PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2: The Demon Plotline Thickens

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PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2: The Demon Plotline Thickens

It’s been one year since “Paranormal Activity” opened in theaters and gave audiences a refreshing new horror cinematic style. Paramount studios had a sleeper hit on its hands which lead to “Paranormal Activity 2” opening this Friday at midnight.

Paranormal Activity 2

“Paranormal Activity 2” is a prequel to the first film. Katie and Micah, the young couple who were terrorized by a demon in the first one, are interwoven into this storyline. More explanations are revealed to exactly why and how the demon was focused-in on Katie.

In “Paranormal Activity 2” it is Katie’s sister and her family who are the targets. Security cameras throughout their home’s interior and exterior give a new point-of-view for the storytelling along with a hand-held camera operated by the father and daughter.

Video interviews of fans waiting to see “Paranormal Activity 2” below:

Their story begins on August 7th, 2006, in Carlsbad, Ca, about one hour from Katie and Micah’s location in San Diego. The film starts much like the first one, from a camera’s P.O.V. The family welcomes the arrival of a newborn baby. This prequel documents the 60 days before the death of Micah in part one. The story ends on October 8th 2006, one day after his death.

Although this movie delivers a storyline to support the first film, it also opens up a whole lot of possibilities for at least two sequels, one picking up where the first one left off, and the other going farther and developing the story behind the demon’s intentions for tormenting the family.

Unfortunately “Paranormal Activity 2” did not provide any new and challenging ways to stir up a fright out of audiences, instead it relied on the safe bets, using the same techniques from the first one. Go see this movie for the plot-line filler. Don’t go see this movie if you want to get scared. Instead, watch the first one again.




  1. Gemma says:

    It seems like Paranormal activity2 has a good plot to it. I have only just seen the first one tonight and it scared the crap out of me. I have been told by a friend of mine who isn’t easily scared not to watch the second. It freaked her out.

  2. Mikaela says:

    i hav watched Paranormal Activity 2 online and its kind of scary at times but if u want to get scared look at another scary movie because i wasnt very scared and im easliy scared!!

  3. Edmomd says:

    Ok I’ve seen both movies now. The 1st one freaked me out but I was just like oh it was all fake, scary yes but still fake right. Well I just finished part 2 ten minutes ago and have been searching the net for any info on if this really happened…? This movie scared the @#$% out of me! !!!!!! My family has moved over 50 times and I’m 32 years old. We for sure without a single doubt had lived in 2 homes that CRAZY stuff had happened. In one house it was bad stuff. Turned out the 1st house used to be a funeral home! ! Yup as soon as we found that out we knew we weren’t crazy and we up and moved. Now the 2nd home was my grandparents house. There it was good stuff that happened. My grandparents always said they saw and even had conversations with ghosts! Freaky but nothing bad. Then after my grandparents had passed we moved in. My brothers bicycle was broken and taken apart ,the chain was NOT even on the bike … grandpa was a machanic his whole life. .night time bro left garage light on. Went out to turn light off and found his bike upside down on the bench all put together like new with the tires spinning! !! Freaky yes but we knew it was grandpa .. I just smiled. Now one thing that sent my brother running out of grandpa’s house was we had this black leather chair, it was reclined and had these turn knobs on each side of it to position it the way you want it and tighten the knobs so it don’t move .. it never moved even while getting out of it. Well one day brother opened his bedroom door and the chair was fully reclined and just very very fast it went into its upright position! Brother slammed his door shut and refused to go back in. .. I do believe in this stuff and if you believe aswell then this movie will SCARE you! I couldn’t take my eyes off it and the whole movie is a hair raiser ! If there is gonna be a part 3 I will NOT watch it . Yup it scared the crap out of me !

  4. leola says:

    is this really real or is it fake and you guys are just trying to scare us all and say they are reall just to make them think it is

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