Simon Says Worst Act on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 18 Auditions Week 4 Recap!

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June 14, 2023
Major Plot Twist to CLAIM TO FAME Season 2!
June 23, 2023
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Simon Says Worst Act on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 18 Auditions Week 4 Recap!

Pictured (l-r) Simon Cowell, Poose The Puppet -- Photo by: Todd Williamson /Casey Durkin/NBC

More original acts had the opportunity of a lifetime to audition on season 18 of “America’s Got Talent” (AGT). There were some major surprises in the week 4 auditions episode.  AGT judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Howie Mandel were spooked by a crew of “bad talent” in a ‘Walking Dead” isque skit to start the show off, then again in real life when the first act of the episode dressed himself as a zombie!

Half way through this week’s episode, we got a silenced Simon Cowell, who is usually the most vocal judge (also AGT creator and executive producer) when he lost his voice. Co-judge Sofia Vergara who is seated next to Simon, stepped-in as his interpretar, which didn’t go so well!  This week also produced Simon’s “worst” act that he’s seen this year on AGT!

More surprises came when viewers got to witness this week a similar act to last season’s Myyas, but this act was completely blindfolded, we got an alien ventriloquist who didn’t quite understand the concept of ventriloquism!  Then, the final act was incredibly unexpected that involved setting himself on fire! 

EL INVERTEBRADO (Contortionist)

Pictured: El Invertebrado — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

The first act of the night gave the judges quite a scare!  Gabrielle, or “El Invertebrado” appeared in full zombie costume while contorting his body around a pole.  Sofia asked “who are you??!”  He answered “Gabrielle, from the Dominican Republic.”  He’s 21 and told the judges he made his costume and he has been doing this for five years.   He said in the Dominican Republic they don’t have areilsts, etc.  So, he wanted to make something of it. 

Howie told him he has combined all contortion, aerial, pole dancing into one original, amazing season 18 spectacular!  Heidi said she loves Halloween, so this act was right up her alley.  Simon said he loved everything from being scared, to being surprised and it was “a little bit creepy. But in a good way!”   After getting four “yes” votes, Gabrielle got emotional. 


The Freedom Singers group told the judges that they’re from Skid Row and “freedom singing brings them closer together.”  They’re part of the Los Angeles Community Action Network.  They were part of the art program there and met.  At one time, one member said her and her mother were houseless.  She said the Community Action Network gave her an opportunity and a chance to rebuild her life.  The group said they represent people who were houseless, transitional housing or have relatives who are houseless.  

They sang “Under the Bridge” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  They did an amazing job.  After their audition, Heidi reacted “you have a powerful voice, a powerful message.”  She said it gave her goosebumps.  Howie said the unhoused is not only a Los Angeles problem, but also a national problem, maybe a world problem and they have given them a voice.  This was needed …and they “blew the roof off this place.” Sofia said they’re going to go far in this competition and that’s what AGT is all about.  Simon called it “a really special audition” and he loved their friendship, and voices.  It was four “yes” votes. 

Terry Crews got choked up during their backstage interview.  

WARRIOR SQUAD (Acrobatics/Gymnastics)

Warrior Squad is from India.  The leader said they created the group in their village and give free training.  They range in ages from 13 to 30.  They wanted to be on AGT because it’s the biggest platform and they’re there to show their talent.  Simon told them they are rooting for them.

Warrior Squad displayed an acrobatic act where they threw each other up into the air, stacked themselves, while some members were in mid-air then turned while on top of each other. It was all done in unison. 

Sofia reacted that they all did a great job and she’d like to see more.  Heidi told them that she loved all of them, “what an amazing act.”  Howie said when they formed that pyramid, and were able to turn it was something he’s never seen before.   Simon said he’s blown away because it was like a machine, every single part had to work together. “It was amazing.’  All of the judges said “yes” to pushing them through to the next round.  

DANI KERR (Singer)

Dani said she came from North Carolina and is a singer/songwriter.  She’s always loved music but didn’t get the courage to do music until six years ago. Shortly after Dani started singing her original song, Simon raised his hand for her to stop.  The audience “booed” him.  Simon told her “I think you’re really nervous.  And I can tell how important this is to you.”   He asked her to sing her second song.  She sang another original song called “November.”  After her very successful audition, the crowd went wild.

Howie said she reminds him of Stevie Nicks.  Heidi said she heard a little bit of Dolly, a little Miley.  Sofia told Dani that she sounds amazing, and feels “real” like she said.  Simon told her she’s a great writer, authentic, and importantly, her voice is distinctive and she has a “beautiful voice.”  One of his favorites this year.  Dani got all “yes” votes.  She was overcome with emotions.

The next act was an alien dressed in a hot dog suit!

POOSE THE PUPPET  (Ventriloquist)

The act arrived at the AGT stage dressed in an Alien costume and called himself, “Zeenon.”  He said his planet is incredibly far for humans.  He was a self proclaimed ventriloquist and chose to wear a hot dog costume since it’s incredibly appealing to Americans.  He said humanity is sad and needs a message of hope.  Zeenon said his goal was to take the American dollars and donate to the needy.   Zeenon briefly went backstage to retrieve his puppet.  As soon as he started, Simon gave him his “X” buzzer that was soon followed by Sofia’s and Howie’s.  

Sofia told him “you can’t say you’re a ventriloquist when you have a mask on.”  Simon said “it’s the worst act that we’ve seen this year on the show by a mile.  Everything about that was terrible. Even your voice was annoying.”  That was it, Zeeon said because Simon didn’t like his voice, he cursed him. “You’re cursed Simon!” 

Pictured (l-r) Simon Cowell, Poose The Puppet — Photo by: Todd Williamson /Casey Durkin/NBC

The second half of the show had Simon without his voice.  Perhaps it was the curse from Zeeon!  Sofia volunteered to speak on Simon’s behalf, then turned to Heidi and Howie and told them that they were fired!  Lol!

SWEATY EDDIE (Comedy) – Sweaty Eddie came to his audition with elongated prosthetic arms.  He made a sandwich then organized a stack of wine glasses.  Simon insulted him by mouthing his disdain for his act.  Then it was time for the next act – STEVE GOOD TIME.  “It’s not a great time, but it’s a good time,” Steve stated to the judges.  He said he’s a Rock N Roll circus performer. Then Steve invited his mom to the stage for assistance.  He played his electric guitar while balancing on a cylinder.  Then Mom spotted him as he jumped off.  Next, he balanced a ball with candles on fire with a knife in his mouth. Sofia called it “a fun mess.” He got “boos” and “no” votes. Simon responded that he has amazing showmanship, however.  

Then Simon got serenaded by a singing telegram because he’s been “under the weather.”  She ended up being an audition.  She sang One Direction song “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful” then cal;ed it the best audition that he’s seen this year.  


Eseniia is seven-years-old with the longest most beautiful long hair.  She told the judges that she’s a dancer.   She danced a Hip-Hop routine.  Sofia told her she was so happy she was there because AGT is the place she needs to be. Howie told her parents that she’s amazing.  Heidi toldher she’s incredible and loves her dance, her tricks and facial expressions.  Simon said he thinks she’ll win (via Sofia’s translation).  Eseniia got all “yes” votes from the judges.


Pictured: Murmuration — Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

They dream a lot because the most famous artists are from the U.S.  Their movements need to be really precise.  Their group is made up of various families. It was created by his brother who used to perform with them, but wasn’t at AGT with them because he was sick.  They performed a new piece that they developed to specifically for AGT.  

The leader of the group is Giblin Mio, who is 32-years-old from France.  His brother created the piece and it’s performed by 65 dancers. Their movements were all in unison and precise while they performed blindfolded.  The audience and judges were amazed at the audition.  Howie Mandel was the first one to stand.  

Heidi reacted to their audition that they were so amazingly in sync, even though they couldn’t see anything.  Sofia said “it’s amazing to me. Spectacular!” She also said it reminded her of her Golden Buzzer from last year, the Myyas.  Howie called it original and more magnificent when you get a large group of people and the movements are smaller.  Howie said “I want to do something” and he moved his way over to the Golden Buzzer making similar movements in the act.  He said dreams come true when you work hard.  Howie told them they were original and they moved him. 

CHARLES HAYCOCK (Stand-Up Comedian)

Charles is 29 and said he’s been doing standup for 10 years.  His day job is a yo-you salesman.  Charles had a strange joke that told a story of riding the bus after “giving up” on bike riding.  Heidi said when you’re not doing your comedy bit, you’re funnier.  It was a “no” from all the judges including Howie even though Charles is also from Canada.
Charles was followed by another comedian!

“I love it when funny works.” – Howie Mandel

Maureen said she grew up in New Jersey, from Manhattan.  She said she grew up in a large Irish Catholic family and that is how she was inspired to become a comedian.  Her stand-up consisted of various stories of how people drive her to hate them!

Heidi told her she has good timing and she was “laughing a lot.”   Heidi asked Simon if he was laughing?  He answered “so funny, so fearless.”   Sofia said “it was fascinating…your energy, the way you control the stage,”  and her material.  She told Maureen, “you feel like you need to be on a TV show.”  

Howie told Maureen “we can hear your rhythm and can hear your attitude. People are going to love you, and want to see you.” You have to catchphrases, everything in that arsenal that a great comedian needs.  You are ready to explode.  I wanted to love you and I did love you!”   Heidi gave her her first “yes” vote, followed by the rest of the judges’ “yes” votes.


Pictured: Anna Deguzman — Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

Anna, who is 21-years-old, grew up in New Jersey.  She said she’d love to do a show in Vegas because there’s never been a female magician headliner on the strip and she looks up to Shin Lim.  She’s been doing her magic for 5-6 years.  Anna was super nervous.  She asked to join the judges at their desk to perform her trick. 

Anna said she hopes to inspire more girls to do magic.  Anna worked in some cardistry within her card tricks.  She amazed herself at the end when the finale of her card trick actually worked!  Anna could not contain her excitement and it was really funny.  The judge got a kick out of it as well!  Howie said there’s nothing more exciting than when the magician amazes herself.  She was so real, it was the most adorable, fun magical thing I’ve seen so far this season.”  Heidi said she showed her some magic that she has not seen before. 

Howie called it “the most adorable, magical thing” he’s seen this season.  Heidi called Anna a breath of fresh air and she has “a million dollar smile.”  Simon thought she was annoying, likable, and brilliant”  He voted “yes.” Anna got all “yes” votes from the judges.

NINAH SAMPAIO (Singer/Variety Act)

Ninah is 18 and from Brazil.  She said she sings while solving various 3D puzzles, including the Rubik’s cube.  Her skill was entertaining.  Simon gave her a standing ovation. Howie told her it’s so much fun and she’s a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice and an amazing skill.  Simon said she’s so talented and “so likable.”  He gave her a thumbs up and she got four “yes” votes.

THOMAS VU (Variety Act)

Thomas is 35-years-old from Orange County, California.  He too brought a Rubik’s cube and wanted to show them “a cool way to solve the Rubik’s cube.” Sofia asked him, “So you think you can win AGT with your little cube?” Everyone laughed.   Thomas explained that his obsession began after someone showed him a Rubik’s cube at work.  He said he can solve it in under 30 seconds.   Thomas excused himself to go to the back for “a slight adjustment.”  While Thomas was in the back getting prepared for his audition Terry mixed-up the cube for him.  

When Thomas came back out, he had a ton of oil slick on him that looked like petroleum jelly in order to be set on fire as he solved the cube.  Everyone was freaking out. Heidi and Sofia couldn’t even watch, along with many other audience members.  His clothes were burning, while Thomas stayed focused on solving the cube.  Howie was screaming “hurry.”  It felt like an eternity, not 30 seconds! 

Howie asked him, may I make a suggestion?  “Just sing!”  Howie said it was so scary, but he survived, and “that was amazing!”  Heidi told him, “you really are fearless.”  Simon said he thought it was going badly and something was going to go wrong.  But, it made it a big surprise. Simon gave him his first “yes” vote.  Sofia said “no,” because she was scared.  Howie and Heidi voted “yes” because how can you say “no” to a man who sets himself on fire while solving a Rubik’s cube? 

Pictured: Thomas Vu –Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC



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