LOVE IN THE WILD: Surviving the Right One in the Jungle!

June 24, 2011
June 28, 2011
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LOVE IN THE WILD: Surviving the Right One in the Jungle!

NBC’s new dating reality show takes place in the jungles of Costa Rica called “Love in the Wild” hosted by Scottish host from Australia, Darren McMullen (Minute to Win It, Australia)

Dating for adventure seekers!

Couples are placed together to adventure wild experiences in the jungles. How that played-out on “Love in the Wild”, McMullen stated was, “we really did see people that just couldn’t blend well together at all in that kind of high stress environment. But, maybe if they had gone to dinner and a movie they would have continued to date before they realized that ‘this person isn’t for me”. He siad, there were definitely “fast-track feelings on the show. Whether the be positive or negative completely depends on whether that couple have the chemistry”.

“Without giving too much away, a significant number of people actually found true love”. Due to confidentiality agreements because the show has not yet aired, couples must keep their romances under wraps. McMullen said many of them are calling producers of the show to arrange private meetings with their partners.

According to McMullen’s observations, couples on “Love in the Wild” were pairing-up with the people that they genuinely liked and not necessarily the most physically-fit players or fiercer competitors. “I think everyone was there for the right reasons. The reason is there’s no million dollar prize in this.” Some people even pulled themselves out of the game and left the show because there was no one there for them. “People were there to find a partner”, stated McMullen.

On the show, the contestants are real. McMullen said that producers searched to get professional career types such as pro-golfers, firemen, marriage planners, people in the corporate sector. The other factor was that they really had to be looking for love. Not just wanting to get on the show to be famous.

Elimination ceremonies on “Love in the Wild” are called “Couple’s Choice Ceremony”. Couple’s can choose to stay with each other or switch their mates. ABC’s “Bachelor Pad” conducted a similar elimination process on the dating reality show. The ten pairs compete until there is only one man and one woman left.

McMullen assured that there will be no backstabbing on this show similar to how there was on FOX’s “Paradise Hotel” where couples also got the opportunity to switch-out their partners during the elimination ceremonies. He did state that that the girls would talk to each other to find out if they were interested in staying with their partners because they had their eye on them. “No, no, we’re getting along just fine thanks’… so it was all in the open.”

However, there were a lot of surprises. McMullen said, “people maybe thought their relationship was a lot more secure than it was, and it turns out that person had a wandering eye. When we thought everything was kind of in stone, we thought, Okay this is going to be a boring, run-of-the-mill Couple’s Choice Ceremony…It never went down like that. In fact, the ones that we thought were going to be the simplest were always the ones that just left us gobsmacked!”

“Love in the Wild” premieres on NBC Wednesday, June 29 at 10 pm.



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