JEFF, WHO LIVES AT HOME: Sneak-Peek Trailer!

Posted on January 24 2012 by Editor

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JEFF, WHO LIVES AT HOME: Sneak-Peek Trailer!

In a time where the recession has hit many unexpected adults forcing many to move back home with their parents, comes a movie with what looks like an inside-peek to the story behind one young man whose circumstances may or may not be related to the economy but who questions fate and life’s coincidences in Paramount Pictures film titled “Jeff, Who Lives at Home”. Staring Susan Sarandon who plays Jeff’s mother, Jason Segel as Jeff, Ed Helms (“The Office”) as Pat, Jeff’s brother. The film also stars Rae Dawn Chong as Carol, and Judy Greer as Pat’s wife. “Jeff,Who Lives at Home” opens in limited release Friday, March 16, 2012. Watch a sneak-peek trailer below:


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