Son Throws Flaming Daggers at Mom on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 18 Auditions Week 2 Recap

A New Golden Buzzer is Born on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 18 Premiere Recap!
May 30, 2023
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June 7, 2023
A New Golden Buzzer is Born on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 18 Premiere Recap!
May 30, 2023
Awkward Cringeworthy Scenarios on THE BIG D Review Sneak-Peek!
June 7, 2023
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Son Throws Flaming Daggers at Mom on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 18 Auditions Week 2 Recap

Pictured: Ray Wold -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

“America’s Got Talent” (AGT) season 18 week 2 of auditions showcased a slew of dancers, singers, and the cringey danger acts!  Simon gave his Golden Buzzer to one lucky incredibly talented young singer.  Many more acts displayed their talents who are from other countries. Which leads us to question, is America running out of talent?

Over the years, AGT has prevailed as the most coveted show for a talent to get the most exposure on.  “Sainted” choir stated before their audition, AGT is a place to put artists on the map.

SAINTED Choir calls themselves a “track choir” as in they sing track songs. They’re from the South, and said it was God’s idea to come onto AGT.  They said they also wanted to be on AGT because it’s always been a place to put artists on the map. They said they wanted to come and shine today. The choir not only sang, they had choreographed moves as well.  They sang “Just Wanna Rock.”

Howie reacted that her fan said it all, “Shook,” they left them shook and could see them at Coachella.  Heidi agreed and she loved their vibe and choreography. Sofia called it one of her favorite auditions.  “It was fun. The voices are amazing.” Simon reacted that he loved everything about this.  He thanked them and God because he brought them here. He called them amazing and current and they got “that amazing lead vocal halfway through.”  It was all “yes” votes from the judges!

MORE DANCING…A Japanese dance troupe of 18 young women called “AVANTGARDEY” performed a flawless dance routine in-sync and dressed as school girls.  Heidi told them they were beyond in-sync and they think outside the box.  She said she saw their “Japanese soul.” Sofia called it “something weird that we’ve never seen.”  Simon said “that was genius” and he was happy that they came all the way from Japan.  Howie told them, while beating his chest and head, that he loved everything that they do and gave them their first “yes” vote.

Pictured: Avantgardey — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

RAMADHANI BROTHERS – They’re a head balancing brother duo that displayed a rare act that no one has ever seen.  One brother balanced the other brother who was turned upside down on his head.  So, it was head-to-head, while the other brother walked up and down the stairs.  They performed this physical act so effortlessly appearing with ease.  It truly was amazing to watch.  Then, the finale stunt of their act was going up and down a ladder on the stage right in front of the judges.  They were successful without fail.

Pictured: Ramadhani Brothers — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Everyone loved this impressive display.  Howie reacted “that is the scariest, most dangerous act I have ever seen on America’s Got Talent.” He was speechless. Hiedi yelled “this is how you do it” and she was sweating and screaming along. She loved them. Sofia called it “spectacular…the most exciting, fun, scary.”  Simon said “unbelievably from start to finish as close to perfection that I’veseen over the years.”  There were “yes” votes from all of the judges.


Lambros is a 10-year-old dancer.  Lambros told the judges that he is currently attending a dance school.  His dance was very high energy and appeared to be mostly freestyle. He got a standing ovation from all the judges, Simon included.  Lambros was crying at the end.  He said he gets bullied at school, and the solo he performed really meant a lot to him.  Heidi told hme
Howie told him he danced with such soul and precision,  It’s the ultimate revenge on the bullies. He said he loves dancing so much and won’t let anyone stop him.  Sofia told him it was spectacular.  Simon told him he has natural stage presence and that’s something you can’t fake.  He told him to go back to school with his head held high. Simon added that if he still has trouble with bullies, he and the rest of the judges and Terry will go to the school to “sort them out.” Lambros received all “yes” votes to move on to the next round.


Putri is a singer from Indonesia and it was her first time in America. Says she’s been singing since she was born.  Her dream is to be big like Whitney Houston and to win “the Grammy award.”  She wants to get into the Juilliard School of Music and wants to win AGT.’

She placed herself at the piano and began to play and sing.  After she was done playing, Simon jumped on stage to approach her and by that time, her father came out.  Simon asked her to sing her second song.  She said of course, and before starting said this song is “special for Simon.”

She was so excited afterwards and said she couldn’t believe she was there right now.  Howie told her that “a lot of people don’t believe in angels, but one just landed on our stage.”  Heidi said she loved how she switched from her head voice to her chest voice, and then Patricia told Heidi that that first song was her original song.  The audience cheered and went crazy.

Simon told her she has a kind of glow about her.  Simon asked her, “is there something you want?  She answered that she really wants to go to Julliard.  Simon said, “okay, I don’t know if this will help” as he stood up and gave her his Golden Buzzer.

Pictured: Putri Ariani — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Simon said he pushed the Golden Buzzer “because she’s brilliant’  Simon picked-up a handful of the Golden Buzzer confetti and placed it in her hand.  She told Siimon that he made her dreams come true.  

MANDY MUDEN (Magician)

Mandy is from the UK.  She said it hasn’t been easy being a female magician and was “very scared” about being on AGT because it’s the biggest show on the planet.  Her dream is to perform in the AGT show in Las Vegas.  Mandy said being British, she loves America and wanted to get out of the UK.

Mandy’s magic trick went perfectly.  The trick consisted of the judges selecting different books from her large bags along with slips of paper.  At the end, all of the words in their books were in sync and matched up for her trick.

Sofia told Mandy that she is “so funny,” and didn’t expect to have so much fun.  Howie told her that he loves her and is a huge fan of hers. He told her that she deserves her own show and he would go see her in Las Vegas.  Simon said “we saw everything,  You’re mind reading, you’re funny, you’re naughty.” He called her funny and all the judges voted “yes.”


Pictured: Zoe Erianna — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Zoe is six-years-old and came out on the stage all by herself.  Simon asked her “who is your favorite judge?” Zoe answered all of them, but she likes Sofia the most.  Simon asked her if she’s going to win?  She answered “yes.”

Zoe sang “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga.  Heidi told her “very well done” and she loves how she flicks her hair and points.  Simon told her she is “fearless”  Literally fearless and he loved the fact that she remembered all of the hand movements.  “Every single person here loved the audition,” he told her.  It was four “yes” votes from the judges.  


Muhamed was a Guiness Book world record setter.  Breaking 148 coconuts is his record, and he was there to attempt to break his own record of breaking the most coconuts.  Muhamed slammed down on the coconuts with his hands which were protected with hand slings.  After making it halfway, the time was up and the Guiness Book judicator counted how many coconuts were split in half.  Only 28.  Simon pushed his “x” buzzer and said it’s not even close. 

MITCH ROSSELL (Country Singer)

Pictured: Mitch Rossell — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

While waiting backstage, Country musician Mitch Rossell from Tennessee, told his backstory He lost his Dad when he was ten-years-old to a drunk driver.  He lost his grandfather who was also impacted by the driver.  They were all driving to the same intersection. Some time after that, Mitch decided that he would learn to play the guitar because it was the only thing that his dad asked him to do.  Before his AGT audition, he said he was feeling excited and nervous.

Simon asked Mitch what his dream is.  Mitch said his dream is to reach his full potential.  Mitch decided to sing his original song.  He said the song is a true story about his life.  The song was about that tragic night that his father was killed in the accident.  Mitch got a standing ovation from all the judges and audience, and he got emotional.

Heidi told Mitch “you wrote a beautiful song there” and everyone in this room was feeling what you were singing.  Howie said “the words and emotion you sing with… what a great sentiment. What great beautiful words.”  Mitch said it’s when he had a son that he finally wrote about it.
Sofia told him his voice was amazing and the song was amazing.  Simon said he loved his voice and song.  He said that you could hear a pin drop, which was a good sign.  He called it a brilliant audition.  Simon said a million billion percent “yes.”  

It’s their first time performing.  Ray’s mom decided to help him out with his act when his friends kept cancelling. His mom is 85-years-old.  She told the judges that Ray is the youngest of her eight kids.

Pictured: Ray Wold — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Heidi reacted, “it was such a hot mess. I loved it!”  Sofia said she loved that it’s a family act and his mom is the star of the show. Howie told him “you shouldn’t throw knives at your mother.”  Simon said he loved this act and has never seen anyone throw knives at their mom.

Howie told the mom “for your safety, I’m going to say ‘no.'”  Simon asked, do we want to see a son throw flaming daggers at their mum again?  The answer is yes we do!!  His mom walked to the far right side of the stage to meet and hug Simon.



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