Last Ding Dong Bell on THE MASKED SINGER Season 9 Movie Night Recap

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Last Ding Dong Bell on THE MASKED SINGER Season 9 Movie Night Recap

THE MASKED SINGER (l-r): Mantis, Doll in the “WB Movie Night” episode of THE MASKED SINGER, Photo CR: Michael Becker/FOX ©2023 FOX Media LLC.

It’s the FOX game show with celebrity contestants playing dress-up and singing their hearts out on “The Masked Singer.”  These same celebs try their best to NOT be recognized in order to win “The Masked Singer” trophy for new season 9!

The star studded sleuthing panel remains the same: Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger.  Along with uber popular host Nick Cannon.  The Battle Royal game play has also remained this season. 

“The Masked Singer” season 9, like season 8, has had themed episodes with two masks being revealed at the end of each episode.  There’s only one catch, the sleuth panelists have had the power to actually SAVE, that’s right! Save a mask using a new feature added to the game called “Ding Dong Keep it On” bell. The bell can only be used three times.


When a panelist – that’s either Robin, Nicole, Jenny, or Ken, decide to ring this bell on a Mask before taking it off, that Mask will be saved from their reveal and get to stay and compete for another week. 

THE MASKED SINGER: L-R: Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Nick Cannon, Nicole Scherzinger and Ken Jeong. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. ©2022 FOX Media LLC

The bell is a large gold bell that hangs up high off to the side in the sleuthing panelist area.  Hollywood Junket attended the taping of episode 8, and a super fan told us that the bell could only be used three times.  And, it has already been used twice.  Well…guess what?  The bell was used a third time during the episode taping that we attended.  Keep reading to see which mask the bell was used on.


It’s a bigger stage than in previous seasons.  This stage sits in the middle of the whole sound stage.  The now mostly standing audience surrounds the stage in sections of four groups.  There were three performances the night we were in attendance which was a night at the movies WB themed episode.  

The celebrity sleuths paid homage to various WB icons or characters.  Robin Thicke was dressed as Elvis Presley from “Jailhouse Rock,” Jenny McCarthy (looked like) “Gigi (we’re guessing), Ken Jeong reprised his Mr. Chow character from “The Hangover” movies, and Nicole was dressed as Sean Young’s character “Rachael” in the original “Blade Runner” film.

On a mock movie theatre set on one side of the stage, Nicole Scherzinger has a great little sketch in this movie’s tribute episode that mimics the AMC theaters promo done by actress (another Nicole) Nicole Kidman.  She really nails this until Ken Jeong cuts-in and urges her to start the Battle Royale.  We don’t know if this fun sketch will make it to the final episode.  But, we sure hope so!

Popcorn Mask made a special cameo in this episode.  How can you have movie night without popcorn?!  Popcorn tossed some popcorn at the sleuthing panel, and then awarded the winner of Battle Royale at the end of the show.


THE MASKED SINGER: Dandlion in the “WB Movie Night” episode of THE MASKED SINGER, Photo CR: Michael Becker/FOX ©2023 FOX Media LLC.

The masks in this episode sang songs from WB movies. “The Masked Singer”  masks who’ve performed so far on the new season (most already unmasked) include: Axoloti, Fairy, Gargoyle, Gnome, Medusa, Mustang, Fairy, Jackalope, Scorpio, Moose, Squirrel.   In this episode, we saw new mask Mantis Mask go against Doll, and Dandelion masks during our set visit!

DOLL MASK:  Doll performed first.  At first sight, if you think Doll Mask is a “she” you would be wrong!  Doll Mask, who wears a dress and high heels, is a male vocalist and he kicked off the night’s performances singing Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock.”  This Doll looks edgy.  Think Nightmare Before Christmas.   This rocker bragged about how he learned early in his career how to walk in heels as part of his stage show.  This bit of information helped lead the guesses to certain rock star artists. 

One of the Doll Mask’s clues that kept tripping up the sleuth panel was the word “Pop.”   Jenny paired the clue with Iggy Pop being her guess.  Robin thought it could be Gene Simmons under the Mask.  Ken Jeon’s baseless guess was Austin Butler, Nicole’s guess was Sebastian Bach.  

Each Mask had one major physical clue delivered to the panel by a man in black.  Doll’s clue was a guitar case that read “King Status.” Doll Mask said like, Elvis, he went platinum. 

DANDELION MASK:  Dandelion performed “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”  Jenny said she forgot this was a game show because she wasn’t trying to guess who it was.  Jenny was so caught up in the performance.  Ken said it was the most elevated he’s seen the audience during any performance. 

Dandelion’s clues were that she performed with Madonna, Sting, and Elton John. Another clue was “Billboards.”  Jenny thought of Angelyne (the billboard queen in Hollywood) from that clue. But, maybe it’s referring to the music magazine named Billboard.  Another guess was Sarah McLachlan. Dandelion’s physical clue that was brought out were “Wizard of Oz” Dorthy Slippers.  She said she performed with Oliva Rodrigo.  

MANTIS MASK: Mantis Mask performed “Old Time Rock & Roll” by Bob Seger.  The production team brought out a coach to put on stage as one of the props in this number, giving a nod to the famous “Risky Business” scene where Tom Cruise dances in his underwear to this same song.  

By observation, Mantis Mask sounds like he could be actor Kevin Bacon.  The clues were: the word “loose,” he was on Broadway, he has been on the silver screen, and his career launched from portraying a historic figure.  Some of the guesses that were made included: Robin guessed Dennis Quaid; Ken’s very unpopular guess was Bruce Springsteen, and Jenny guessed Kevin Bacon.  The physical clue that was brought out was a movie reel.   


After all three performed, the audience voted.  The lowest vote got unmasked. The other two have to Battle Royale where they sing the same song in a different style.  The song that was given to them in this episode, was a song from “Willy Wonka.”  


Robin Thick used the Ding Dong Bell to Save Mantis Mask for another week.  Robin said the song that he sang, “Old Time Rock & Roll” was his Dad’s absolute favorite song.  And, the Battle Royal song he sang was the same song that his son performed in his school play of “Willy Wonka.”  

“The Masked Singer” airs every Wednesday night on FOX network.


THE MASKED SINGER (l-r): Mantis, Doll in “WB Movie Night” episode of THE MASKED SINGER, Photo CR: Michael Becker/FOX ©2023 FOX Media LLC.



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