REALLY AWARDS: More Video Interviews!

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October 18, 2009
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October 19, 2009
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REALLY AWARDS: More Video Interviews!

We took the privilege of conducting post-show interviews at this year’s “Really Awards” presented by the FOX REALITY CHANNEL. The best part about that, is we get candid responses from reality show celebs’ thought on the award show.

Below are video interviews with Chima Simone from “Big Brother 11”, who was nominated for “Really Favorite Villain”, and Romain Chavent (“Big Brother in France”); Maria Carmel (winner of “The Shot”), and Jaffer Murtz (“Reality Obsessed” host).

Chima Simone (“Big Brother 11”) with Romain Chavent (“Big Brother in France”).

Maria Carmel (winner of “The Shot”), with Murtz Jaffer (Host of “Reality Obsessed”)



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  1. LovelyLindsay says:

    I love Chima! She looks so pretty & her date is HAWT!!! She is thriving after Big Brother. I’m happy we’re getting to see another side of her now that she’s out of that crazy house!

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