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DON’T FORGET THE LYRICS: Rockers, R&B, and a Love Connection?

SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! Host, Wayne Brady (photo from a previous season) will be reading from a revised song board this season (not pictured). […]

REALLY AWARDS: News From This Year’s Show!

For those game show fans who are also reality show fans, we’ve got some exclusive interviews! “Evil Dick” returns to this year’s Fox REALLY AWARDS! Danny […]

THE OSBOURNES: RELOADED -Variety Show With A Lot of Edge!

Some people working in the TV industry in Hollywood are predicting that the variety shows are going to be the next big wave of high-rated shows. […]

HELL’S KITCHEN: Fine Dining Ramsay Style!

H.J. meets H.K.! HOLLYWOOD JUNKET attended a recent fine dining experience under the superb cooking of Chef Gordon Ramsay as FOX’S “Hell’s Kitchen” enters it’s seventh […]

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