One More Try For The One That Got Away THE VOICE
November 8, 2012
Miles Teller, Justin Chon, Skylar Astin – 21 AND OVER Movie Preview
November 12, 2012
One More Try For The One That Got Away THE VOICE
November 8, 2012
Miles Teller, Justin Chon, Skylar Astin – 21 AND OVER Movie Preview
November 12, 2012

Season Three Playoff Results
Reality Competition,
NBC Television 2012.
Starring; Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, CeeLo Green, Blake Shelton, Christina Milian, and Carson Daly.
Featuring; Terry McDermott, Joselyn Rivera, Julio Cesar Castillo, Bryan Keith,
Loren Allred, Amanda Brown, Melanie Martinez, Liz Davis, Michaela Paige, Cassadee Pope, De’ Borah, Diego Val, MacKenzie Bourg, Devyn DeLoera, Trevin Hunte, Dez Duron, Sylvia Yacoub, Nicholas David, Cody Belew and Adrianna Louise.

#TeamXtina #TheVoice #NBC

Play-off Elimination: Team Xtina

With her team watching, Xtina learns whom America has saved and then chooses whom to save herself. The first name to be called that is saved is Dez Duron. The second named called is Sylvia Yacoub. The three remaining artists were De’Borah, Adriana and Devon. It was up to their coach Christina to save one. “Please never ever…don’t let anyone or anyone’s opinion ever define who you are. You guys are so special and so talented. If I allowed people to affect me I wouldn’t be where I am today. I didn’t win a television competition years ago early on in my career but that never stopped me. Take this opportunity from here look beyond the show. This is just the beginning for all of you ” were Christina’s words of advice. “This person didn’t have the opportunity to completely showcase everything that you had.”Christina chose Adrianna to move on to the top twelve.


#TeamCeeLo #TheVoice #NBC

Play-off Elimination: Team CeeLo

CeeLo’s team learns whom America saved and who their colorful coach wants to save. Standing on stage to learn their fate with singers Nicholas, McKenzie, Trevin, Cody and Deigo. Host Carson Daly announced who America’s top picks were: Trevin Hunte, and Nicholas David. The three left for coach Cee Lo to save one out of McKenize, Cody or Diego. Words of wisdom from Cee Lo to his team mates were: “As always this experience is not only important but it’s iconic in all of our lives…you soldiers of fortune you take these pieces of silver and gold and re-invest in yourself in your homes you come from and the communities you come from…I will always be with you in spirit and support…red ’til I’m dead.” He picked on the “grounds of most improved.” Cee Lo chose Cody Belew.

Team Cee Lo


#TeamBlake #TheVoice #NBC

Play-off Elimination: Team Blake

Blake’s five remaining artist learn who’s moving ahead – and who’s heading home. Team Blake awaited for their fate. They included: Cassaded, Julio, Terry and Liz. The first named called that was saved was Terry McDermott. The second name was Cassadee Pope. Then, there were three. Blake had to choose just one. Blake begun by saying, “There’s noting more exciting when America makes it’s decision. And there’s also nothing more disappointing at the same time…of the three each one of them have done everything that I have asked them to do. I think any one of the three of y’all could go on to win this thing. Where my heart is and which one of you. I have to go with my heart and emotion. I have to pick Michaela.”


#TeamAdam #TheVoice #NBC

Play-off Elimination: Team Adam

Adam’s team of five learns how America voted – and which one of them will be saved by their coach. Team Adam stood with Carson Daly and consisted of: Joselyn, Bryan, Loren, Amanda, and Melanie. Daly called the name of the first contestant receiving the most votes which was Amanda Brown. Next, was Bryan Keith. Who was left on the stage of Team Adam were Melanie, Loren, and Joselyn. Adam said “I love you guys. This is not fun. There’s only five of you left. No one is better than the other. Loren you are the most improved player. Joselyn, you are so young and so talented and sing better than I could. You are so amazing. Melanie, you are so incredible and unique. There couldn’t be three more different people here. Moving forward, I’m going to choose Melanie.”


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