Judges Were More Critical and Wild Card Act Going to AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 18 Finale!

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Shoes Were Thrown on THE VOICE Season 24 Blind Auditions Sneak-Peek!
August 26, 2023
Upsets During the AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 18 Finale WINNER Announced!
September 28, 2023
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Judges Were More Critical and Wild Card Act Going to AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 18 Finale!

Pictured: (l-r) Ramadhani Brothers, Terry Crews, Gabriel Henrique -- (Photo by:Trae Patton/NBC)

It’s down to the wire for season 18 of “America’s Got Talent” (AGT) with only one more week left to cap the competition off with a winner.  The judges were particularly extra critical of the live show performances on Tuesday night.  Wednesday’s Results show roughly could have been a byproduct of their reviews when balancing act Ramadhani Brothers, clearly a judges’ favorite, went through to the Top 3, then followed by another judges’ favorite 82nd Airborne Chorus,  Both acts going through to the Finale.  

During Tuesday night’s show, AGT judge Howie Mandel got several “boos” from the audience after giving his thoughts on certain acts, and Simon Cowell wasn’t holding back either with his brutally honest comments.  Even Sofia Vergara told one duo singing act how she really felt about their performance.  Heidi Klum was the only even-toned judge on the panel with no harsh feedback.

The eleven acts who performed during Tuesday’s live show were: singers Eduardo Antonio, Lachune, Trailer Flowers, Gabriel Henrique, and 82nd Airborne Chorus.  Aerialist/stunt performer Grace Good, dancers Eseniia Mikheeva, and Avantgardey, magicians Mandy Muden, and Sangsoon Kim, and balancing act Ramadhani Brothers.

Pictured: Lachune — (Photo by:Chris Haston/NBC)

Howie stated that he didn’t love Lachune’s rendition of the song that she performed.  He got booed by the audience.  And that was after her performance moved some of the tough military men from 82nd Airborne Chorus to tears.  

Another act might be questionable in regards to their claim of being “Country” musicians.  The judges weren’t buying it after hearing Trailer Flowers’ performance.  Something was off about their act.  It was perhaps the acoustics of the room and their backup band.  Perhaps their microphones.  But, almost every judge mentioned their sound not being on par.  Heidi tried to salvage the wreckage with a positive spin, “I don’t know how it sounds at home.”  Howie quickly argued,  “But we aren’t judging at home, we’re judging here.”  This was after he hit Heidi’s “x” buzzer on them.  Then he pretended that nothing happened.  

Pictured: Trailer Flowers — (Photo by:Trae Patton/NBC)

The footage was played back to show that Howie indeed hit Heidi’s buzzer.  Sofia wasn’t a fan of their performance either.   She told them that she was waiting for Simon to ask for a second song.  Sofia said she didn’t like it and she “loves” Country music.

Simon said the producers should not have done what they did because “we don’t have a lot of time.”  Simon was referring to when producers played-back the tape showing Howie using Heidi’s buzzer.  Simon continued..”I didn’t love the song. But, I like you two.”  He said if this was an audition, he would have asked for another song.  Trailer Flowers simply said, before leaving the stage, “we love you, we love Country music.”

The strong opinions continued with balancing act the Ramadhani Brothers who performed a very risky stunt that had them fall during rehearsals.  Before their performance, they said practice has been intense, so much so that they’ve started losing their hair.  One portion of their act required perfect timing and if they missed it, they wouldn’t be able to go up.   Their signature routine is one brother balancing the other one upside down, head to head (literally) while walking upstairs backwards!

Pictured: Ramadhani Brothers — (Photo by:Trae Patton/NBC)

The brothers had the judges squealing with anxiety as they almost tripped.  Simon reacted “that was spell binding” and every person in the audience felt the same thing. “In my opinion, this is an act that should be in the Final,” and it’s a million dollar act.  Heidi called it the best act that”the world gets to see,” and “You two ARE AMAZING!”  Sofia said she had been thinking about them since the last time, and tonight they didn’t disappoint.

Howie called it the best act of the night and “it doesn’t look real.”  He urged America to vote.  Terry mentioned that they had a “nasty” fall in rehearsal and asked if they were hesitant to do this on the live show? They answered “yes.”  The brothers followed that with it’s been their dream to be on AGT and a finalist. 

The positive vibes didn’t end there.  When singer Gabriel Henrique hit the stage, he was showered with love from the judge who hit her Golden Buzzer for him, Sofia Vergara.  He was the last of this season’s Golden Buzzers.  Gabriel said it’s his dream to perform with Mariah Carey.  He sang “That’s Something Beautiful,” with whistle notes included!

Sofia said she didn’t have anything to say.  “It was perfection” and “it was like an angel.”  She called him a star and thinks people will vote for him. Simon said the fact that he sang this song, he knows the original.  Gabriel “absolutely NAILED IT.”   And, it was “way better” than his audition.  Heidi said he has an unbelievable talent and sets himself apart from the other singers…”incredible.” 

Howie said he was concerned at first because he didn’t know it was the right choice, but once he hit those notes, that’s what made him stand out.  Gabriel responded that he likes to say what’s in his heart and if it’s not with love, it doesn’t mean anything.

Then all of the judges except Heidi took it down a few notches after witnessing magician Sangsoon Kim’s live act.  Heidi called him a little Mary Poppins and him pulling out the skateboard was the most impressive to her.  

Howie was still in a mood.  He said Sangsoon is an amazing magician, but this act was “a little confusing” for him and he couldn’t see what was on the paper.  “It’s all about the people at home.”  Sofia said his act tonight wasn’t better than his audition, and she also thought it was confusing.  Simon said “I got a bit confused.”  His audition was amazing.  “Tonight, not as good.” 

Pictured: Sangsoon Kim — (Photo by:Chris Haston/NBC)

The night ended with 82nd Airborne Chorus who sang a Pink song.  They got a standing ovation from the judges. Simon told them “thank you for your service,” and “thank you for not doing an obvious song.”  He finished by stating, “you are one of my favorite acts this year.”  

Sofia thought their live act was better than their original.  Heidi said it was nice to see them at peace and having fun, dancing and singing.  Howie said “you can’t not love” what they just did.  He thanked them for their performance and for being there.  They responded that they are so proud to be there and urged supporters to “get out there and vote.”  And, what we saw Wednesday night, indeed America did vote for them!

Pictured: 82nd Airborne Chorus — (Photo by:Trae Patton/NBC)


The Top three acts were: 82nd Airborne Chorus, Rhamadini Brothers, and Gabriel Henrique.  Only two acts would go to the Final, and another act was chosen from a pool of Wild Card acts selected by the judges.  

Pictured: (l-r) Ramadhani Brothers, Terry Crews, Gabriel Henrique — (Photo by:Trae Patton/NBC)

The acts who moved on were 82nd Airborne Chorus, Ramadhani Brothers, along with the Wild Card who was pushed through to the finals by popular votes from viewers.  Each judge got to choose their Wild Card act to put in the running.  

Simon Cowell chose Chioma & the Atlantic Drum Company.  Sofia picked her Golden Buzzer act, singer Gabriel Henrique who performed this week.  Heidi said she chose someone whom she was “very sad to see go” and someone who loves fashion,  That was Hewaan Legillard.  Howie’s Wild Card Act was someone that moves him  “Someone that was on the stage this week.  I can’t stop thinking about…I have to see more of them.”  That act was AvantGardey who also performed this week!  Howie’s Golden Buzzer act Murmuration also made the finals revealed in a previous Qualifiers episode.  

Viewers had 5 mins to vote.  That time consisted of a commercial break and Reba McEntire’s performance with Aerialist Sofie Dossi.  Reba mentioned that it was a reunion with the performer and she promoted her new seat as a coach on “The Voice” starting next

Pictured: (l-r) Reba McEntire, Sofie Dossi — (Photo by:Trae Patton/NBC)


It was revealed that the Wild Card act that got the most votes was Howie’s act, Avantgardey!  Howie’s reaction was “I love that you are going to be part of the Finals.  You are exciting, you are fresh,  You are what AGT is all about,” and he wants to do TikToks of them.

Pictured: Avantgardey — (Photo by:Trae Patton/NBC)

NEXT WEEK: The finalists will perform for America’s votes to be awarded $1 million and a Las Vegas show.  The finalists are: Chibi Unity (dance group), Ana Deguzman (magician), Mzansi Youth Choir (singers), Putri Ariani (singer), Ahren Belisle (comdedian), Murmuration (dance group), Adrian Stocia & Hurricane (dog act), and Lavender Darcangelo, Ramadhani Brothers, 82nd Airborne Chorus, and Avantgardey. The AGT finale will air at a new time of 9 pm.



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