The ‘Beast’ Returns on THE BACHELOR Season 24 Premiere Recap

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January 16, 2020
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The ‘Beast’ Returns on THE BACHELOR Season 24 Premiere Recap

ABC’s “The Bachelor” returned for its 24th season with Peter Weber taking the helm in the pilot’s seat. Literally, Peter is that dashing pilot and third place runner-up on Hannah Brown’s “The Bachelorette” season. Hannah ditched Peter for the lying and cheating Jed Wyatt. More on that later as we recap this special three-hour premiere episode.

In typical “The Bachelor” fashion, the show started with some major teasers to the final rose episode (Yeah, a bit early) of the season! Then went into catching-up with what Peter’s been up to lately. Followed by some video packages of various female contestants this season. These are the girls that the producers of the show think have the most romantic potential with Peter.

Next, we go into the traditional women’s exiting of the limos greeted by Peter in front of “The Bachelor” mansion. Regular viewers will know to pay special attention to the first woman out of the limo presented to Peter. In this case, it was Alayah, an orthodontics assistant. Now, pay special attention to this girl for the rest of the season. In past seasons, it has been the case where the first female or male (depending on which franchise you’re watching) out of the limo was the one the Bachelor or Bachelorette chose at the end.

There was one female whom Peter had met previously before the show, her name is Kelly. The other women in the house were immediately on guard because she already had a leg-up on the show having some history with Peter.

The show came through with some memorable and creative introductions which happen each season. They included one girl wearing a windmill on her back, another girl, who is a flight attendant wearing wings on her back. Then there was the contortionist girl who arrived in a suitcase. Another contestant arrived with her “emotional support” animal which happened to be a cow, and left it with Peter. Even Hannah Brown got in on the action by arriving in the very last limo to give Peter his wings back. He had given them to her upon meeting her the first night on “The Bachelorette.”

Pictured (l-r): DEANDRA, PETER WEBER / Photo: ABC/John Fleenor

During the cocktail party, which follows the limo introductions, Peter had some major chemistry with another Hannah, Hannah Ann, Madison, Victoria P. and of course Kelly. Hannah Ann got the first impression rose.

Pictured clockwise: MADISON, KELLEY, HANNAH ANN, VICTORIA P./ Photo: ABC/Maarten de Boer

NOT in typical ‘Bachelor fashion, however, was that the premiere episode was bumped up from the standard two hours to a special three-hour broadcast. In this episode, viewers got to dive-in to the first one-on-one date and the beginning of Peter’s first group date of the season. And oh boy, was it a doozy!! Some major drama lead to a nice first episode cliff-hanger.


It was time to see who made the best impressions on Peter as it was time for the first ‘Bachelor elimination with the handing-out of the roses.

The women who got roses were: Victoria P., Madison, Kelly, Lexi, Savannah. Lauren, Tammy, Alayah, Jasmine, Sydney, Natasha, Mckenna, Deandra, Sarah, Alexa, Kelsey, Peyton, Kiarra, Courtney, Shiann, and Victoria F. The women who left with NO roses included: Cali, Maurissa, Kartrina. 


He took the girls to where he learned to fly.  Peter told them that flying is where his parents met and it’s naturally in his blood.  Two female guests joined Peter who were also pilots.  They were there to help him weed-out the girls through testing.  They got quizzed on aviation terminology.   Next, the girls had to get on an gyroscope simulated ride which rotated around in a huge aerial globe.   Victoria P. was freaking-out because she gets motion sick easily and threw-up on the Tea Cup ride at Disneyland.  Victoria made it through the gyroscope, followed by running to the bathroom to vomit.  Peter was impressed that she pushed herself and followed-up with her with a bottled water.

NEXT, the ladies competed with each other in an obstacle course where the winner won a sunset flight tour over the city with Peter.  Kelly, who’s an attorney, won by cheating her way straight through the course, rather than looping around the obstacles during the final stretch.  All the girls were peeved about this.  Upon confrontation, Kelly showed zero remorse and could care less about cheating.  She responded that she didn’t think that the rules were that “strict.” 
During the after party portion of the date, Victoria P. got more time with Peter, who proceeded to give her some flowers by taking them from a tree outside the door. Victoria said she had never gotten flowers from a date before.

One-on-one date card: Madison got the one-on-one date card. The card read, “I want to show you what forever looks like.”

After her time with Peter during the sunset flight, Kelly went-in to get more alone time with Peter and interrupted Shiann’s time with Peter.  Peter was floored by the irony of the fact that he and Kelly being in the exact same place on the show as where they first met a month ago at a different after party.   Kelly and Peter had some major sparks which prompted Peter to pick her up onto a counter and make-out.  Thus, Kelly got the group date rose.  The women in the party were feeling super jealous and upset over Kelly.


Peter took Madison to his parents house down the street to a wedding. (Fun Fact: Peter grew up around the corner from “The Bachelor” mansion and while on the Jimmy Kimmel show, told the story of almost getting caught sneaking onto the property with his buddies when he was in high school). Madison got to meet his family and parents who didn’t know she was coming.  Peter’s parents – Peter and Barbara were renewing their vows.  Peter made a speech and officiated the wedding.  Then his parents read their own vows which was very touching and emotional.  After the wedding, Madison told Peter’s mom, Barbara, that she’s felt that she’s known Peter her whole life and called it the best date she’s ever had.

Madison actually caught the bouquet from Barbara and she felt it was a sign.  This feeling proceeded into the night time where Madison told Peter she felt very comfortable with him, and his family. Madison stated that it felt like she’s known Peter forever. Pretty much, she’s convinced herself that it’s meant to be. She threw it out there to Peter that she’s always said that she wants to marry someone like her dad. In response, Peter forewarned that he sees her heart and will make sure to protect that. But, on the flip side, he’s living in the moment, and there’s no telling if he will perhaps unwillingly hurt her in the near future in the process that is “The Bachelor.” That conversation led to a kiss. And Peter gave Madison the date rose. After that, the two were serenaded at the wedding reception by Country artist Tennille Townes.


The second date card, which was the first group date, was delivered at the house. The card read: “I hope this isn’t awkward.” At the start of the date, Peter announced to the women that “someone” set-up the date for him and he has no idea what the date was. When they got inside, they were all greeted by Hannah Brown! Her second time appearing on the show within the first few days. These women were not happy.


Hannah said when they went on their date, she didn’t know if Peter had what it takes to handle her – “The Beast. ” She told them the story of the famous Windmill Date. Hannah said it was “the real story of the windmill.” After that, Hannah advised the ladies to be more confident with their sexuality. And, on this date they would have to tell a story about sex in front of a live audience. She told them that Peter will always mean a lot to her and always hold a place in her heart. Hmmm….forewarning??


In a behind-the-scenes conversation between Hannah and a producer, Hannah revealed that she still cares for Peter and got a bit emotional. Hannah was crying and Peter showed-up to console her. He said “this is weird, but…how are you doing?” Hannah – “not okay.” He asked Hannah how was her fist night back at the mansion. She replied “terrible.”

Then Peter revealed that he was hoping Hannah was “coming in” that night rather than “dropping something off.” Then Hannah cried and stated that she ‘really f$%cked-up.” which we assume she’s talking about the moment she chose chose Jed over Peter. Yeah, BIG MISTAKE!!

Hannah told Peter that she “questioned a lot.” Then Peter had questions of his own. He said he thought he was confused and didn’t know. “I don’t know what I’m doing” he told Hannah. Then asked Hannah what would she say if he invited her to come and be part of that house. She replied that she didn’t know. Peter asked if she regret sending him home. “Yes, Peter I question it all the time.” Peter said he had “zero doubt” and even thought when she called Jed’s name, that she called him.

Hannah said “I broke everyone’s heart and my own in this experience.” Hannah said she didn’t expect that there would be that much spark still between them. “I knew something was there.” Peter responded in his confessional that he can’t help how his heart feels and when he looks at Hannah, he just wants to kiss her. “I feel like such a jerk because I have such an awesome group of girls here who genuinely want this to work.”

TO BE CONTINUED: Teaser footage was shown of excerpts from the rest of the date and some women wanting to leave if Hannah stays.

“The Bachelor” airs Mondays at 8 pm PT on ABC.



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