Nina Garcia,Tim Gunn Reflect On PROJECT RUNWAY Season 10!

Code Name Double Decker, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4!
October 21, 2012
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October 22, 2012
Code Name Double Decker, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4!
October 21, 2012
After The Battle – Devyn DeLoera’s and MarissaAnn’s Interview THE VOICE
October 22, 2012
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Nina Garcia,Tim Gunn Reflect On PROJECT RUNWAY Season 10!

The “Project Runway” season 10 finale episode declared talented designer Dmitry Sholokhov as the winner. Host Heidi Klum stated, “you are the winner of Project Runway! You have your wings – so go and fly!” The guest judge for this episode was former “American Idol” contestant singer and actress, Jennifer Hudson. During a recent press conference phone call, Judge Nina Garcia, and mentor Tim Gunn reflected on past seasons and gave their thoughts on Season 10.

Designer Dmitry crowned the winner of season 10 of “Project Runway”.

Designers You Knew Were The Ones To Watch –
Nina Garcia: Well, I mean they all brought very different things to the table. We’ll start with Fabio; Fabio is one of those very conceptual, modern designers. He comes from a very organic place. Really, you know, thinking outside of the box always. That’s what I appreciated about his designs, you know that very conceptual, organic, out-of-the-box aesthetics; Dimitry has a very different approach. Dimitry is very architectural. He likes to play in geometry; Christopher is also very technically skilled as a tailor. He works with prints very nicely…his clothes looked expensive; Melissa loves separates and I think that is so important when you’re putting together a collection. Melissa designs for a young girl like herself.

“Project Runway” judge Nina Garcia

Uncomfortable Guest Judges –
Nina Garcia: I will not name names but some guest judges come on and they decide to not really speak their mind or they – are skeptical about really hurting peoples’ feelings. But this is a show where it’s about giving them constructive criticism…You are there to them, mentor them, help them grow, and some judges feel very uncomfortable with doing that.

Surprise Designers That Made It To The Finale! –
Nina Garica: I was surprised who made it to the finale because if you had asked me that question at the beginning of the season I would have pointed out two other characters that kind of lost aim throughout the process. The other thing that was very distracting is that we had some very colorful personalities starting this season…as the show goes on and you see the people’s work and you see their skill set and you see their determination and you see how tenacious they are with their work ethic you start to see the clear winners.

“Project Runway” mentor Tim Gunn.

Favorite Moment From This Season –
Tim Gunn – I have a favorite moment with all of them and it’s the following: It was the Babies R Us challenge. It was coming into the work room with the wagon to retrieve the robot babies and tell the designers I was taking them to the park. I’ve never experienced a more joyous moment from them ever. I mean you would have thought each one of them had just won the season.

Are Challenges Getting More Demanding Each Season?
Tim Gunn – I don’t think that the challenges are more demanding. I will say the dramatic turn for me and it’s been true the last several seasons. But especially this past one the challenges are getting shorter. This season (I think I’m correct) with the exception of one challenge (the last one) they were all one day challenges, and Heidi will occasionally talk to me off camera and ask, “Why doesn’t this work any better?” And my response is give them more time. I mean it’s really a matter of time more than anything else.

I mean I think that they are all very demanding, all the challenges, and I make my experience with each season of designers – this to my experience teaching and every semester I would have a whole new group of students with different DNA and different chemistry among them as a group, and that’s what you just don’t know when we launch a season of the show.

Nina Garcia’s Advice To Future PROJECT RUNWAY Contestants!
Nina Garcia: Put together a very concise collection or portfolio of your collection. Be very motivated and focused and articulate when you present it.

The Top Three Designers To Emerge From PROJECT RUNWAY –
Nina Garcia: I think Christian is doing very well. I think there are some that did not necessarily win and have done very well on their own quietly. For example Chloe Dao. She was a winner but it’s not in the same vein as Christian Siriano. There’s another designer from a previous season that did not win and her clothes sell. She’s an evening wear designer who’s doing very well.  Nina didn’t say who the third designer is. Take a guess in the comment section below!



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