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ABC GAME SHOW: Casting Anonymous Contestant, Life Changing Money

Posted on December 28 2010 by Editor

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ABC is currently casting for a new game show to give away a life-changing amount of money to a well deserving and needy contestant nominated by a friend or family member.

A casting notice was placed on “” today regarding the new game show. It stated “is someone you love down on their luck and in need of a substantial sum of money to turn their life around?” I’m thinking, during this recession that could easily qualify roughly 70% of the population.

The most important rule when applying for the show which is you have to submit someone you know and they can NOT know you are doing so.

Email contact information and a description of why your friend or family member qualifies to casting at:


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  1. Lauren Pepper Says:

    Interested in my 5th grade daughter auditioning for the show: Are you Smarter than a 5th grader? She is so perfect! Really smart, funny, outgoing, witty, cute. Please let me know how to submit for an audition if they are looking for new kids…currently she is 10 yrs. old.

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