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TEXAS WOMEN: Hannah and Anna Living Together on Reality TV!

Posted on August 26 2011 by Editor

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TEXAS WOMEN: Hannah and Anna Living Together on Reality TV!

CMT’s new show “Texas Women” takes a fresh look on the lives of young women. These women live in Fort Worth, Texas. And these women do things like barrel racing, raising bulls, modeling, and singing country. In it’s first season, the show already has a loyal fan base and “Texas Women” roommates Hannah and Anna talk to us about life on reality television.

One of the creators of the show approached them with the concept of “Texas Women” and wanted them to be on the show. Anna said she thought it was a great opprotunity to show-off their lifestyle being cowgirls and “show people what we are all about”.

"Texas Women" (l-r) Anna, Hannah, Ali, and Brooke

Hannah says that unlike other reality shows “we aren’t afraid of getting dirty”, unlike “Housewives who are shopping and going out to dinner…we don’t see them out in the dirt breaking horses and working bulls”.

Anna says “Texas Women” is bigger and better because “we are all individual women working our tails off to pursue our passions.”

When asked about the two reality stars on-camera fight. Ann responded, “we are opposites. We had to find our boundaries. If we had not gotten into our fight, we would not be as close as we are today.”

As for what viewers can expect to see this season, Hannah says later in the show, she drifts apart from Brooke (a professional barrel racer on the show). Also coming up, audiences will see a lot of emotions, and a lot of crying according to the girls. Hannah says she’s not a big crier “so, if people see me crying it’s real”.

“Texas Women” airs every Thursday night on CMT at 10pm ET/PT


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