.  Blake said, performing this song, “Grace makes it seem effortless,” and he knows “damn well that it’s not.”

Blake said he has tons of ideas for her about the record he wants her to make.  Blake said as a going-away gift, he wants Grace to sing the song exactly as she did in the rehearsal, and the next gift, a photo of her holding the trophy.

Niall said Grace is one of his favorite voices. The tone is unique.  But, he’s heard it tons of places.  Every time she opens her mouth, Country comes out.  He thinks she needs to go to the Finals.  Blake said she sang it just like she did in rehearsal.  There’s a reason no one’s ever done this song on this show.  “You can’t do it.  But you just did it…You’re absolutely the real deal.”

Pictured: (l-r) Chance The Rapper, Kala Banham, Manasseh Samone, Jamar Langley — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

New coaches Niall Horan and Chance the Rapper performed his single from “Coloring Book” on “The Voice” stage while the show broke for live voting. Chance was joined by former team members Manasseh, Kayla, and Jamar Langley.


The Top 8 Semi-Finalists came back out onto the stage to hear the voting results.  Carson Daly asked Ana from Sorelle what this journey has meant.  She answered that it has meant the world that they were able to do it together.

D. Smooth said he’s been grinding so hard and to have someone at Kelly’s caliber rooting for him has meant the world.

The first name revealed as a Finalist was from Team Blake – Grace West! The second finalist was Team Kelly’s D. Smooth! The third name called was from Team Niall (an uproar of cheers could be heard in the audience) as Gina Miles‘ name was called!

Only two more spots were left and five artists left.  They were:  Noivas, Ryley Tate, Sorelle, and Holly Brand.

Pictured: (l-r) Noivas, Ryley Tate Wilson, Ray Uriel, Sorelle, Holly Brand — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Carson Daly asked Noivas what it would mean for him to make it to the Finals.  Noivas said it would be validation because he’s been doing this for a while and it would show people to not give up on their dreams.

The fourth finalist was – Sorelle from Team Chance!  The last spot in the Finals went to Noivas!  That meant both of Team Blake’s artists are going to the Finals!

Pictured: (l-r) Grace West, Noivas — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

The three artists who were heading home were: Ryley Tate Wilson, Holly Brand, and Ray Uriel.

NEXT WEEK: The Top 5 will perform Monday night, and the winner will be announced on Tuesday night’s finale show with a list of celebrity guest performers.  



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