Why it’s Not Daisy on THE BACHELOR Season 28 Finale and NEW BACHELORETTE!

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Why it’s Not Daisy on THE BACHELOR Season 28 Finale and NEW BACHELORETTE!

Pictured: JOEY GRAZIADEI, DAISY --- Photo by: Disney/John Fleenor

“The Bachelor” season 28 finale opened with Joey Graziadei recapping his relationships with the two women who were left – Daisy and Kesley.  As viewers saw, the two women ended their journey together after reuniting in the hotel after they each had their last dates with Joey. 

Producers stayed with the popular theme of women supporting each other being carried over from the women on “The Golden Bachelor.”  And also very reminiscent from Clayton’s season when viewers first saw the grand gesture between finalists Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windy who navigated that turmoil together. 

Joey had said he was intrigued with Kelsey since night one, and when she opened-up during their first one-on-one date, it was hard to get her out of his mind.  Joey said with Kelsy,  “I can see what true love and happiness is like.”

But, then there’s Daisy.  He said she had a hold on him since she stopped out of the Christmas tree truck outside of the mansion on the first night.  “I have zero doubts that a life with Daisy would be special.  I can see us having a really beautiful life together.” 

With all of that specialness from both women, Joey was still dealing with thoughts of one of the women leaving him standing up at the Final Rose Ceremony.  But, before that, both women had to meet Joey’s parents and siblings!


Daisy was up first! Daisy told Joey’s sisters that she’s been falling in love with Joey and if he indeed got down on one knee she would say “yes” because now she IS in love with him.  Daisy said she can see the rest of her life with him and the thought of losing him is scary. 

Joeys’ sisters told him that Daisy and him seem “very compatible.  Joey agreed but he could sense that Daisy was holding back. He chalked it up to the fact that there is still one other woman – Kelsy, that he’s dating.  When Daisy spoke to Joey’s mom, Cathy, she stressed how resilient and strong she is, and added, “I love very deeply, and I love very big.”  Daisy admitted to putting up walls from her last relationship.  Cathy responded that “The Bachelor” is a difficult process if you’re afraid of getting hurt.   Daisy said Joey is worth it.

Overall, Joey’s family really loved Daisy and suggested to Joey that she was expressively very much into him, which they could see, as well as her verbally stating how she loves him. 


Photo by: Disney/John Fleenor

Kelsey was next.  Kelsey got choked-up telling Joey’s family about her mother who has passed.  Cathy said the emotional connection that Joey and Kelsey have is very obvious.  Joey’s sisters were a bit turned-off by Kelsey after asking her if she felt ready to be married.  Kelsey was very nonchalant and was like if it happens it happens.  If not, no big deal.  Kesley said she’s not on a timeline of getting married.  When it’s the right person it makes sense to her and she thinks that Joey is ‘the one.’

The sisters told Joey about Kelsy’s response.  They sensed a little bit of doubt with Kelsey, where Daisy is very ready.  Cathy had a talk with Kelsey who broke down at the thought that she may not be the one that Joey chooses in the end.  Cathy thought that Kelsey cares very much for Joey and she expressed that “very clearly.”

Joey said “what these women deserve is for me to be fully sure. Who can I see it with?”  He still had the final dates with each women which are meant to help him decide (if still undecided at this point)!

DAISY & JOEY’S Final Date:

Photo by: Disney/John Fleenor

It was on this date that Daisy started having major doubts.  The date started out with Joey and Daisy spending some time by a waterfall.  Daisy was feeling stressed-out because she very much wanted Joey to choose her in the end.  When it came to the night time portion of the date, things started becoming crystal clear to her.

Daisy told Joey that she loves him.  Although she didn’t expect to hear it back from Joey, some type of validation from him would have been nice, she pointed-out.  In the end, Joey told her who he chooses “it’s not a right decision.  It’s the right decision for me.”  Joey was mostly concerned about how badly he was going to hurt someone that he feels deeply about.

Daisy felt that something was “off” with Joey and noticed how he didn’t talk about seeing a future with her.  Afterwards, Joey said he’s “the most conflicted” that he’s ever been. And Daisy said in her interview, “If I’m being 100%, I don’t think it’s me.”

KELSEY & JOEY’S Final Date:

Kelsey and Joey got a fun spa date.  During dinner, Kelsey said because it’s Joey, she feels that she’s ready for an engagement.  She let him know that she wants to be in his corner and wants to support him. “I just want it to be you.”  Opposite of Daisy, Kelsey said she felt that she got validation.  But, she was still worried “because there’s somebody else here.”

In the meantime, the cameras went back to Daisy who was feeling sad and hurt.  She knew something wasn’t clicking.

As soon as Joey chose the ring, it really seemed a lot like it was Kelsey’s style all the way!  He chose a classic emerald cut from Bachelor jeweler Neil Lane. 


As Daisy got ready for the Final Rose Ceremony, she was preparing herself to be let down by Joey.   So, Daisy took the initiative to go to Joey’s room (so we thought) and most likely, break up with him.  Then, after the commercial break, what viewers got was something very unexpected!  It was Kelsey’s room that she went to.

Daisy told Kelsey that there was “no form of confirmation or validation” from Joey.  For Kelsey, she got the opposite impression from Joey and told Daisy that she does love Joey so much.  By this time, Daisy was certain that she wasn’t the one.


Pictured: JOEY GRAZIADEI, DAISY — Photo by: Disney/John Fleenor

Daisy and Kelsey shared a car to the ceremony together.  This was a very first in Bachelor history on any of the shows!  Proof that producers are working over-time to come up with all different kinds of scenarios to throw audiences curve balls.

Inside the live studio with “The Bachelor” host Jesse Palmer who was interviewing cast members.  Joey’s reaction at watching Kelsey and Daisy riding in the car together was it was a day that he didn’t expect, and he’s happy to have gotten through it.  He said it was “special” to watch it back and they [Kelsey & Daisy] were “empowering each other.” 

Daisy went to Joey first at the Final Rose Ceremony.  Before Joey could finish his speech, she told him that she knew it wasn’t him.  This let a load off of Joey as he started to weep.  Daisy wished him the best, then returned to the car to also give Kelsey her best wishes.  She told her that her mother was going to “be looking down on this moment and she’s going to be so happy.”  It was truly the most heart-felt and tearful moment in a Bachelor finale.

Joey said he wondered how she knew that it wasn’t her.  He was looking forward to getting final closure with Daisy.  Then Daisy came out.


Daisy came out in front of the live studio audience to talk to Joey.  She told Joey that she got emotional watching the proposal because it was so beautiful and they’re perfect for eachother.  Jesse asked Daisy when she knew that it may not be her?  She first realized it after Rachel left and she noticed how Kelsey and Joey looked at each other.  Daisy said that was the first sign.

Daisy said she’s thankful for Joey coming into her life for a reason because before him, her light was dim. 

Jesse announced that Joey has been deemed “the greatest Bachelor” of all time.  Joey said he has his “forever” and he’s the luckiest guy that can ever be.


Pictured: JOEY GRAZIADEI, KELSEY A — Photo by: Disney/John Fleenor

Kelsey said meeting his family, it all solidified it for her.  She’s glad that Joey told her that he loves her at the end because it made it that much more special.  Joey said he felt that “I love you forever” was held out to say only to Kelsey at the end.

Kelsey said it wasn’t that hard to wait for him to reciprocate the love because all the words that he told her reassured her enough. “But it was really great to hear.” 

Their future plans include going to New Orleans, then New York.


Pictured: JESSE PALMER, DAISY, KELSEY A —Photo by: Disney/John Fleenor

Daisy was called back out to tease the next ‘Bachelorette.  Really, it was to let viewers know that she’s just not ready to be the next ‘Bachelorette.  She said she’s leaving this experience happier than when she came in. That’s because a lot of people said she had a positive impact on their lives.

Jesse said he called her back out for an additional question – is she ready to date again and find her person?  Daisy said she just celebrated her one year of getting her cochlear implant.  “I’m healthy and I’m happy,” and she said it’s time for her to focus on herself.  It was time for her to process and heal.

After that segment, Kelsey came back out to reunite with Daisy.  So, if the next Bachelorette wasn’t Daisy, and clearly not Kelsey.  Then who was it going to be?  

Time to Announce the Next BACHELORETTE!

Previous ‘Bachelorette, Charity Lawson, came out onto the stage to chat about the season and make the announcement of who the next Bachelorette is.  It was Jenn!  “She’s witty, sweet, and kind!”  Jenn, who happens to be the first Asian American Bachelorette said she feels so “grateful and honored” to be the first Asian Bachelorette.

Jenn is the next Bachelorette!



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