The Banker Revealed on DEAL OR NO DEAL ISLAND Finale Episode Part 2 Recap

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The Banker Revealed on DEAL OR NO DEAL ISLAND Finale Episode Part 2 Recap

Pictured: Ben Crofchick -- Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

Viewers of “Deal or No Deal Island” were left on a cliffhanger last week not knowing who would exit from the maze first, Rob or Amy.  The theme of this episode pegged by its players is “determination.” 

These final four players: Rob, Amy, Stephanie, and Jordan are all extremely determined for different reasons. 

Stephanie claims that she’s “the most determined.”  Jordan calls herself “the silent killer.”  All Rob ever wanted was to “control the game.”  And Amy, competing for her family, can’t give up on herself.

Rob got a three-minute time penalty after getting caught cheating when sneaking a peek at Amy’s correct answer to last week’s Excursion.  As punishment, his time penalty started when the last player (who was Jordan) entered the maze.

Pictured: (l-r) Jordan Fowler, Stephanie Mitchell — Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

In the cliffhanger, Amy and Rob were the last two players left in the maze.  As the rules have it, the player to come out of that maze last, is the one being eliminated from the game. 

What the overhead camera view showed was Amy in the lead in the maze and that remained to be the case to the end when she arrived back at the beginning mark before Rob.  Through her false alliance with Rob, it indeed came down to her and Rob and as she wanted.  Amy in fact beat Rob!

Amy exclaimed “finally I beat Rob!”  Rob called his defeat “indescribable.”  The three women gave some final words to Rob.  Jordan said they admire his mentorship with Aron and hope to have the same impact someday. 

Amy recognized Rob’s admirable competitive edge at an older age.  Stephanie didn’t really have any words except for “thank you Rob.”  Speaking of..the next player would be eliminated once the cases were open!

Pictured: (l-r) Kamari Love, Ben Crofchick, Amy McCoy — Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

The Second Contestant Eliminated:

The two players with the higher value cases would advance to the next Excursion. The lowest amount case was eliminated immediately.  Jordan’s case held $3.5 million.  Stephanie’s case was $3 million, and inside Amy’s case was the highest value at $3.75 million. GOODBYE Stephanie!!!!!!!!!!!

Host Joe Manganiello announced that the final case amount that the winner would be playing The Banker for is $10,107,000.  This game was now between Amy and Jordan.  But, first, the final Excursion.


The last Excursion would have been a tough one for Stephanie, who’s afraid of heights, for sure!  Too bad she wasn’t there for this one.  The two players had to walk a high wire from opposite sides to collect a golden case after reaching the red rope in the middle first.  If they fell, they had to climb back up and start again from the beginning.  

The player to get to the red rope and case first, got to battle the Banker in the final game of “Deal or No Deal.”

There was a lot on the line for Jordan who was playing for her sick mom and unemployed father.  She said there’s no other option for her but to win.  

Once on the ropes, Amy proceeded to fall twice, and Jordan only once even after Amy tried her darndest to make Jordan fall again by shaking the rope with her feet.  It didn’t work!

Because Jordan still made it to the red rope first which meant she won the Excursion and the spot to play against The Banker.
Inside that gold case was the highest amount from the prior Excursion of $3.75 million. 

Pictured: Ben Crofchick — Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

Meeting The Banker!

Before she got to play the last game, Jordan met The Banker who exited from his helicopter.  The Banker will be very familiar to fans of the original “Deal or No Deal” game show. A lot of fans already called it on social media.  The Banker is revealed to be previous host and current executive producer Howie Mandel.

Howie asked Jordan if she thinks she has what it takes to go all the way in the game??  Jordan answered that she knows she has what it takes!


The Banker’s Ultimate Opponent!

111 — Jordan Fowler — Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

Jordan arrived at the Temple full of all the cast members previously eliminated from the island.  Aron told her she’s the “kindest” and is “super deserving” of the players there.  
Rob stated that Jordan was doing something right to be able to go to Temple each week and NOT have immunity and not have a target on you.  

The Banker (Howie Mandel) joined the game in-person to make his offers and try to be daunting to Jordan. 

The highest value cases from every Excursion this season were added to the board, along with one case with all those cases total which was $13,857,000.

After opening three large number cases, The Banker offered Jordan $203,000. Jordan replied “no deal.”  The Banker’s next offer was $607,00 before opening three more cases.

Jordan was suddenly left with only three high value cases.  It was a Banker’s board.  $1,197,000 was his next offer which Jordan also turned down.  Jordan, unfortunately, opened the $13,857,000 case.  After that, $4.5 million and $5 million cases were the only high case values left.

The Banker’s new offer was $1,230,000 which was the highest offer in the history of “Deal or No Deal” and was only offered due to those last two high value cases.  Jordan said when Joe presented the Deal button she saw her answer.  It was a “Deal” for her!

Of course the Banker wanted to know if he made a good deal or not!  When Jordan opened her number 19 case to reveal that $1,000 was inside, the Banker was upset.  A “good deal” for Jordan, and not such a good deal for The Banker.

The show caught up to Jordan and her husband five months later where she announced that they were expecting a baby!  It was a very happy ending.  
Stay tuned for new players and new games in season 2 of “Deal or No Deal Island.”  To try out for the show, apply here – DONDI Casting



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