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Posted on January 25 2012 by Editor

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In a casting call posted today on website “craigslist”, a third season of reality makeover show, “RuPaul’s Drag U” in under way where fashion-challenged women get made-over by queens from RuPaul’s other popular reality competition show titled “Drag Race”.

The casting team from “World of Wonder” productions is looking for women 18-49 years of age who are: stuck in a fashion rut from another decade (70’s, 80’s, or 90’s), lost game in relationships, always in a uniform, not one to wear color, recently lost weight, need help embracing curves, look 10 years older than true age, don’t dress age appropriate.

They listed some possible prospects as the following: sister, housekeepers, nannies, pageant moms, ex-beauty queens, female boxers, pastry chefs, etc..

The casting call states, “If you have a compelling story, and need a makeover shoot an email. Really tell us why you DESPERATELY need a makeover. Include a brief bio of who you are with your name, age, and occupation. Tell us your story and why you need a makeover. Attach recent photos. Don’t forget a phone number. Must live in LA Area.”



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  1. Jilyse Rudd Says:

    Rupaul you are one fierce lady!
    I am so disappointed that this show is only in LA. I live in a very small town in Virginia and need some drag queen fierceness in my life! The reruns and DVRing isn’t enough. My two year old and husband are my life, and as a massage therapist I never take enough time to dragtize myself. You ladies make my days and nights and every free second I get when Im not stuck watching spongebob. Sharon Needles and of course Rupaul for life! Wish I could see your gorgeous faces in person!

    Love always!
    Jilyse Rudd

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