Acts We’ve Seen Before, or Have We? AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 18 Auditions Week 3 Recap

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Acts We’ve Seen Before, or Have We? AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 18 Auditions Week 3 Recap

“America’s Got Talent” season 18 week 3 auditions had a good mix of talent acts.  A lot that were very familiar and similar to some previous acts on AGT, but with a small twists added.  There was a young ventriloquist who added magic and mentalisim into her act.  The fact that last season had its first ever aerialist act to win the show, we’ve been seeing more aerialists this season.  Tuesday’s show was no different.

We saw two aerial acts who spiced it up by adding other skills/talent into the mix.  One aerialist added her mad hula hooping skills (and fire) into her audition. Another one, added sword swallowing.  Then, we saw a stand-up comedian who is similar to Josh Blue, and a dancer whose act was a lot like Kristy Sellars (the pole dancer who included animated interactive computer generated backdrops). 

This episode was wrapped up with a heart-tugging uplifting Golden Buzzer moment, making one little boy’s dream come true.  

JOHN WINES (Musician)

John is 59-years-old from the U.K.  He said he’s a music teacher to five to six years old to 18 years-old.  John said he never thought about being on AGT before.  John tells his students not to be nervous.  So, he decided to go on AGT and he’s nervous.  John started with an electric guitar.  It was a little wobbly at first.  
The song turned into “We Will Rock You” by Queen.  The audience quickly joined in.  John is extremely talented that rivals some of the best guitar players of all time.  Deserving, he got a standing ovation from everyone including the judges.  The audience yelled “we want more…we want more!!”

Sofia said it was so much fun to watch.  John didn’t think he could be a teacher.  “Do you imagine you could be a rock star?”  John answered that his legs are going.  Simon said you look so normal and sweet then you turn into something else.  Simon loved it.  Heidi said his eyes were closed like he couldn’t believe it.  John said he was just waiting for the red “x’s” 

BRYNN CUMMINGS (Ventriloquist)

Pictured: Brynn Cummings — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Brynn is 12-years-old from Michigan who was inspired by Darcy Lynne on AGT.  Sofia asked what she would do if she wins?  She answered that she’s like to start touring like Darcy Lynne and get a dragon.

Brynn made her act original by combining ventriloquism with mentalism.  Howie said this is the season of “mashups.” The fact that she did ventriloquism , magic and mentalism at the same time, “you’re amazing!”  Heidi said she loved it too and Brynn is part comedian too. 

Simon asked when she realized she had “magic powers?”  Brynn answered when she was about nine years old.  He called her talented, charming,and people are going to root for her  She did something that was new and they hadn’t seen before.  Brynn got four “yes” votes


Roland is a singer from the Philippines.  Heidi asked if he’s a singer in the Philippines.  He answered that he does Karaoke.  Simon asked if he has a day job.  Roland said he’s a fisherman in the morning, and in the afternoon, he’s a delivery man.  Roland got a little bit emotional when he told the judges that it’s his big dream to be there on AGT.

Heidi offered Roland a hug before starting his audition.  He gladly accepted! Roland sang “When a Man Loves a Woman” classic oldie song while putting his own soulful spin on it.  The audience and judges loved it!  His voice was beautiful. 

Roland got emotional again after his performance.  Howie said “Heidi, wow, that hug really worked!”  Heidi said he couldn’t have done it better. “Mic drop,” and he should be proud of himself.  

Sofia said she has a feeling that he should stop fishing because this is where he needs to be.  Simon said he was nervous at first, thinking Roland wasn’t going to be able to do it.  Then he goes and does this!

Roland’s interpreter said Simon is his favorite judge.  He was thrilled to get to give Simon a hug!   Howie said Simon is right, it’s the emotion.  We can feel your heart, and “everyone just heard a life-changing moment.”  Roland got four “yes” votes!

ALEX & ALEX (Musicians)

Alex and Alex are two young Ukrainian musicians.  One played the harp while the other one played the guitar.  Simon asked them what their ultimate dream is.  Alex said he wants to be a pioneer of this instrument and wants to bring it everywhere from Rock, to Pop to the movies.   

After their less than moving audition performance,  Simon said he didn’t see their act as a show in Las Vegas.  So, he and the other judges said “no.”  


Riccardo is from Cecily, Italy.  Riccardo is 21-years-old and said it’s a dream to be on AGT.  Ricardo proceeded to squeeze his palms together to play a song.  Simon immediately pushed his “x”.  After Ricardo was done, the audience roared and Howie gave him a standing O. Simon asked him, “you flew all the way from Italy, to do that?”  

Howie said it doesn’t matter so much how it sounds, but where it comes from.  “Yours is hand made!”  Howie gave him a “yes” vote.  Heidi also said “yes.”  Riccardo needed only one more “yes’ vote.  Sofia was torn.  Howie asked her if she had ever seen anything like that before?  Sofia said “no” and she was going to do what the audience wanted and said “yes.” Simon was upset and told the audience that they were “absolutely nuts!”  


Pictured: Ahren Belisle — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Ahren is 28-years-old.   He joked that he can’t dance, “so I’m going to do stand-up comedy.”  He’s been doing stand-up for one year now.  It was evident that Ahren has a disability which forces him to speak through a talking device that he textes through.   

Howie asked what his process was?  Ahren said he does a text to speech app and the silence builds as the audience waits for him to type his punchline. Lol.
Simon asked what his day job is.  Ahren answered that he’s an engineer.  Ahren’s opening joke was, “I know what you’re thinking, who ordered Stephen Hawking off of”  The rest of Ahren’s act was building off of that joke where his disability was part of the act.  Very much similar to previous AGT stand-up comedian, Josh Blue. 

All of his jokes were geared at him being “handicapped.”  All of the judges really loved his act.  Simon reacted to Ahren’s audition that it was “funny, fearless…it was just a great, great audition.”  Simon predicted that this AGT appearance will change Ahren’s life.  Sofia said she hopes that he is the one comedian who finally wins AGT.  

Heidi said she was glad that he found his way. She said he’s cheeky and they all  were laughing.  Howie said Ahren has originally and is funny.   He predicted that Ahren won’t be an engineer for much longer because he will be a full time comedian.  Ahren received all “yes” votes!  

GRACE GOOD (Hula Hooper)

Pictured: Grace Good — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Grace, who is 30-years-old, got into hula hooping by teaching herself, and got into a hula hooping group in college.  She moved to Las Vegas to be a performer.  She started street performing.  She said AGT can change the course of her career.  Simon asked if she’s in a show?  She said “no.” He asked “would you like to be in a show?”  Grace said “yes.”  Simon told her that the judges are not who she has to impress.  It’s the audience.

Grace combined hula hooping with aerial moves and added fire into her act and swallowed fire for her finale.  She got a standing ovation from the judges and the audience. 


Alfie, who is 12-years-old from Manchester, England, said he’s been singing since he’s been zero years old.  He wants a sell-out tour one day.  Simon told the judges “maybe we should make a kids’ version of this show with kid judges.”  Sofia said that would be fun!

Alfie said he’s definitely nervous.  Simon noted, “the way you are dressed, looks “super cool!” Alfie was wearing a black T-shirt with jeans, just like Simon. 
Alfie sang a Lady Gaga song.  Everyone was excited over Alfie’s performance and gave him a standing ovation.  Heidi reacted, “you can really sing!  You just nailed it!”  Howie said “the only thing standing between you and an amazing music career is puberty.”

Simon told him he has a distinctive voice and “people are going to remember you, and root for you.”  Alfie got all four “yes” votes.  Simon got onstage and walked Alfie back to his mom who was backstage.  Simon told the other judges after he got back, that Alfie is going to be a “star.”

DAVID RUSH (World Record Breaker) 

David, who is a 38-year-old world record breaker, returned to AGT to attempt to break a new world record.  The last time David was on AGT was to break a shirt ripping record.  David has broken over 250 world records.  David invited Howie Mandel to help him break this new record before telling him what it was.  Then, he explained that it’s fist bumping, which is Howie’s preference for shaking hands.

Howie was reluctant at first, then agreed.  An official world record adjudicator, Michael, was there to make it official.  The existing record is 273 fist bumps in one minute. 

Pictured: (l-r) Howie Mandel, David Rush — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

The remaining judges “x” his act at the start of it.  David told Howie that it’s a two-way record, so if he breaks that record, Howie’s name will also be on the title.  After they were done and the time was up, the adjudicator had to go backstage to review the tape in order to count the fist bumps.  

When he came back, he revealed that they had 280 fist bumps which meant they broke the world record!  Howie was super excited, and he received a certificate as well.  

Simon said there’s no feedback.  “It just wasn’t an interesting world record.”  Sofia called it the most boring act she’s ever seen.  Heidi said it shouldn’t be on AGT.  Simon said it shouldn’t be anywhere.  

ALEXANDR & LENA  (Dance Act)

Alexandr and Lena are from Ukraine.  They are husband and wife who have been married for more than ten years.  They said they are friends with Light Balance Kids.  Alex said he’s a choreographer and Lena is his muse.  

Alex’s act was similar to the pole dance act last season (Kristy Sellars) where he interacted with timed animated lights shaped into objects.  Sofia called it the best thing she’s seen this season.  Simon said there was a lot of technology in the act which can be “a bit soulless.” But he combined it with so much, he thought it was brilliant. 

Heidi said there were so many “wow” moments that it was incredible.  Howie reacted that with Alex and his team coming from a country with such strife and they’re able to overcome that, and achieve this, is incredible.    Alex received four “yes” votes.


Pictured: Herwan Legaillard — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Herwan, 33-years-old, is from France and is the only artist in the family. He said when he’s on stage, it gives him confidence.  He decided to come to AGT because it’s a dream.  “I feel I have to be unique to come.  But, this is my secret.”

He kept the judges in suspense by not telling him what his act was.  He said if he won, he’d give the money to his mother.  Herwan proceeded to swallow a sword.   The finale of his act was swallowing a lit-up sword which was visible through his throat!

Heidi said she loves the combination, and she’s never seen it and he looks so good doing it.  Sofia said it was heart-stopping and told him to go to Vegas, he will be successful.  Howie said he’s very unique and he loved it.  Simon said everything about this audition is what we want and he has real showmanship. “One of the best auditions this year,”  said Simon.


Chioma Williams is eight-years-old from Georgia.  He started taking drumming classes when he was three years old.  Chioma is currently the youngest drummer at the Drum Academy.  The director said he started the academy to give younger kids an opportunity to learn an instrument before entering school. He said it’s a safe space no matter how old or young.  While being interviewed backstage, Chioma said he loves the show and made a vision board where he’s getting the golden buzzer on AGT.

Simon asked if he thinks he can win?  Chioma answered “definitely.”  The whole Drum Academy came out and they all drummed together.  They got a standing ovation from the judges and the audience.  

Howie said it was fun, it was energetic and they are adorable.  Heidi said she loves that they do something with their extra time aside from being on the computer.  Sofia told the drummers that they may have a very big chance at winning this competition.  Simon reacted,  “well, I didn’t like it….I absolutely loved it!”  He added, “seriously, what’s there not to like?” He called it one of his favorite auditions this season.

Pictured: Chioma and Atalanta Drum Academy / Photo: NBC copyright

Simon said we have to vote.  Then, Terry Crews cut in and yelled “No, we don’t have to vote!” and went over to the judges table to push the Golden Buzzer for the Drum Academy, moving them straight through to the finals!

“America’s Got Talent” airs Tuesdays at 8 -10 pm ET/PT on NBC. 



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