THE CHOICE: Women Celebrities- They’re No Angels!

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THE CHOICE: Women Celebrities- They’re No Angels!

FOX’s new spin on blind dating combined with speed dating, “The Choice” hosted by Cat Deeley (So You Think You Can Dance) will feature it’s first and one and only episode of celebrity women seeking non-celebrity male contestant daters!

HOLLYWOOD JUNKET was on the set during the filming of all six episodes filmed for FOX. Up until the series of shows got to the women, we thought that the male celebrities were bad..but they proved to be quite polite compared to the women who are (going from the order they were seated onstage from left to right: Carmen Electra (Baywatch), Rima Fakih (Miss USA 2010), Sophie Monk (Date Movie), and Hope Dworaczyk (Playboy 2009, The Celebrity Apprentice). Carmen Electra received the biggest applause from the audience.

(L-R) Hope Dworaczyk, Sophie Monk, Rima Fakih, Carmen Electra

Proving to be indeed the youngest out of the bunch, Rima Fakih was also the most spoiled and the rudest to the male contestants out of all of the celebrity women. Second in rude factor was Sophie Monk. During the “blind” first round where the celebrities backs are turned to the contestant daters, after listening to some of the male voices, Fakih turned her chair around with a few regrets and blatantly let it be known to these men by pulling her love handle numerous times in the opposite direction expressing her desire to undo her choice. To one man she said that she didn’t like that fact he was wearing lifts in his shoes.

Actress Sophie Monk also picked-apart some of the men. In one incident she told a contestant that she didn’t like sideburns. On more than one occasion, the show’s producers came to the stage and talked to the women. After the producers left the stage, it seemed that the women tried to tone it down a bit as to not hurt the male daters’ feelings as much. It is more than likely that much of the content that we saw during the taping of the show will not be in the final cut of the show which airs tonight.

Fakih tried to contaminate Dworaczyk’s dating pool by trying to sway her to pick a less attractive man during Hope’s last choice round when the other celebrities must help the last celebrity to choose a date. Dworaczyk and Monk both asked the male contestants if they have cheated in the past. All of the men said no, but not very convincingly.

Two major surprises was the man that Fakih, who thought she was the queen bee on the show, ultimately ended up choosing, and the intense chemistry that Carmen Electra had with a contestant. Contrary to what men may think about women, these particular women put more emphasis on looks than what the men had to say in the first round. Host Deeley stated to the women, “It’s like shopping”. However, during the question and speed dating rounds, this is where the men got their chance to win over their ladies.

This is one episode of “The Choice” that viewers will not want to miss! It airs tonight at 9/8 c on FOX



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