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THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE: Debbie Gibson, Arsenio Hall – What to Expect!

Posted on February 14 2012 by Editor

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THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE: Debbie Gibson, Arsenio Hall – What to Expect!

"The Celebrity Apprentice" (l-r) Arsenio Hall, and Debbie Gibson

The latest installment of NBC’s “The Celebrity Apprentice” is bringing a new slew of celebrity contestants who will compete against each other in a variety of business oriented challenges in hopes of winning the most money for their chosen charities. At best, it’s fund-raising to the extreme. At worst, it’s celebrity back-stabbing and squabbling.

Two of those celebrities that viewers will see this season when it returns on Sunday, February 19th are former talk show host and comedian/actor Arsenio Hall and singer/actress Debbie Gibson. HOLLYWOOD JUNKET recently participated in a press conference phone call with them along with Donald Trump. Listen to the audio in the video player below:

Debbie Gibson said that when first considering doing the show, she was concerned that it might be “taxing” on her nervous system and first reacted with “do I really want to put myself through this”. Gibson said that the show is a great opprotunity to “shine a big light” on all of the projects that she is working on. “Ultimately the charity aspect is the backbone of the show. “If you’re going to get up on very little sleep and run around and basically achieve the nearly impossible in 24 hour periods of time” Gibson said for the charity sake it was worth it and was incredible to be a part of.

Donald Trump interview here:

“It was the best show business experience I had other than the Wayne Brady day time talk show” – Hall
Arsenio Hall stated that he is a fan of the show and “always wanted to do the show but I live in L.A. and I’m a single dad. Didn’t think I could leave my home for 2 months at a time. But my son is twelve now and it happens to be the 20th anniversary of the Magic Johnson Foundation which I’ve been a part of for a long time. So it just seemed like this was the year that all things were pointing to the fact that this was the time to help the organization.” Hall stated that he was glad that he did, and “was probably the best show business experience Ive ever had other than the Wayne Brady day time talk show.”

“Lisa was our Meatloaf of this season” – Hall
As for the topic of rivalries this season, Gibson said that she found herself having to stick-up for Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza a lot. “I think that people were very hard on Dayana. She is a beauty queen and people assume that beauty queens can’t be creative and resourceful and smart. I thought they were extra hard on her,” said Gibson.

Hall said that he had a problem with “everyone.” But, more specifically with Victria Gotti. “I’m happy to be alive today,” said Hall. He also said “Lisa was really on Miss Universe. Lisa was our Meatloaf of this season.”

Trump agreed, “Lisa was brutal. Lisa surprised me because she’s much more emotional than I thought she’d be and not just in terms of tough,” said Trump. Hall added “her (Lisa) and Lou Ferrigno cried every hour”.

“Most people who are famous or relatively successful they probably don’t do manual labor” -Hall
Hall stated on what’s different about this season, “I think they made it more task and work oriented vs. fund raising oriented. I felt that the one with the richest friends wasn’t necessarily going to succeed this season. They made it more complicated than making a phone call. They made it almost imperative that you live and die with hard work and long hours.” Hall also stated that for celebrities, it was the manual labors and bossy order that made the game most difficult. “So, it’s when Clay Akien screams at someone and says I said clean those bugs out of that pot now! That’s when the show gets hard. It’s when the person who makes all the decisions in their life and no one tells them what to do is now not only being told what to do but to do some nasty manual labor. it seems that the really tough things of that nature combined made the hardest and most interesting television moments by the way”, expressed Hall.

Gibson commented that the visibility that “The Celebrity Apprentice” provides for a celebrity makes it worth doing the show. “We do live in a different world now and this kind of visibility…I think unless I really make an idiot of myself it’s only going to enhance everything else that I’m doing. I actually went to Cyndi Lauper’s manager. It’s just the visibility factor is amazing with this show.”


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