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REALLY AWARDS: News From This Year’s Show!

Posted on October 10 2008 by Set News

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REALLY AWARDS: News From This Year’s Show!

For those game show fans who are also reality show fans, we’ve got some exclusive interviews!

BIG BROTHER’s “Evil Dick” attends FOX Really Awards!

“Evil Dick” returns to this year’s Fox REALLY AWARDS! Danny Bonaduce was also in attendance. Fox Reality Channel, REALLY AWARDS will air tomorrow night, but they were REALLY filmed last month, September 24th in Hollywood.

Danny Bonaduce at the FOX Really Awards.

HOLLYWOOD JUNKET was in attendance after the awards show broke-out. Check-out our exclusive video interviews about this years show.

WARNING: Videos below contain show spoilers!
Bobby Trendy video interview:

Pumpkin video interview:

REALLY AWARDS producers video interview:


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