History was Made on THE VOICE Season 21 Finale WINNER Revealed!

In “The Voice” season 21 Mondy night finals, the Top 5 artists had two more chances to perform for America’s votes for a chance at winning the show in Tuesday night’s finale show.   The Top 5 were: Paris Winningham and Wedny Moten from Team Blake; Girl Named Tom and Hailey Mia from Team Kelly; and Jershika Maple from Team Legend.
The Top 5 artists performed two times – once was a special ballad, and the second time was a speical dedication song.  In Tuesday night’s finale show, mega-big guets appearances included Coldplay with BTS, ‘Voice Mega Mentor Ed Sheeran, Tori Kelly, Jennifer Lopez…the list goes on!
There were three chances for artists to make ‘Voice history!  There was the youngest artist in Hailey Mia, the oldest artists in Wendy Motes, and the first Group ever in Girl Named Tom.

HAILEY MIA (Team Kelly)

Kelly said she thought that Hailey was going to be in the finale, but on Team Ariana.  She didn’t think she’d be available to be Stolen.  “Thank you Ari!” said Kelly.  Kelly Stole Hailey in the Battles.  Hailey sang “Deja Vu” by Olivia Rodrigo.  Kelly said the song shows ALL of her vocal abilities. “We’ve never heard her sing like this on the show,” said Kelly.

Ariana reacted that she’s so proud of her and felt like she was at her show.  “I’m so honored that you were ever on my Team.  I feel like I have a ghost in the race.”  John said it’s like she is supposed to be there.  Kelly said the staging was cool, her angst was cool.  “Musically you can do these really beautiful ballads, and Pop as well.”

PARIS WINNINGHAM (Team Blake) – Dedication

Pictured: Paris Winningham — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Paris wrote a letter to his father in dedication.  He said his father will always be the number one inspiration to his music and the reason why he is where he is today.  His letter ended by stating “I love you more than life itself.”  Paris’ dedication song was “Mrs. Jones.”

Ariana reacted I love you so much..I don’t even know where to start.  that was a gorgeous performance an said she can’t wait for his tour.  Former coach, John said he’s such a  classic soul vocalist.  He loves how Paris goes from smooth, silky to high raspy notes. He’s such a gift.  Blake agreed “it’s the sneak attack that he has.”  He predicted that Paris just raked in millions of votes and has sold millions of concerts that he hasn’t even booked yet.


Trio Girl Named Tom (GNT) are from small time Ohio.  Kelly said GNT has “a solid chance of winning.  No group has ever done that.”  They charted on itunes at number 10.  Carson Daly said when he heard them singing “River” he ran and peeked over to watch.  Daly admitted that he’s never done that in 21 seasons.  They sang a song that fans had been wanting them to sing.  It’s an uptempo song “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac.

Blake said “I still think you’re Country whether you guys realize it or not.  He said great job and they’re so well rehearsed.  “You always sound perfect, and you always have a little edge to it.” Kelly said it was perfect for the finale and they have done such an amazing job on this show.  Kelly finished with “thank you for picking me and not Blake.”

JERSHIKA MAPLE (Team John) – Dedication

Jershika dedicated her song to her church.  She sang “I’m Goin’ Down.”

After her performance, former coach Kelly Clarkson, said “Jershika, I’m such an idiot ” and told her she’s the one that got away.  What she just did was not easy.  John said “so powerful, so soulful such an amazing performance.”  He added that it’s been a privilege and joy that he got to work with her.  John also said she’s been such a gift to work with.  She’s dominated every week fighting for herself.

WENDY MOTEN (Team Blake)

Wendy said she chose Blake Shelton as a coach because he lived and worked in Nashville. She’s from Nashville.  Daly said it makes sense now, knowing that.  But, everyone’s jaw hit the ground at first.  After breaking her hand, Wendy said there was never a doubt that she was going to finish the show.  Wendy said “it’s scary doing something like this, but it was so worth it.”  Wendy sang “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston.

Blake said she can step into those Grammy stages and have the respect of the greatest artists in the world.  Wendy said it’s so great to know that Blake has had her back.

Ariana reacted “I can’t.   I don’t know how to talk to you.”  She asked, “do you know how insane that is to sing Whitney and with an octave up at the end?”  Blake said “I’m absolutely at a lost.  After all these weeks….I’m running out of great things to say about you.  That’s one of the great live vocal performances I have ever heard!”

HAILEY MIA (Team Kelly) – Dedication

Pictured: Hailey Mia — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Haily Mia she still struggles with some insecurities and told other they have to accept how they are.  Her dedication performance, she said, was “to all little girls and all little boys, I dedicate this song to you.”  She sang Billie Eilish song.  Hailey chose this song because she said there’s a certain beauty standard that everyone feels that they have to follow.  If I had this letter when I was younger, I would know that it’s perfectly okay to just be yourself.

John said Hailey you’ve been so good throughout the competition.  But, that was his favorite performance of hers.  There were moments the reminded us of Billie but he loved the edge and twists she put on her voice.  “It was just beautiful Hailey.  That was gorgeous.”  Kelly said Hailey was dripping with amazing tone, and she’s such an amazing storyteller.  She’s 14 years old and hanging with everyone.  Kelly said Hailey is the one that’s grown so much every single week.



Paris said he had to let the anger he was holding on to in his past go in order to get here on “The Voice”.    Paris sang “Ain’t Nobody.”  Blake said every week, Paris proves that this is what he should be doing.  Paris said he wants to get Blake his 9th trophy.

You have the perfect balance of power and restraint.   “When every man that’s drunk in their brain movie, they feel that they look and sound like you…you’re really killing it,” but they don’t sound like you.  Ariana caught the hat that Paris threw during his performance.   She said “don’t worry about me,  I’m winning.”   Coach Blake said he played the part of Paris in his brain movie last night.  “This guy deserves to win this show also,” said Blake.

GIRL NAMED TOM (Team Kelly) – Dedication

Trio of brothers (Caleb, Joshua) and sister, Becca dedicated their performance to each other.  They read personal letters to each other beforehand.

Ariana reacted, that was so stunning as always. The most thrilling thing for her to see was their growth. There was a loud sound behind them.  Kelly joked that they did so well that they broke something on the stage.  She continued, “this was so crazy beautiful, so angelic…so moving…It was just a flawless performance.”  Kelly finished with, she can see them on rewards shows and on tour.  She’s there for it.


Pictured: Jershika Maple — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Jershika said her life changed when two chairs turned in her ‘Voice Blind Audition.  At the Battles she sang Justin Bieber, and that’s where John Stole Jershika from Team Kelly.  John said with Jershika everything is done with such mastery and that’s why she’s one of the best vocalists he’s worked with.

Jershika sang “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele. John said Jershika does her best when she has to fight and “this song has a lot of fight in it.”  Jershika got a standing ovation from all the coaches.  After her performance, John reacted “oh, my God what a performance Jershkia!  There are excellent singers on the show. But, there is no one like you.”  He continued that Jershika is technically good, and “such a fighter.”

WENDY MOTEN (Team Blake) – Dedication

Wendy dedicated her song to Memphis where she fell in love with music.  “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is what changed everything when she won a talent contest singing that song.  Nashville is the city that molded her into a professional singer.  “To my two hometowns, thank you for everything.”  Wendy sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” for her finale song.

John said he’s never seen anyone with a gift that she has.  And just stands there and does it so nonchalantly.  It’s insulting to every other singer that works so hard.  It looks so easy coming out of you.  It’s stunning that she’s able to do what she does.  “What a gift you are.” Blake said, ‘we’ve never seen anything like you on this stage in 21 seasons.  “He called her “world-class talent.  This may never happen again.”



In “The Voice” season 21 finale, we got to see if the winning contestant would make “The Voice” history, and see a lot of promotions from NBC projects sprinkled-in.  First-time coach Ariana Grande, who didn’t have any artists left, performed her new single from her new movie “Don’t Look Up.”  Other performances to movie soundtracks included Tori Kelly and Keke Palmer for “Sing 2,” and Jennifer Lopez for her new romantic comedy “Marry Me.”

Returning former coach Alicia Keys came on to perform her new single “Old Memories”  and this season’s Mega Mentor Ed Sheeran also performed in the final show.

Opening the finale show was surprise musical guest ColdPlay performing with BTS via holograms!

After a funny skit of new coach Ariana Grande auditioning to be in Blake Shelton’s new video, host Carson Daly and the coaches thanked Ariana for being a great addition to “The Voice” this season.  Daly said, “as great of a talent you are, suppresses how great of a person you are.”

Blake said out of all the mistakes he’s seen made, he’s never seen anyone screw the pooch like John Legend did, referring to letting Paris Winningham go.  Blake said he’s learned a lot from Paris, and has gained a ton of respect for the things that Paris has been through.   “I’d love to see this happen for them man.  Because you deserve it,”  said Blake.  They two performed “Love Trained” and knocked it out of the park!

Next, actor Matthew McConaughey and his co-star, took over Daly’s job to promote their latest movie “Sing 2” and to announce the next special guest performance – “Christmas Baby Please Come Home” from the movie “Sing 2″performed by Tori Kelly and Keke Palmer

Jershika Maple was next!  Coach John Legend said you can really feel the gratitude from Jershika and he didn’t realize how good she is from her Blind Audition.  Whenever there’s a challenge in front of her, she rises to the challenge.  Jershika said John Legend is the BEST coach she could have asked for.  “No offense to Kelly Clarkson.”  Jershika and John performed “O Holy Night.”

This season’s Mega Mentor Ed Sheeran gave an amazing performance on his guitar while incorporating other equipment on stage.

Pictured: Jennifer Lopez — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

From the soundtrack “Marry Me” Jennifer Lopez performed for the first time on “The Voice” stage!

After that, “The Voice” coach John Legend performed with Carrie Underwood.

Not only are they the first group in “The Voice” finale, Girl Named Tom, it’s also the first time a Voice artist has had 4 songs in the Top 10 iTunes at the same time.Girl Named Tom and Kelly Clarkson performed “Leave Before You Love Me” by Marshmellow and Jonas Brothers.

Soul meets Country with Blake Shelton and Wendy Moten.  She said “Blake is the best coach I could have asked for” and she added, “vocally” he is amazing.  Blake joked that Wendy “is on a lot of pain medication.”  He said the easiest coaching gig he has ever had was working with Wendy.  “This girl has paid her dues and I’d love to see her win this thing,” Blake said.

Pictured: (l-r) Girl Named Tom, Kelly Clarkson — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Wendy Moten said she didn’t think she’d make it this far, and told Blake “thank you for believing in me and not giving up on me.”  They performed.  After that, former ‘Voice coach Alicia Keys returned to sing her latest, “Old Memories.”

Pictured: (l-r) Wendy Moten, Blake Shelton — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Then coach John Legend did a funny spoof of trying to create an a capella group with Randall Park and Ed Helms.  They were on to promote their new show called “True Story” on the Peacok.

“The Voice” new coach Ariana Grande performed with Kid Cudi a song from her new movie “Don’t Look Up.”


THE VOICE TOP 5 Eliminations Results:

Before the results were revealed, artists and coaches got to say some final words to each other.
Wendy told Blake that he has had her back when no one else did.  Jershkia told John thank you for everything that you have spoken and she’ll be doing this for the rest of her life.  GNT said Kelly really believed in them from day one.  She pointed out their strengths and has strengthened them.  Hailey Mia told Kelly “Thank you.   You have given me so much confidence every time I step out onto this stage.”

The first name announced was the artist in fifth place.  That was – Jershka Maple.  The artist who took fourth place was, Hailey Mia (Team Kelly)!  Paris Winningham took third place!

Kelly told GNT that it’s been the most amazing thing to work with you and they have such a big fanbase behind you, “let’s capitalize on that”  I’m Team GNT forever.”

Blake told Wendy, “this has been an honor to just hang out with you and watch you do what you do.”  You have pretended that I’m your coach.  “I’ve called you world class talent.  You’re a world-class human being.”

VOICE 21 WINNER:  Girl Named Tom! (Team Kelly)

THE VOICE — “Live Finale” – Pictured: Girl Named Tom — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

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