BAGGAGE: Dating Show Top Ten Shockers of 2010!

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December 20, 2010
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BAGGAGE: Dating Show Top Ten Shockers of 2010!

GSN recently came out with a list of host of their dating show, “Baggage”, Jerry Springer’s top 20 favorite items of contestants’ baggage from 2010.

While sitting in the audience at this season of “Baggage”, we have come-up with a list of our own. We’ve listed the top ten horrifying baggage contents that we witnessed from contestants below.

Sometimes daters’ baggage is too much to take. One particular male contestant went home choosing no date at all. A female dater had the choice at the end of her game between a dater who still sleeps with five of his exes or a porn star! She wanted to walk-out. But, ended-up choosing the porn star.

This season of filming also gave audiences the special treat of Springer serenading us with an Elvis impersonation performance on-set when the cameras weren’t rolling. I have to say as an Elvis fan, I was impressed! We’ve also included in this post, a video clip of Springer’s reaction to the porn star contestant in our interview with him earlier this year.

1) I am an award-winning porn star
2) I keep my foreskin in a safe
3) Slept with a woman followed by her Mother
4) I require my girlfriends to have threesomes (Jerry was shocked).
5) I scan men’s testicles in prison all day.
6) Still sleeping with five of my exes!
7) I’m terrified of being abducted by Aliens!
8- Wears underwear two days in a row
9) Wears womens jeans
10) I wear guy liner every day



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